Killer Instinct Academy

Combo Assist, the Season 2 sale, and the upcoming PC release are adding TONS of new players to the game. This is having various effects on the community.

But above all, We want our new players to know that they are welcome here, and that we, as part of the beautiful Fighting Game Community, would love to help them get used to their new game!

So lets make a list of everyone who is willing to train our newer members. Lets form an academy where we can direct new players to every resource they could possibly ask fro in relation to KI!

Veteran KI players, Feel free to ask to be on the list if you wish to train some new players! And dont forget to direct new players you meet online to! Post your GT and your 2 BEST characters in the thread to be added as a trainer. (Or 1 character if you are a specialist).

New players, Here are all of the available trainers and resources for you to take advantage of as you merge into this great community! Feel free to ask for advice in the thread, or meet with any of the names on this list, or check out the “resources” section for a collection of KI guides on the net.

#Available Trainers:

MrxFlutterShy - GT: Mr xFlutterShy - Omen,
oTigerSpirit - GT: oTiger Spirit - Jago
RGLOfficial - GT: RGL Official - Shadow Jago, Sabrewulf
GalacticGeek - GT: Galactic Geek - Aganos, Thunder
DulXboxOne - GT: DulXboxOne - Omen, Rash
TheNinjaOstrich - GT: TheNinjaOstrich - Jago, TJ Combo
SigmaAngelus - GT: SigmaAngelus - Jago, Kim-Wu
XXNecrophobicXX - GT: XXNecrophobicXX - Orchid, Fulgore
SightlessKombat - GT: SightlessKombat - BLIND Player - Fulgore, Jago
DrN9ne - GT: Dr N9ne - Glacius, Jago
Marbledecker - GT: Marbledecker - Hisako
killerinstinct94 - GT: killerinstinct94 - Riptor, Kim-Wu

(Feel free to tell me what i missed in the thread)
Infil’s complete KI guide -
LCD’s Crash Course to KI - (
MaximilianDood’s KI Basics - (
MaximilianDood’s KI Advanced Mechanics - (
KI Season 3 Balance Changes PT.1 - (
KI Season 3 Balance Changes PT.2 - (
TJ Combo Gameplay Demonstration - (

Maya Gameplay Walkthrouugh - (

Kan-Ra Gameplay Walkthrough - (

Riptor Gameplay Walkthrough - (

Omen Gameplay Walkthrough - (

Aganos Gameplay Walkthrough - (

Hisako Gameplay Walkthrough - (

Cinder Gameplay Walkthrough - (

Aria Gameplay Walkthrough - (

Shadow Jago gameplay Walkthrough - (

Rash Updates and Kim-Wu Walkthrough - (

How to Play Killer Instinct BLIND:
SightlessKombat - (
BlindGamer102 - (

List of KI streamers:
List of Killer Instinct Twitch Streamers

If you have any great experiences in your training sessions, go ahead and tag that student/trainer, and tell us about it!


You main omen? I love you haha sure Ill help

Sasuke 99I (capital i)
Shadow Jago

Let’s play a few matches if you don’t mind

With who? Are you trying to be a trainer? Trying to train others? or just wanna play?

You are going to have to pick 2 characters. A main and one “pocket”.

We want to be as specific as possible, so pick your 2 BEST. that way you can answer EVERY question that could possibly be asked of you.

I suppose I don’t mind helping someone out with fundamentals. Not the best of veterans by any means, but I’m sure there is something to learn in my teachings.

GT: oTiger Spirit

Jago and Spinal

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Fulgore and Aria then.

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I’ll do it.


Hell… I have tech with pretty much every character. :slight_smile:

My main and pocket though? Shago and Glacius I guess…

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I tend to have a good bit of knowledge with Thunder and Cinder, but because I don’t have a very good internet connection, I’m not sure I’d be the best to help out with such an endeavor at the moment.

@Infilament @CrazyLCD I have no idea how legal stuff works, but i assume that i dont need your permission to use your guides, since there is no way for me to make money off of them.

But just for courtesy reasons, feel free to tell me to remove yours if you wish, and i will.

I do this regularly all of the time and have always enjoyed doing it (and have even been known around the community for doing it), so I’m definitely game! Below is my username, GT, and 2 primary characters (in bold), followed by other characters that I have reached lvl. 50 with and that I feel proficient enough with to train others. :wink:

GalacticGeek - GT: Galactic Geek - Aganos, Thunder, Glacius, Spinal, TJ Combo, Maya, Riptor, Cinder, and Hisako


I knew you would show up soon :smiley:

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You do realize that a lot of this will effectively become defunct by the end of the month right?

GT is profile name. Main is omen.

Basically everybody lol

Don’t know when but one of these days would like to have a match with you. Seem like a good training buddy.

Only to a point. It’s not like the changes are super drastic unless you’re talking about Maya and Spinal (the ones who were reworked).

Yep, we’ll all be (re)learning together! I can’t wait! :smiley:

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[quote=“DyingAlloy66626, post:19, topic:6472, full:true”]
Don’t know when but one of these days would like to have a match with you. Seem like a good training buddy.
[/quote]Well, I’m available pretty much all day today if you’ve got time, and if not, then I’m available most days - weekdays after 3 p.m. (eastern) and virtually all day on the weekends. ;)[quote=“Ziarist, post:20, topic:6472, full:true”]
Only to a point. It’s not like the changes are super drastic unless you’re talking about Maya and Spinal (the ones who were reworked).
[/quote]Well with the new mechanics alone and other new game features, everybody’s been affected in some way, so even though it is only to a point, there’s a lot of stuff to sift through until you get there. :wink:

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