No Mercy... By RDM

How to Use No mercy? There are 6 no mercy for any fighter, each requires a different thing. to have it run you must:
NM1 - nothing special, you can run it in any condition.
NM2 - executable only after a combo on an opponent to the limit(Ultimate)
NM3 - can run only if your energy is still green.
NM4 - requires all shadow bars full
NM5 - requires full instinct bar
NM6 - requires active instinct.


  • 1 - Fly Sword
    With this no mercy Jago challenge his opponent, lurking at some distance and throws his sword sure pierce his head.

  • 2 - blows.
    Jago jumps and whirls in the air throwing blows crossing the whole area up to the opponent who is torn.

  • 3 - Tornado Kick.
    Jago meditates, around him the air is full of energy, then unleashes a flying kick that unleashes a tornado and sweeps away the opponent to be thrown violently against the wall.

  • 4 - Calling the misfortune.
    Jago evokes misfortune on opponent. Will fall on his head a large object that crushes him, the object varies with the stage where you are.

  • 5 -Dragonkuken.
    Jago launches Dragonkuken, a bullet very long lasting and that rends the opponent with flames and sparks, the term will be reduced to ashes.

  • 6 - Call of the Tiger.
    Jago evokes her spirit and impersonates him. the opponent is torn with claws and scratches up to fall to the ground torn.


  • 1 - Lupus.
    Sabrewulf frees his spirit completely wolf and throws it at the opponent, the impact incinerates the opponent.

  • 2 - Surgeon.
    Sabrewulf focuses and executes a blow straight and precise crosses the whole area and passes through the opponent. The opponent finds the open chest.

  • 3 - Damned recall.
    Sabrewulf draws a flock of bats spooky, these grab the opponent and take him away. You do not know where …

  • 4 - Blind Fury.
    Sabrewulf indulges in a blind fury, Sabrewulf moves from side to side unleashing deadly blows, you can not see it while attacking.

  • 5 - Anger moon.
    Sabrewuld unleashes his anger through his curse, the area is studded with a lethal shock.

  • 6 - Lycanthropy.
    Sabrewulf bites his opponent, this becomes a wolf like him … there is no greater punishment than this. (IG could accomplish this no mercy, applying the model of Sabrewulf to Thunder, just like the bug Glacius / Shago;)


  • 1 - Crio spread.
    Glacius keeps the subject in an ice crystal, in the future will use it as an element to his studies.

  • 2 - stalagmites.
    Glacius generates sharp spikes from the ground that impale the opponent.

  • 3 - Cold steel.
    Glacius indulges barbarism typical of local species and finishes his opponent with an ax ice, after dividing it into 2 slices.

  • 4 - Surf.
    Glacius turns into a liquid substance floating and is positioned over the opponent choking horribly.

  • 5 - Absorption.
    Glacius establishes that the person possesses the qualities useful, so it melts and absorbs it.

  • 6 - black hole.
    Glacius uses the technology in its possession to open up on the floor and throw into the opponent.


  • 1 - Ballet of death.
    Sadira hovers around the opponent by wrapping it in a thick web, after having imprisoned continues to twirl hitting him with knives in a dance that ends only when the opponent dies.

  • 2 - Hypnosis.
    Sadira enchants the opponent with a warm and pleasant light, soon will become harmless, she stabs him in the back, killing him.

  • 3 - strangulation.
    Sadira launches cobwebs from above, and raises the opponent strangling him, she looks at him die, smug.

  • 4 - Sacrifice.
    Sadira blocks the opponent to the ground with cobwebs, then jumps on him taking a position pointed.

  • 5 - Mother of spiders.
    Sadira traps the opponent on a spider web and attracts spiders hungry “is lunch time my children.”

  • 6 - Tarantula.
    Sadira controls the cobwebs, her power is great, creates extensions of her body in the shape of a big tarantula, then mows the opponent with his paws.


  • 1 - Lightning from Tomahawk, with this No Mercy Thunder rub each other the Tomahwk generating a charge (as are rubbing knife and fork) then transfers the charge to the opponent of which you will see the skeleton during discharge.

  • 2 - Lightning from Sky, with this no-mercy, Thunder draws a powerful thunder from the sky that reduces the opponent into a pile of ash at the end.

  • 3 - Tomahawk, with this no-mercy Thunder performs a somersault over the opponent and sticking his Tomahawk on the chest and the head of the opponent.

  • 4 - head meteor, with this no-mercy Thunder turns into a blazing fireball, hitting the opponent with his head. The opponent will never fall to the ground more, but could drop an object to which it belongs.

  • 5 - call eagle, with this no-mercy Thunder evokes a spirit of an eagle grasping the opponent and lifts it up in the sky, then lets it fall and crashed violently to the ground.

  • 6 - theft of the soul, with this no-mercy Thunder takes full advantage of its powers to the shaman, evokes an eagle bullet passing through his opponent taking away his soul.


  • 1 - Ichi Ni Shock.
    Orchid Place batons in parallel and transfer their energy to the opponent body, and that is instantly electrocuted.

  • 2 - C4.
    Orchid stuns the opponent with a stun grenade, then took the opportunity to settle on him a backpack filled with C4 explosives with a timer that marks only 5 seconds.

  • 3 - Grenade nervina.
    Orchid puts on a mask and throws a grenade toxic opponent, gas suffocates after a few seconds.

  • 4 - Especto.
    Orchid uses his powers linked to the spirit of the tiger to summon a pack leader. This devour the adversary.

  • 5 - Target gunpoint!
    Orchid makes a fast wireless communication with his strike team. shortly after the opponent will be under fire from several snipers that will make a real run.

  • 6 - Lasaken. Orchid combines technique with batons to his spirit of the tiger and generates an unstoppable spinning projectile that reduces the opponent into an ash cloud.


  • 1 - Calling the afterlife.
    Spinal reflects his bloody saber, the moonlight on the opponent. This light draws his soul to leave his body, killing the opponent.

  • 2 - Kraken.
    Spinal invokes the specter of a Kraken from the floor ghost, it comes out its tentacles from the ground, grabs the opponent and crushes knocking him from all sides.

  • 3 - Rain of death.
    Spinal evokes a deadly rain of bones burying alive the opponent.

  • 4 - Life as a pirate!
    Spinal block the opponent with the ghostly hands, then evokes a naval gun from the floor ghost, use the saber to ignite the fuse, the blow will blow the opponent’s head, then Spinal grins.

  • 5 - Dance of swords.
    Spinal allows his bloody saber to open other sabers of his crew, joining them in a deadly dance, the opponent is mangled by the spinning blade.

  • 6 - Cthulhu.
    Spinal breaks the chains of the dimension in which he is jailed Cthulhu, opening a portal from his magic shield, Cthulhu grab the opponent by dragging it into his world.


  • 1 - Heavy Submachine
    With this no-mercy Radiance uses a technology of the past, the enemy is filled with lead and fell to the ground full of holes.

  • 2 - Target
    With this no mercy Fulgore releases three missiles that explode on impact.

  • 3 - Drone
    Fulgore active commands on his arm and releases a ball of pulsating energy that comes close to the opponent, this burns it and then explodes into many sparks.

  • 4 - Laser grid
    Fulgore creates a grid laser in front of him, then teleports behind the opponent and kicked him towards the grid. The opponent is torn to shreds.

  • 5 - circular saw
    Fulgore assembles his blades in the shape of circular saw, then jump over to the opponent and divide in half.

  • 6 - expulsion.
    Fulgore releases a beam what he calls “forbidden” because disables its reactor for a period of time, but this move is used at the end of the match, then Fulgore risks nothing. This no mercy can be used only if at the end of the match you have the full reactor and the active instinct.


  • 1 - Underground.
    TJ Combo makes a mighty leap towards the opponent, hit him with enough force to bury him alive.

  • 2 - Chiropractor.
    TJ Combo breaks the neck of the opponent.

  • 3 - Gangster
    TJ Combo shows off a friend who was very close at a bad time in his life.

  • 4 - Supplex.
    TJ Combo grabs the opponent and throws it back, opponent’s head is buried.

  • 5 - Fist of Glory (right arm).
    TJ Combo uses all the power of his mechanical arms to unleash a whirlwind of sparks burning the opponent in the air.

