KI custom logos By RDM

Hero art not enough to customize? … A new collection of KI logo will be available soon!

Jago Logo

Sabrewulf Logo

Glacius logo

Thunder Logo

Sadira Logo

Orchid Logo

Spinal Logo

Fulgore Logo

Shadow Jago Logo

TJ Combo Logo

Maya Logo

Kan Ra Logo

Riptor Logo

Omen Logo

Aganos Logo

Hisako logo

Cinder Logo

Aria Logo

Kim Wu Logo

Tusk Logo

Arbiter Logo

Rash logo

Mira Logo

Gargos Logo

General Raam Logo

Eyedol Logo

Kilgore logo

Shin Hisako Logo

Eagle Logo


CAN’T WAIT YO you have stellar artwork.

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Can’t wait for Kim Wu cinder and spinal logos! Awesome job dude

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Here we go!

Dude, you are trying super hard to get a job at IG, arent you?


Keep it up! Really love your artwork!


WHOA! you will make more KI custom logos for Fulgore, Shadow Jago and Season 2 characters?

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I’m already dying inside from the art you give us. :dizzy_face:


everyone will get logo :wink:


Except guests…

These are beautiful! Amazing work, man.
I think my favorite is Orchid’s. It’s so understated and classy.

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only Shadow Jago and the first season is complete.

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You are amazing. Please keep going.


You should be hired by IG or Microsoft.


Wow, these are amazing.

What a brilliant idea…

Nitpicking allowed? Well, not exactly nitpicking…

But Chief Thunder’s logo isn’t ‘Chief Thundery’ enough to match the others. Add one of his feathers. The lightning at the bottom of is amazing I must say, but the facepaint isn’t enough to sell it alongside the others.

The same goes for B. Orchid’s logo. It it’s her colours alright. But that’s it. Here is a quick fix for B. Orchid’s. Make that splash of yellow paint or whatever, into the sparks she ignites when she does her slide. That would be very creative. Her sparks are all straight, not curved like this splash thing, they are brighter and way longer, pause it good, check them out and see what you think.

You could also just stick an upright tonfa in the K or the I… or simply wrap one of her pieces of gear around it, like how you draped Jago and Spinal’s stuff over theirs.

The rest are border-line perfect.

A super nitpick on Fulgore’s, give the robotic part on the left side some relief. Like in geography? Relief, so it looks more raised in certain areas than others, instead of so flat. That’s so fulgore, different height pieces of metal. So basically a bit more 3D-ish.

Anyway, you have a bunch of winners here.

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I’m updating some logos so they are perfect, I will take note of these feeds;)

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F*CK yeah the guy is cool too. :punch:

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I looked over again and… hmmm, maybe just a bit more jagged frost on the Glacius one. Mabye on the edges of the letters.

I don’t know if Glacius is actually ice or not?

But they put him in a frozen stage for sure.

Take some inspiration from the glaciers or whatever, all that ice there.

The Glacius icon is almost perfect too, don’t get me wrong, don’t change anything, just add a bit of jagged frost. The frost effects in the middle of the K and the I are very cool just a bit too subtle to me. Glacius is super frosty.

The glow and effect around it you added did gives it a very alien effect. Nice.

Again, all opinions, take and do what you want to do with them.

Thanks again for sharing your talent. I have been looking for a nice K.I. icon for a long time.

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Looking through again… Sabrewulf’s and Sadira’s are GODLIKE!

Trust me to just nitpick and run off, haha, but I think I said before, that everything else is borderline perfect!

I may not have stressed that enough!

Another observation…

I just went to download Sabrewulf’s, cuz I think that just screams Killer Instinct to me, and my image viewer told me that the files are .png simply incorrectly labeled as .jpg.

I was like, phew, because I wanted something with a transparent background.

Was that a mistake? Or intentional because of how you had to post them or whatever? Just a heads up!

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Yeah, it’s fine for me, I do a thing in Photoshop a bit sometimes.
Just looking out for everyone.
Not sure if this would even cause a problem. Just sticking to your standards of perfection