Mira Tech Thread!


“Your life, my play thing…”

so in the tradition of Hisako’s tech thread that we have going, id like to start one up for fellow Mira players to congregate in and share their combat experiences. anything tech wise youd like to share, or findings you come across feel free to post them. if you want to keep things secret for any reason, then dont post it, that simple! it is now Day 1 of the vampiress’ reign of terror, let the salt commence as we forge onwards to finding our technique with her!

UPDATE 4/13/2017:

the video section has been with an extensive Mira guide! its a good watch to the newly reborn vampire, or if a veteran blood sucker needs a refresh on knowledge. highly recommended to watch!

Infil’s Mira guide:

-Character Notes Section

input Key to remove any confusion to Skryba’s style of posting:
5 = neutral
8 = Up
9 = Up,Foward
6 = forward
3 = down,forward
2 = down
1 = down,back
4 = back
7 = back, up

example: 236MK = QCF + MK

-Castlevania Bats set ups

-Video Reels Section (dont forget to rewind before returning, jerks)

NEW! Mira Guide by @MHXadiranXV

Mira Breakdown courtesy of Sajam

Courtesy of @DEClimax




plenty more tapes to watch on post #130 thanks to:

more vids courtesy of Skryba:
Mira instinct activation manuals

mira instinct juggle combos

mira wall splat HKD set ups

juggle ender hkd set ups

high level play video

Updated 8/1/2016

FT10 with UA Bass (Jago) Vs Amenty (Mira)

Updated 3/27/2017

@Aeriqui was so kind to go ahead and post up more videos for us to watch recently. i am posting here to the stickied thread for documentation. fight on vamps!

@MHXadiranXV continues with his contributions by posting a FT3 set as well as another bit of tech for us to feed on

stay tuned for his guide which hopefully is still on its way for us further improve our skills with Mira! enjoy blood suckers, good hunting

we also have another contribution by @Blu3XMagickX, it appears he may be on to something here and possibly more set ups.


If you push all three punches and a direction, she can turn into mist and it’s really cool!


I will add anything later if I actually find something. Looking forward to trying her out. To be fair, I’m not a “lab” or “tech” guy, I just kind of see what works.


well here is what i got so far in the 30min i played her. mist is full of lols for the wake up DP spammer. i wonder if you can be command grabbed out of it? mr miyagi once said “best block is not be there”. well, mira took in a lesson from that old man. as a hisako player im used to vengeance countering, in a way i have one with mira at the cost of health however. but the return can be huge.

thus far i think some good set ups that are a base to start with are using her bats. the slow moving variant kinda reminds me of laura from SF5. you’ll get the opponent to block and then can open him up with all kinds of zig zagging mid air dashes, mist mix ups, reaping mix ups. if mira needs to feed, can even set up a tick throw.

Best thing is mist makes Arbiter’s bombs explode when they are thrown, making you immune, but not him, leading to funny situations and a nice opener :slight_smile:


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everyone is well aware of the damage penalties we take upon using her special moves. keep it constructive.

Here’s some good tech, if you press mk and mp at the same time during a combo you get a counter breaker. Landing that pretty much guarantees you the life bar. 99% combos are real!

damn sith, you suck lol

What move of hers is the recapture you can do after her a launcher?

She is really fun, I love her reaping move, that 50/50 is nice :wink:

Use the Nail Driver Ender… QCF - HK. It will do a flip kick of which can be followed up with QCB + HP and that recaptures.

I found some Ultra Tech… get it… ULTRA TECH!!! (oh pun)… After she launches the opponant into the air, toss out a light bat and then you’ll be able to recapture them with QCB + HP… :slight_smile:


Not really a tech but Mira can grab Rash’s Wrecking Ball with her Medium Embrace.

That won’t deal damage but that’s better than nothing.


Though I don’t feel I’ve played enough KI to say I main anything, I mostly play Omen (and a really bad Arbiter). That said, I really like Mira. She parallels Omen in all the best ways.

Her fireballs. Oh, man, her fireballs. Omen wishes he didn’t have to spend meter on Mira’s fireballs. They’re a lot like EX Rasha.

LP is free and kind of fast, great for bullying in the corner, and actually combos off of b.HP (I don’t know how practical it is to expect b.HP to hit), allowing for Orchid-esque semi-obscured projectile>manual sequences.

MP costs a little (maybe 5%) and is really versatile as both a pressure and control tool, as it tracks the opponents previous state/location (ground/air with height sensitivity). They move slowly enough to dash/air-dash behind and set up with Mist or go for a tick throw - if you fireball while they’re grounded. If your opponent likes to jump a lot or otherwise spend a lot of time in the air (Sadira, Shago, Omen), you can use MP fireball to discourage jumping, and pretty easily confirm juggles or counter-break bait with HK Slide (second hit flipkick relaunches) or HP Reaver recaptures.

HP costs the most (maybe 10%) and is the slowest in startup and projectile speed, but actively tracks the opponents position. Great wall to follow behind and set up with airdash/Mist/Reaper or tick-throws. The bats move in pace with Mira’s walkspeed, so be careful not to expose yourself by getting ahead of them too soon.

EX Fireball (the geyser) tracks their location when it goes active, and has massive hit/blockstun if it connects, and being a projectile is unbreakable in combos/juggles. In conjunction with regular fireballs & Instinct (bat and shroud) we again have a very Orchid-esque manual disguise. The rapidity of the hits and an excess of bats (which I keep calling fireballs) can also make shadow-countering the followups risky on block, and open up some tricky airdash/Mist/throw setups. It is, however, totally avoidable if thrown raw in neutral on reaction to the superfreeze, so careful with it.

As always, be aware of teleporters and projectile invincibility, because her fireballs are indeed much like Omen’s EX Rasha - slow and painfully reactable, so bully with care.

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What is medium command grab good for besides anti air? You cant land it off her launcher ender raw or with a normal into it?

Yeah using this character is a damn challenge lol sometimes I forget she hurts herself with specials and it really adds up.

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MK Bite seems to be strictly an anti-air. I’m pretty sure that due to it being a throw (as opposed to a strike with a “canned animation”), and considering hitstun during juggleable states, it may just be impossible. Additionally, it seems unreasonably difficult to land in a juggle. If you launch your opponent and need to heal, you can recapture (or counter-break) with HP Reaver into Bite Ender.

It’s angle reminds me of SF4 Sakura’s LP Shoryu (or SFV Ken’s HP Shoryu), which as a life-long grappler player, was an uppercut to envy.
I didn’t design it, so I could be totally wrong, but I think it’s purpose might not be so much for AAing jump-ins (except maybe larger characters or from farther out), but catching jump-back attempts to get out of tick-grabs.

As far as AA’s go, we’ve got a 2hit cr.HP that is cancellable into specials, but the 2 hits make for quicker breakability. We’ve got Mist escape & punish at the cost of life (maybe 10%), and we’ve got EX Reaver at the cost of a bar. Honestly, most of the time I see our best bet being Mist & punish, as it will give us a chance to rack a little damage and gain the cost of Mist back. Following up on cr.HP is spacing dependent, and EX Reaver can indeed be worth the meter.

All of that said, MK Bite’s throw status may allow it to beat aerial strikes clean if you can line it up. Just gotta get used to it’s trajectory. Also, as a throw, it completely ignores armor. Kind of a niche advantage, but advantage nonetheless.

TLDR; Our AA’s are:
cr.HPxx (free)
Mist & punish (costs life)
EX Reaver (costs meter)
MK Bite (free, far jump-ins, anti-armor, no damage, heal)


I just find the health loss during combos pretty hefty.


[post reserved for another essay, this time on her linkers]

Basically, save Reaver Linkers for lockouts, Bite Linkers to heal small amounts mid-combo, and Slide Linkers for general use. Try to keep it short and bait your lockout/counter-break. How much grey life you have (and whether or not you can end the round) will generally dictate which Ender you use - Reaver for damage, Bite to heal in bulk, the other two situationally.

I’ll add more later. Can’t type and play at the same time.

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I’ve used it to grab a Rash wrecking ball out of the air once.

As a throw, it ignores armor. All versions of Bite ignore armor.

I’ve been digging into her manuals. As always you can perform the easiest manuals after an Opener, such as a jump in attack or after a Shadow Linker.

If you do a jump in attack and immediately follow up with a B+HP you’ll get three HP manuals and can followed up with a LK manual into a Cork ■■■■■ linker and then you can follow up with any other manual of choice or auto double.

Thus far, once you get the hang of her and manual timing in general, she’s pretty easy to manual with.

I made the mistake of jumping into Ranked with my Level 10 Mira and was destroyed left and right. I went back into the lab and then jumped into Exhibition (I’ll probably be there for a while), and had much better progress. Won some and lost some.

It will take a fair bit of time to get used to all of her craziness, especially making sure I get a few heal combos going so that I don’t die an early death.

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