We support the fourth season and the future of KI!



Seems good but instead of 9 new slots on the side,we can just have another row on the bottom.


I really hope they will announcement KI Season 4 the fall!

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Depends what it entails. If it means a handful more guest characters, then I’d rather not.


I absolutely agree! I wish more stages, and finishing moves.

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I don’t think we will get more guests in Season 4… Eagle and new characters will be GODLIKE than guests!

but I also see joanna dark in S4 …

Same here. But I don’t want to believe that…

I support more KI. But I don’t support a season 4.


I love the designs and everything, but don’t care for the colors. I like what we have now, or would like just an all black and red theme or black and gold or something. As always though. Great job. You’re extremely talented.

Sounds a bit like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


Meaning more KI is more KI, regardless of where the characters come from.

Erh, no.
The guest characters aren’t KI.


They objectively are, as they’re playable in KI.


That’s like taking something from your friend and say “This is mine now.”
… It isn’t. RAAM is still Gears of War, Arbiter is still Halo and Rash is still Battletoads.

They are GUEST characters, meaning they are characters from OTHER franchises who VISIT the game. They are not canon and do not belong to the KI franchise.

So objectively, no, they are not.


Well technically monitors from the Halo installations are canon since you see one in the Shadow Lords opening cinematic. We could sort of assume from that that the KI and Halo universes are connected.

Unless the devs state that it is canon, then no.
I don’t make assumptions. It’s alright to speculate, but to assume that it is canon would be the incorrect thing to do.

Halo canon to KI? How the hell would that even work?

Deep future of the same universe. Also, portals.