  • 6 - Screen Punch (left arm).
    TJ Combo delivers a powerful punch that sends the adversary against the screen.


  • 1 - Reduction.
    Maya uses a secret power stored in his amulet, a magic ray shrinks the opponent, making it harmless.

  • 2 - Spirit elephant.
    Maya takes the “elephant position” and personifies the spirit evoked. fangs and daggers are connected by a mystical power and act together.

  • 3 - Wild Wing.
    Maya draws nature to his aid, a flock of magical birds repeatedly hit your opponent to death.

  • 4 - Night Butterflies.
    Maya attracts a swarm of butterflies soporific, they release a powder which numbs the opponent. Maya then slaughters his prey in his sleep.

  • 5 - Coalition.
    Maya throws her daggers into the air, Temperance and vengeance come together to cross a devastating attack, the power of the union.

  • 6 - Arcane quarrel. Maya evokes the spirits of Temperance and revenge, they are fighting over their prey proving to not get along, divide it in half.


  • 1 - Magic Cobra
    Evokes a gigantic Cobra sand biting the opponent and turns into sand

  • 2 - Wirltrap
    Evokes a whirlwind of quicksand under the opponent who suck underground.

  • 3 - Mummification
    A third special Trap no-mercy squeezes and crushes the opponent with many bandages that go from the surrounding environment.

  • 4 - Swarm
    A fourth sees no mercy opponent enveloped by a cloud of killer beetles …

  • 5 - Exemplar
    In this ancient no-mercy instead of sarcophagi come from the magical portals from the floor, Kan-Ra pushes his opponent inside. Then the sarcophagi close and sink into the portal, Kan-Ra has turned an opponent into a splendid specimen …

  • 6 - Sand crescent
    With this no-mercy Kan-Ra stabs his opponent with a crescent of sand


  • 1 - Claws game.
    Riptor grabs the opponent with its tail to keep it away, then it starts to tear it violently with the hind legs. It will stop only when ground beef.

  • 2 - Flushing propane.
    Riptor uses a different type of fuel for this technique, a fuel that burns the flesh of the opponent to reduce it in a green ash.

  • 3 - Kebab.
    Riptor stabs the opponent with its tail rotating, then glares up to cook it alive.

  • 4 - Mola hell.
    Riptor’s shot sailed runs to the opponent, then makes a sudden skid, the opponent is flooded with glowing sparks that ignite it.

  • 5 - Acid carpet.
    Riptor vomits a highly corrosive substance in the area below the opponent, this slowly melts between screams.

  • 6 - Calling the Herd.
    Riptor emits verses highlighting his herd. The meal is served.


  • 1 - crushing.
    Omen breaches timeframe, and it comes out a giant hand that crushes the opponent glaring.

  • 2 - the Milky Way.
    Omen slips on the floor ripping the current size. Opponent falls into the open space.

  • 3 - inner conflict.
    Omen gets inside the opponent and attacks from the inside with violence. (Omen uses this in his trailer).

  • 4 - fireflies in the night.
    Omen fills the area of energy balls, while the directs all against the opponent at the same time.

  • 5 - trident.
    Omen it evokes one of his divine weapons. Skewering the opponent and strikes.

  • 6 - Who am I?
    Omen takes off his mask and strikes the opponent with a gentle glow, the opponent becomes immaterial and disappear.


  • 1 - Rust.
    Aganos hits the opponent with a variation of the beam that golems like him have supplied our coverage transforms your opponent into a pillar of iron rusty.

  • 2 - The phenomenon.
    Aganos increases its body with numerous rocks and resources which pulls in becoming giant, then rolls on the opponent smashing it to the ground.

  • 3 - Earthquake.
    Aganos leaps and falls violently to the ground, opening cracks that extend below the opponent, the abyss that is opened swallows.

  • 4 - Bonsai.
    Aganos releases his foot from a pod that extends below the opponent, then it radiates with sunlight flows from its mask and this is growing dramatically trapping the opponent. One day remain only bones.

  • 5 - Millennium Greatsword.
    Aganos uses his powers to shape a broadsword natural energy, then hits the opponent multiple times, the opponent will be surrounded by heavenly fire and ground to powder.

  • 6 - Platano hitter.
    Aganos allows his mask to host an evil specter that causes his body growth of lianas hard and tough and will torture whip with which the opponent.


  • 1 - Poltergeist.
    Hisako crazy, all objects on the Stage are moving from all parts of hitting the opponent in unpredictable ways. The objects vary according to the stage where you are.

  • 2 - You wanna play a game?
    Hisako appears behind the opponent and pushes it into a well spectral. But The well has no bottom…

  • 3 - Harakiri.
    Hisako gets inside the opponent, then he commits suicide.

  • 4 - Suffering.
    Hisako performs a series of blows planes that keep the opponent in the air, Hisako uses spectral projections of herself to be simultaneously in several places.

  • 5 - I remember that night.
    Hisako remembers when she was burned alive with his family, fatuous flames envelop the enemy burning him alive. Hisako screams in the meantime.

  • 6 - I was beautiful and innocent!
    Hisako imprisoning the opponent in a ghost mirror, but the hatred he feels for the present image as it will shatter into many pieces.


  • 1 - Lava pool.
    Cinder heats the floor until it is soft … the enemy melts above it.

  • 2 - Furnace.
    Cinder grabs the opponent and increases its temperature to melt all, the opponent is ignited.

  • 3 - Flames punishment .
    Cinder uses the Trailblazer to fly around the opponent to burn him alive.

  • 4 - Volcano.
    Cinder makes a Fireflash that draws on the surface energy of the earth. This explodes under an opponent in many embers.

  • 5 - Phoenix.
    Cinder demonstrates his enormous ego generating a huge fire bird with its flames. “I too am reborn like a phoenix” responds before attacking

  • 6 - Sun.
    Cinder accumulates all its power concentrated in a sphere, its surface resembles that of the sun. impact explodes, incinerating the opponent.


  • 1 - Problematic Girl.
    Aria leaves a explosive mine to the ground, then feeds its drone to push it on mine. Aria is protected by a screen.

  • 2 - Schioppo.
    Aria turns her arms into two shotguns, riddles hits the opponent.

  • 3 - Pixels.
    Aria radiates the opponent with a ray that turns it into a hologram, then turns it off.

  • 4 - Light box.
    Aria imprisoning the opponent in a holographic box, then narrows to crush him.

  • 5 - Reckless Women .
    Aria generates a holographic motorcycle . It accelerates and burning the opponent with flickering flames.

  • 6 - Satellite beam .
    Aria is assembled in a bigger drone, then emits a ray devastating to the opponent.

Look here for Season 3.


whoa! Sounds more like animality!! :tiger2: :horse: :penguin: :rabbit2: :dromedary_camel:


The quicksand one seems to similar to hisako. Maybe one involving his scarab beetles? Swarms of them eat you alive and either leaves a skeleton or nothing at all

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It is eaten by beetles while sinking in the sand, in the end you see the skeleton hands … and with Spinal?

IG Wake Up! we want to finish the match ever in different ways and, brutal and funny.


This is PERFECT!


That’s why I said maybe nothing at all bones and everything.

Although I like your bandage idea. Bonus point if kan ra summons a mystical sarcophagus from the ground to put you in

you don’t have to dismember him just crush him like hisako a bit, wrap him up tight as a mummy(the various unique outline each character has will make this part look cool and will be a challenge to reduce clipping like with riptor.) and stuff them in the sarcophigus or even better an IRON MAIDEN

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eh my bad i thought it was directed at me. i didn’t even notice the lack of glacius had in the picture tbh lol

and people say there are no need for ultimates…


Who said that?..

Definitely my favorite of the four. Well done, man!

Excellent Work! I hope that one day we will have different finishers.

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Nice editing, OP!

How about the sandlion that recaptures opponents from the air? Can’t he come out and simply eat them instead?

The ideas posted here are godlike!


This is +100 I love it. I been asking for something like this 4eva

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These ideas are awesome, killer, insane, crazy, monster, beastly, extreme, king, and solid too :smiley:

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That sarcophagi would be even better if it was an iron maiden. :blush: