Predictions based on the character survey

So based on the character survey results, and some of the lore hints we have seen in Shadow Lords and the Novella, I have created some gameplay and story concepts for each survey choice. Except Eyedol, for obvious reasons. I want to know what you guys think.

  • Arianna (Shadow Orchid): ARIA’s experimentation with shadow cloning resulted in her mixing her Arianna cloning program with Orchid’s DNA and Shadow energy. Uses laser tonfas, shadow energy bolts/constructs, and a demonic shadow Firecat.

  • Ben Ferris: Cinder before transformation. Uses a combat knife and a short-range pistol for swift and deadly strikes.

  • Kelvin: Mer’ik Deem, alien criminal chased to Earth by Glacius. Uses ice attacks and freezing for a rushdown playstyle.

  • Sharkman/Bruce: A shark monster made from TJ Combo’s DNA in an attempt to create an underwater Riptor/Fulgore. Rushes in biting and follows up with slashes from his webbed claws.

  • Sol Dakuri (Aganos ENT): Babylonian general cursed by the king he tried to overthrow to never heal his injuries. He entered hiding until Kan-Ra, and his cruel sense of humor, fixed him by turning him into a tree. He was then reanimated into a moveable entity by contact with his legendary hammer. Fights like Aganos, but instead of rocks he throws seed pods for a trapping maneuver, and uses his new tree-hammer-arm for an unblockable attack.

  • Eagle: Heeled by Glacius’s alien technology and Thunder’s tribal magic. Supplements the missing portions of his mind and soul with his eagle weyekin. Has a mix of moves from both Thunder and Fulgore, plus some moves from his eagle spirit. I imagine him having a pair of astral wings for a move like Gargos’s wing attack.

  • Joana Dark: Quick strikes, but better for zoning. Starts with standard weapons, but can call in weapon drops to get other/more powerful attacks with varying drop rates.

  • G’tharka (Lovecraftian): Another ancient Shadow Lord like Gargos and Eyedol. G’tharka was imprisoned at the bottom of Earth’s ocean by the Ichoriens before Gargos slayed the others. Far stronger than Gargos ever was, G’tharka was reawakened by the Shadow Lord’s invasion. He has long reaching tentacles for a kind of grappling/zoning hybrid playstyle.

  • Chieftain (Halo Brute): Same story/costume concept as Arbiter, except it is a Jiralhanae chieftain. Uses a Type-25 Spiker for basic gunplay, and the Fist of Rukt for heavy melee attacks and gravity manipulation for a long-distance throw.

  • Camilla (Magic Archer): The only Shadow Lady known to exist, Camilla became a legend in Greek and Roman mythology, enjoying time in the Roman army as combat for sport. Her appearance is that of a gorgon and she is proficient with a bow, and has several different types of enchanted trick arrows. Fire, Ice, Earthquake, Tornado, Lightning, etc. A trap zoner with circumstantial but deadly close range magic.

  • Wendigo King: Long ago, the New tsar was a Babylonian noble who lusted for power. For his treachery, he was cursed with eternal bloodlust by his king. After years of hiding, he founded the Coven and became the New Tsar to seize power over Russia. He used the curse of the wendigo to increase his ranks, however his control of the curse technically made him the successor to the current wendigo king. When he died, the Tsar was transformed. His two curses compounding into a bloodthirsty monster of the night. Heavy rushdown with a health siphon move.

  • Baal (Djinn): The djinn of lightning and electricity, Baal was happily creating mischief throughout the middle-east when Gargos invaded. And if the earth was destroyed, then he would have nothing and no one to play with. So Baal possessed Abir Toma, a renowned sword fighter in the region, and began plowing his way through Gargos’s minions. He would be a mix of Scorpion and Raiden from Mortal Kombat. Using dual swords for crossups, and using electric jolts and lightning traps. Very setup heavy.

  • Agent 4 (Crackdown Agent): @TempusChaoti said it best here

The only thing I added is that the character would be named Agent 4 because that was the name of the Agent Guest character in the Xbox 360 port of Perfect Dark.


don’t forget about this beauty

Super cool

I’d bet 5000 KI Gold it wont be Joana Dark


I’d rather choose new original characters than guests…