New forum category suggestion (or a change to existing ones) for match analysis and general tutorials



Hi, is it possible to have a tutorial section specifically for match analysis, general explanations and tutorial videos.

The purpose is to find this type of information easily. The “General discussion” category and the “Artwork and Video” section are not the best places for important threads like the following:

We have a new forum category: The Dojo

I think this is an awesome idea! Give us a section the forums dedicated to helping one another. It could hold threads about tutoring, people seeking training partners, How To videos, Strategy guides, Frame Data charts, all sorts of things!


Other important ones added to OP.

Please @rukizzel
The very important topics listed in OP were started by individuals from our community and these tend to get lost in the General discussion and other sections. If you hadn’t seen something initially, there is only a small chance that you’ll come across it again.


Proud to be in this topic :hugging:


I support this motion


This would help people tremendously! I’m all for this!


I like the way you think, @BoJima404! +1!

Also, if we’re just stacking up community-made info threads…

…well, here’s a few more! Now in addition to most of these threads, I’ve bookmarked THIS thread as a sort of compendium.

But for real, we could use a subforum for this stuff. Right under the NEWS subforum link on the main page. FOR THE IMPORTANT STUFFZ, THE BRAIN FOOD STUFFZ.
@rukizzel Please oh please oh pleasy squeezy let this happen sooner rather than later!


Just one thing:

Make it the second category, second to General.

Visibility =win


That sounds like a good idea. Though it may make the Bug Thread even less visible, and we’d have to tell even more people “No, don’t make a new thread for this, there’s a big Bug Reporting Thread” :stuck_out_tongue:
Though I think having a spot to place some of the most important topics (besides the Hot Topics sidebar) could rectify that. Have Infil’s Guide, the Bug Thread, and whatever the latest news is up top where they’re easy to see.




@BoJima404, it 's an excellent idea!


I like this! Consider it done!


I give you The Dojo!

We have a new forum category: The Dojo


Shadow Lord bless you