If Not the Chief


(locks you out) “You seem to suck at breaking. Why not try dojo?”
(L4 ender) “Wow, you took a lot of damage. Maybe you should block!”

OMG, salt forever



OMG!!! I got a dev to comment on my thread!!! BEST DAY EVER!!

I feel I’m missing out on the joke here…

Red vs blue

Oh my god I completely forgot there was a new Crackdown being made. I would be hype to play as the Agent.

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@TempusChaoti is referring to the anthropomorphic paper clip “assistant” in some versions of Microsoft Office. It would occasionally pop up and offer suggestions if you seemed lost or like you were having trouble. Those suggestions were also way too frequent and usually not very helpful!

You forgot his outro, though;

“If you need help with getting yourself beaten to a pulp, I’ll be right behind the little ‘Rematch’ button. Would you like me to show you where it is?”


Way ahead of you here. I think I mentioned in the old forums I already have a design for The Agent if we ever get to do it.

Essentially has 4 categories of ability at 3 levels: Agility (jumping attacks), Strength (melee hits), Guns, and Explosives.

Starts really weak, but every time you successfully hit the opponent, orbs fly out and you level up your abilities over time by collecting them. Essentially, you only have access to the equivalent of light specials at first and weak jumps, but as you level, you get access to medium and heavy ones, ground pounds, etc. His heavy powers hit HARD.

Focus on one category first, or spread out – depends on your opponent and play style.

Wish +1: Include the Voice of the Agency as an announcer.

Note: THIS IS ALL SPECULATIVE – I can dream too, right? :grin:


Lol. I’d try him out :thumbsup:

Hopefully that’s a what if. I’d rather the last character coming to KI be a familier or a new KI character. I’d rather MS and IG be creative with the next one rather than filling it up with another character who doesn’t really belong in my opinion.

I think you could do something similar to that with a new native KI character personally.

Now do you really think he’d up and drop this info in the forums if that was the last character? :eyes:


I certainly don’t have any concrete numbers to work with, but I’d much rather fund a more expensive community fund for something like The Agent; as opposed to a less expensive Shadow Character or Extra Stage fund.

Edit: I know that’s not the topic at hand, but to have such a specific character design at the ready is both thrilling and potentially depressing.

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If you ever get around to making this character; make sure to have one of his costumes options be a old school detective outfit. Please :smirk:

Clippy as a playable character in a MS all stars fighter would be both amazing and hilarious. I’m picturing a paper clip turning in to a shotgun, blowing Marcus Phoenix sky high and then a little yellow box with text pops up, talking trash as he crashes to the ground. “It looks like you’re trying to lose a fight, can I help?”

With the roster I listed above plus even more characters, it could be like Fighters Megamix on steroids. I would play the ever loving hell out of that game! :slight_smile:

What about scalebound. That’s an actual Xbox exclusive that could work well as a guest charecter and could use the media exposure. The "main"charecter(main in “” because it’s a customizable multiplayer game) could use multiple weapons(stance fighter!!XD), transform into a draconian super form most likely for instinct. Call upon the dragon pet as an assist(there are multiple kinds of dragons designs available to use so the design and utility of the dragon can be very creative)

I could imagine the person having attacks like Jin from marvel vs capcom origin. With a Brodia punch!!! But instead of a robot fist rushing accross the screen it’s a dragon tail sweep, dragon fire meteor shower or even literally a dragon Pawnch!!

Chiefs too busy in dead or alive 4

Chief’s not in DOA 4…a female spartan is…Nicole I believe is her name. She’s just wearing the same armor Chief did in Halo 2

If theres one more guest im gone

Sorry lore police

What lore police? All I said was that Master Chief isn’t in DOA 4. It wouldn’t be any different than if you said Ken was in Super Smash Bros…he’s not. Ryu is, but Ryu is not Ken.

Its just a prank bro