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This category, aptly titled News will be used to deliver conversations around every news article we post on

General Discussion

This is the General Discussion category. Here you can, and should, talk about any and all things related to Killer Instinct.


Feedback, thoughts, concerns? This is where you can come tell us what you think about each different character.

The Dojo

Use this category as a way to improve your KI fighting experience.

Artwork & Videos

Artwork! This is one of the most exciting sections of the forums because it gives a chance to you to show off all the amazing creations you've made around Killer Instinct. We want to see the content you have created, and this is the forum to showcase your work!


Don't have a hankering to talk Killer Instinct just at this moment, but want to still participate with other members of the community? This is the place to be.

Shadow Lords

Shadow Lords is the gripping conclusion to Season 3, bringing a fight with an incredibly overpowered Gargos in an effort to save the world from his corruption.


There are a myriad of Killer Instinct tournaments throughout the year, and this is your place to discuss each.

Killer Instinct on Steam

Yes, Killer Instinct is finally on Steam! If you’re playing on Steam and have questions, feel free to use this section for Steam specific issues you may run into.

Killer Instinct Classic

Welcome to the Killer Instinct Classic section of the forums.

Game Suggestions & Feedback

We want to hear from you! Of course, that is the entire point of a forum, but this is where we want you to leave your thoughts, ideas and suggestions about Killer Instinct.

Site & Forum Feedback

Welcome to your new Killer Instinct website & forums. We're excited to finally be able to have you all join us and take a look at what we've been working on.