KillerSwifts7 Ideal KI additions, maybe not now but in the future

Women’s costums…do they have to be wearing floss in order to be sexy? No. But exagerated sexiness would not hurt. Show a little more skin, make their features a little exagerated.

Men Reworks, when it comes to the guys, they should have broad shoulders, muscles, handsome where its needed. We see sexy in different ways when it comes to the opposite sexes.

Enough with the politcal correctness…women can be sexy and bad ■■■. If thats not feminism than idk what is.

Violence, so there is a resounding NO when it comes to gore… but I think Ultra enders should have some more devistating effects…

I suggest checking out Rizza’s no mercy post for example he did a great job that can somewhat fit the T critera, and add more depth to the game.

Props to rizza.

Over all we gotta get passed this overbearing PC culture and nut up. Add some layers for ender make them feel like enders VS a pland power punch or kick. Lets see some damage, If you get ended with a fire cat, then catch fire, if you get implaled by a glacier let him hang up there and slide down slowly, if you get electricuted, get turnt to a pile of ash, hype beam gets you disintegrated. Push that T limit to the max and make enders look more like a real ender.

loose the ana sarkysian attitude and nut up IG, if not for this KI maybe for the next one.

So basically u want everyone to be gorgeous and built/stacked in the game.
Doesn’t happen in real life I see no reason it has to be in game. Variety is the spice of life. I love different looks,sizes and choice. Thats why i choose certain characters. If they all looked similar id be bored senseless. We have DOA if u want that sorta look.


Ok if you want to see a lot of silly “no mercy” … ok ask for it!

Focus on what really is the hallmark of KI, combos. Ultimates (such as Shago) has DNA KI and deserve appear on all characters!

silly no mercy, just to put a lot of goofy moves in … no tks. Leave that to MK, there is the place of fatalitys. KI has always been about combos and not fatalitys.

(yes, I know, has always existed in KI.
And also existed in any fighting game of the same epoch. It was FASHION
I want to make a fighting game? put fatalitys teenagers love, see MK was successful, let’s copy)

Nooo, why did you guys reply. It was hilarious seeing this thread die and then he bumped it back to the top only for it to die again.


Damn! Apologies, I fell into the trap😂

Yes…damn charcter limit, no one requested humiliations…I could care less about that. I just want ender to FEEL like ENDERS and not just a power punch or kick. The should do some damage…Lets be real, no one does full ultra any more, we have seen it all. At least make enders feel meaty. Na sayin?