Here's the frame data for all dashes in the game

Hey guys, someone asked for frame data on all the dashes in the game, so I went ahead and did that tonight because, hey, why not.

Notes: I will list the data as “x, y” where x is the forward dash’s total frames and y is the backdash’s total frames. On every backdash in the game, you’re supposed to be invincible to everything for the first 7 frames, and then additionally throw invincible for 4 more frames (up to and including frame 11). From frame 12 and on, you can be hit by everything. I call this: invinc: (7, 11). If a character does NOT follow this invincibility rule, I will list it next to their backdash. So “invinc: (11, 11)” means they are everything-invincible all the way to and including the 11th frame, instead of only the first 7 frames like normal.

Also, every character has 5 total frames of unthrowable pre-jump. If there is an exception, I will list it.

Fastest dash in the game is Aria bass body at 14, next fastest is 18 (several characters).

jago: 18, 24
sabrewulf: 19, 22
glacius: 36, 41 (invinc: 8, 11)
thunder: 25, 25 (in instinct, both dashes invincible and can pass through opponents frames 1-16)
sadira: 18, 31
orchid: 18, 23
spinal: N/A, 24
fulgore, 18, 18 (same with any pip total)
shago: 36 (also totally invincible from 11 to 24), 41 (also totally invincible from 13 to 23)
TJ: 21, 25 (in instinct: 15, 18, invinc: 6, 9)
maya: 21 (can cancel into jump/dagger on frame 13), 23
kan-ra: 23, 23
riptor: N/A, N/A (cancelable into HK on frame 6)
riptor predator: 18, 23 (invinc: 11, 11)
omen: 18, 24
aganos: 51, 36 (invinc: 6, 10, only 4f of prejump)
aganos 1c: 55, 40 (only 4f of prejump)
aganos 2c: 60, 43
aganos 3c: 67, 48 (invinc: 8, 13)
aganos 4c: 76, 54 (invinc: 9, 14, 6f of prejump)
hisako: 18, 36 (interesting: she doesn’t move backwards an inch until all 11f of invincibility are gone)
cinder: 20, 30 (interesting: when hitbox reappears, it is low profile)
aria: 18, 23 (bass body: 14, 18 [invinc: 6, 9])
kim wu: 18, 23 (invinc: 11, 11) (dragon cancel: 15, both ground and air)
tusk: 25, 25
arbiter: 24, 22 (invinc: 8, 11)
rash: N/A, 24
mira: 18, 24
gargos: 29, 22 (invinc: 8, 11)
general raam: 25, 25
eyedol: N/A (can cancel into actions from run on frame 10), 22 (warrior) / 25, 25 (mage)
kilgore 18, 18
shin hisako 37, 17
eagle 24, 23


Nice info Infil! This is really useful!

I’m curious, Thunder’s dashes have the same data during instinct?

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Yes, same frames (but farther distance). Added invincibility data to first post.

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Lol. Been telling everyone her backdash was terrible. That thing gets you killed almost without fail :joy:


Why would anyone ever use her backdash. It’s awful. It’s obvious from just how it looks and moves XD

And thanks for this info, by the way. You’re the man! :slight_smile::thumbsup:

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Thank you!! That’s very nice, I would love to have all frame data for all the characters…

Excellent stuff dude, thank you.

One thing I can add is that Spinal’s run is cancellable after 12 frames (which is an important thing to note for run cancels). I don’t know how many frames it takes to stop running so you can block but you can cancel into anything else.

Thanks a ton for doing this. I’ve been waitin’ for info like this for a good while!
Will you be updating these in the next coming patch(es)?

All right! That’s my robo girl! Dat 14 frame dash. and 18 frame backdash. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I love it. Excellent, this is the stuff I’ve been looking for.

I knew ultratech was the best. Praise!!!

That’s funny 7,11…hehehe. ARIA gets the 69 rule too ha…ha…ha…ha… :sunglasses:

I’m also assuming all dashes are grounded as well?

Yeah, I’ll update this thread with the last two characters when they come out.

I will also put this information on my guide… somehow. I need to brainstorm the best place for it, but once I come up with a good way, it will find a nice permanent home.

Yeah, all the hitboxes that appeared at all points were totally grounded.

You still not trying to do the frame for the rest of the game? If not then can you enlighten me on the method you took to get it done? I’m just following up on our prior discussion beforehand.

I don’t plan on doing all the frame data, no. I’m still behind on my actual guide work, lol.

All I do is I record footage (at 60fps) of the game with input display and hitboxes turned on. Then I just step through the video footage frame by frame and count until certain hitbox things happen. You don’t even need a capture card to do this if you have the PC version and a decent enough rig to do 60fps screen capture using something like OBS. I use Avidemux (a freeware program) to advance forwards and backwards frame by frame. A lot of video software doesn’t give you an easy way to go backwards by 1 frame, but this program does.

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Yeah I wanted to see if Vegas could do it but I noticed it was off from each trial run do I decided to get a recommendation on what works best. I’ll keep you posted on my efforts to get better frame data.

I had to my favorite

I don’t have the PC version so is there a good capture card I can use?

Anything that does 60fps. Avermedia and Elgato have options.

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Will do. I’ll keep you in the loop. Thanks.

Wow! Thank you Infil. You are the best! :smiley: