Killer Instinct New Character Idea (Redesigned)

I kinda did a complete Overhaul on my Character Idea for my tessen Weilding character, tell me what you think of this

Killer Instinct New Character Idea (Remade)

Name: Mizumi Han

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Skin color: Tanish light

Eye color: green

Weapon: Tessen Fans

Nationality: Japanese - American (can Speak English Like Kim Wu)

Parents: None (mother was killed by gargos)

-Kim Wu
-Tusk (neutral)


Combo Trait: Multi-Combo Rushdown (is capable of pulling off multple chain combos on the ground and the air while utilizing a move that can break blocking)

Appearance: She has long White hair in a ponytail and a bang over her left eye. She is Wearing a Purple crop top with white flower petals that go into a midriff, she then wears a White and Purple skirt that have black shorts underneath them. She also Wears thigh high Stockings and white knee high socks with a pair of white Karate shoes. She also wears a pair of long White gloves that stop at her Elbows. Her tessen fans have a Black dragon pattern with a Silver backround. (Note: some of her color schemes is the same as Ayane’s from Dead or Alive, Ibuki’s from Street Fighter, Kitana from Mortal Kombat, and Mai Shiranui’s from King of Fighters. Her Color 9 is a Halloween color sceme)

Her Retro has her white hair in a partial Bun while the rest go down to the back of her neck. She wears a Pink and Black floral Geisha gi that goes down to her waist with a white Obi going around her tied in a bow on the back that hold her fans. She wears underneath it a Pair of white Kung Fu pants with knee high Black socks and white Geisha Heels. She also wears a pair of Long White gloves that go up to her upper arms and stop below her shoulders that have two blue bows on them. Her fans have Pink petals with a Reddish pink backround. She also wears Geisha Make up in her retro (Note: some of her Color schemes are similar to Yumi Ishiyama’s Code Lyoko season 1 outfit, Jade’s from Mortal Kombat, and Sakura Haruno’s from Naruto Shippuden. Her Bonus 7th color is a Christmas Color scheme)

Teaser: (she actually has 2) her first teaser would show her popping her fan open before doing a light spin with both before covering her face with one of her fans, the teaser ends when she is about to close it and you see one of her eyes which is a dark green.

Her second Teaser shows two fans flying at Mira knocking her out before the one who threw them which was Mizumi lands in front of the Vampiress catching her fans in her retro costume


  • :facepunch: (Light): a straight forward jab (causes Flip out) (auto double does crouching light to standing Light)

  • :facepunch: (Medium): an swift fan slap (push second time to do a double slap) (Can be used as a Manual) (Poke Tool) (auto double causes low fan poke to double slap normal)

  • :facepunch: (Heavy): Does a strong Fan Slash (Staggers) (auto double does a spinning Heavy fan slash)

  • :athletic_shoe: (Light): short kick to the legs (Flip out)(Auto double does two light kicks)

  • :athletic_shoe: (Medium): Kick to the midsection (poke tool) (Auto doubles go from standing to crouching)

  • :athletic_shoe: (Heavy): When close, it is a knee to the stomach, normal range makes it a hard thrust kick that can move her forward slightly (Auto double does a double roundhouse kick)

  • :arrow_down: :facepunch: (Crouching Light): short punch

  • :arrow_down: :facepunch: (Crouching Medium): Poke tool using her fans for extra reach

  • :arrow_down: :facepunch: (Crouching Heavy): Anti-Air using both her tessen fans in an upward slashing motion (can be linked into DP move)

  • :arrow_down: :athletic_shoe: (Crouching Light): small kick

  • :arrow_down: :athletic_shoe: (Crouching Medium): does a split kick as a poke tool (can be used as a Flip out)

  • :arrow_down: :athletic_shoe: (Crouching Heavy): Does a Double Sweep Kick (if does after coming out of crouch, she does a Rising Dragon kick, both does a hard knockdown)

  • :arrow_up: :facepunch: (Jumping Light): elbow in the air (can cause flip out in air combos)

-:arrow_up: :facepunch: (Jumping Medium): Does a double fan slash in mid air (perfect for Air combo Links)

  • :arrow_up: :facepunch: (Jumping Heavy): Performs a downward Smash attack with both tessen fans (used as Recapture in air combos)

  • :arrow_up: :athletic_shoe: (Jumping Light): airborn Knee (used as flipouts in air combos)

  • :arrow_up: :athletic_shoe: (Jumping Medium): does an Airborn step kick (also good for air combo links)

  • :arrow_up: :athletic_shoe: (Jumping Heavy): Does a Reverse backflip (used as hard knockdown in air combos)

Command Normals:

  • :arrow_right::facepunch: (Heavy): Can do a cancelable Double overhead using her tessen fans.

  • :arrow_right::athletic_shoe: (Heavy): Performs a Hard Sommersault that can keep the opponent imto the air if juggling, and can be linked into most specials and combo starters.

  • :facepunch::athletic_shoe: (Throw): performs a spinning fan dance that slashes the opponent 5 times, the fifth slash stagggers the opponent (can be linked with combos).

  • :arrow_left: :facepunch::athletic_shoe: ( Command/ Back Throw): jumps on the opponent’s neck snapping it before jumping off the other side (Can be linked with combos).

  • :facepunch::athletic_shoe: (Air): does a Heavenly drop kick that can cause a ground bounce and can do a hard knockdown when used a second time after the ground bounce.

  • :facepunch: (All Punches) (Air) : She Spins her Tessen Fans to hover and glide in the air making her able to do air combos.

  • :facepunch: (All Punches): when doing a chain combo on the ground, pushing all three punches after a chain combo launches the opponent into the air with an Upward Fan slash automatically causing her to jump up after them to continue her chain combos.

-:athletic_shoe: (All Kicks): a special counter she does that makes an explosive flower illusion that forces the opponent back while the real one appears behind the opponent slamming the opponent with an spiral drop kick.

  • :facepunch:, :facepunch:, :athletic_shoe: (Air combo) (Medium, Heavy, Heavy): a 3 hit chain combo ending with a hard knock down

  • :facepunch:, :athletic_shoe:, :facepunch: (Air combo) (Heavy, Light, Light): a 3 hit chain combo that can cause a flipout

  • :athletic_shoe:, :facepunch:, :athletic_shoe: (Air combo) (Light, Medium, Medium): a 3 hit chain that can be followed up by any other air combo

  • :athletic_shoe:, :athletic_shoe:, :facepunch: (Air combo) ( Medium, Light, Heavy): A 3 hit chain combo that can Recapture.

  • :athletic_shoe:, :arrow_down::athletic_shoe:, :arrow_down::facepunch: (Chain combo) (Medium, C. Light, C. Heavy): a 4 hit chain combo that can stagger the opponent

  • :facepunch:, :facepunch:, :arrow_down::athletic_shoe: (Chain combo) (Heavy, Medium, Releasing C. Heavy): a 6 hit Chain combo that knocks down the opponent breifly before knocking them back up.

  • :facepunch:, :facepunch:, :facepunch: (Chain Combo) (Light, Medium, Heavy): a 4 hit chain combo that ends in a stagger

Special Moves:

  • Katosen (:arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right: :facepunch:): she throws her tessen fan at the opponent, Light throws 1 fan, Medium throws 2 fans, Heavy throws 3 fans. (in chain combos, her tessen fans can be thrown mid chain combo and can be thrown in the air)

  • Senjiren (:arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_left: :athletic_shoe:): she performs a forward Moving Pinwheel Kick that leaves a redish pink trail, Light does 2 hits(Safe on block) , Medium does 3 hits (partially unsafe but perfect for closing range), Heavy does 4 hits (Unsafe on block) (can be used mid Chain combo and perfect for Anti-Air juggles and prevents crossups) (linker version moves her forward slightly)

  • Hara-Kazashi (:arrow_right::arrow_down::arrow_lower_right: :facepunch:): Her special DP that can be done 3 times after the motion, Light is fastest but weak (invincible), Medium is moderate speed and damage (safe if timed right), Heavy is slowest with strongest damage (Unsafe)

  • Cyclone Lift (:arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_left: :facepunch:): she swings her fans upward, this sends out a Small shot of wind that can carry the opponent in mid air, Light is close range, Medium is mid Range, Heavy surrounds her briefly before going full screen bringing the opponent toward her (all can be charged to last longer and can be used to deflect enemy projectiles) (can be used to hold air combos) (Linker version has Mizumi spin in a cyclone fan form)

  • Crescent Flowersault (:arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right: :athletic_shoe:): she flips forward landing an Axe kick that can cause a ground bounce if the opponent is in the air and is a good overhead, light hits twice, Medium hits 3 times, Heavy hits 4 times. (can dodge projectiles, good for ground bounce combos) (linker version is like Kim Wu’s Dragon Dance Linker)

Shadow Moves:
-Shadow Katosen (:arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right: :facepunch::facepunch:),(Can be done in the air during air combos, can Auto Aim if air combo drops): throws both fans at the opponent that does 10 hits all together (5 from both) (if blocked, they build a bar of shadow meter) (Quote: she shouts “Dodge this!”) (Omega Battery Ender)

-Shadow Senjiren (:arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_left: :athletic_shoe::athletic_shoe:): moving forward, she does a 6 hit Pinwheel with the Redish pink trail Brightly visible, it can burst enemy projectiles. (Quote: she shouts “Lets go for a ride!”)

-Shadow Hara-Kazashi (:arrow_right::arrow_down::arrow_lower_right: :facepunch::facepunch:): she rises up into the air with her Shadow DP that hits up to 9 times before slamming the opponent down to the ground causing a hard knockdown ( Quote: She shouts “Time to Fly!”) (Omega Damage Ender)

  • Shadow Cyclone Lift (:arrow_down::arrow_lower_left::arrow_left: :facepunch::facepunch:): does a Full screen cyclone spin that hits 7 times before sending the opponent flying into the air (can hit the opponent on the ground and Air, can be followed up with any other move) (Quote: She shouts “Dance and Fade”) (Omega Launch Ender)

-Shadow Crescent Flowersault (:arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right: :athletic_shoe::athletic_shoe:), (Can be done in the air during Air combos): does a forward rolling flip that hits 5 times before the other 5 hits in the axe kick recaptures the opponent. (Quote: She shouts: “I won’t let you get away!”)

Combo Enders:
-Heavy Katosen: throws 3 fans before the fourth one is thrown and explodes on contact (Battery Ender)

-Heavy Senjiren: a 5 hitting pinwheel connects before a sixth hit causes her to switch sides with her opponent (Side Switching Ender)

  • Heavy Hara-Kazashi: A 7 hitting DP that does heavy damage (Damage Ender)

-Heavy Cyclone Lift: throws one of her fans at the ground causing a five hit cyclone Launch into the air (Launch Ender)

-Heavy Crescent Flowersault: a 5 hit flip forward before the 6th hit from the axe kick slams down on the opponent (Hard Knockdown Ender)

-Ultra :arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right::athletic_shoe: (All Kicks): She Throws 4 of her fans all at the opponent before linking it with a 8 hit tornado bicycle kick combo then switches sides with a ball roll switching sides following up with a Double heavy Fan slash,then does a Crouching Heavy Punch with a reverse grounded Hara-Kazashi that hits 3 times, she then double slaps the opponent and pushes them back with a light 2 hit Senjiren, she then does a 2 hit crescent Flowersault before doing a point blank cyclone fan spin that hits 7 times that follows up with a sweep and Cyclone lift that hits twice. Finally she finishes off by jumping into the air and swings her fans 3 times letting out 3 wind slashes that knock her opponent upward slightly with the cyclone lift and tops it off with a 8 hit Hara-Kazashi then sends the opponent high with a Somersault kick finishing the Ultra combo (49 Hits)

-Ultra Ender: she swings her fans in a reversed sonic boom motion like she is about to throw her fans, but instead, that sends out a wind slash that can cause a wall splat on the ground and a wall crash in the air

-Stage Ultra: :arrow_down::arrow_lower_right::arrow_right::facepunch: (All Punches): (TJ Combo, Kan-Ra, and Mizumi’s stages) she does a 5 hit crescent flowersault followed by throwing 4 fans then finishes with her medium double slap and ends with her combo launcher, (Hisako, Aganos, Aria, and Arbiter stages): she does a 5 hit Senjiren with a 4 hit Katosen before ending with her medium fan slap and tops it off with her Ultra Ender (On Hisako’s stage she does her Crescent Flowersault)

-Ultimate::facepunch::athletic_shoe: (Grab): She throws a flurry of fans before running up to her opponent, the screen goes dark as she opens her tessen fans and slashes the symbol for beauty, then once she closes her fans, the opponent is vaporized into flower petals

-Guardian’s Might: Mizumi Unleashes a White-ish purple glow that illuminates her body completely, it can heal her with every fan she throws connects and increases the strength of her chain combos. This also allows her to call her Guardian for assisstance by pressing Heavy Punch and Kick after Activation (by holding it you can charge it and a giant fist can smash downward by holding the :arrow_down: button, a swarm of razorwing butterflies slashes the target back by holding the :arrow_right: ‘block’ button, an Hawk could stagger the opponent by ramming into him/her by holding the :arrow_left: button, a rouge mimic of Mizumi that was caught in the shrine and was absorbed by Mizumi’s guardian power can come under the opponent and DP him/her into the air by holding the :arrow_up: button, finally with no input after charge can blast the opponent with an energy ball that disables the instinct and shadow meters for 10 seconds)

-Intro: Her Fans go Flying through the air before she catches them in a spinning dance and goes into her stance saying “I’ll show you the dance of the guardian”

-Time-out win: She throws one of her fans into the air and catches its and claims to be number one (similar to Mai Shiranui’s win pose)

-Time-out lose: She gasped covering her mouth with both hands before dropping to her knees in shock

-Instinct: She pops one of her fans open at her opponent saying “I’ll seal you away”

-Win Pose: She throws her fans into the air saying “you are unworthy of the guardians power” before catching her fans after jumping into the air after them and unleashed a wind tornado

-Ultra: She backflips into a Kenpo/Chinese kickboxing stance (Similar to Chun-Li’s Hosenka Ultra start up) saying “Dissapear”

  • Stage Ultra Win pose: She pops her fan open winking at the screen, a small heart appears from her winking at the screen. (On Aria’s stage she is kneeling over the edge looking down at her opponent who met their demise from the fall)

-Ultimate: she backflips for space before pulling out her fans.

-Taunt: She leans forward waving her closed tessen at the opponent saying “care to dance with me?” and “I’ll blow you away”

-Stance: she does a Mai Shiranui like stance with both fans in her hands

  • Character Select: She does her cyclone lift linker into her stance

Default: she has a hair customization, one puts her hair in oxtails, Hair buns inside of Bun caps, and the premium is her hair without the ponytail and she wears a headband across her forehead showing the guardian symbol. Her Fans are also customizable, they could have a Blank appearance, they can also have a floral pattern, or as a premium, a cursed pattern where they have diffrent Sealing signs on them. Finally her Legs are customizable, it could be: no skirt and just shorts on, high heels, or as a premium, cut up jeans (the colors can effect the accessories as well to match them)

Retro: Her Geisha outfit can be customized, she could have an assassin top with utility sash, a Karate Gi with a long blackbelt sash, and as a Premium, a Royal dress top with a courset like sash. Her pants can be customized. She could wear The Assassin Pants with belts around them, the Karate gi Pants, or as a premium, Thigh high stockings that covers her up completely. Finally her shoes are customizable. She could wear knee high Assassin boots, Karate Sandals, or as a premium, Royal Heels that have a pointed Heel. (the color palette effects them as well)

Bio: Mizumi Han was born a Shrine Guardian, her Mother, on her 2nd birthday, she was killed by gargos and was raised by the monks of guardian shrine

She then spent her years at the Shrine where she was training as a Maiden, until one day, her Mother’s Spirit came to her, Guiding her toward her resting place where layed Her Mother’s weapons, a Pair of Tessen fans. Once she picked them up, they granted her her Mother’s Guardian Powers, she was confused. Etched into the fans was a message saying “it is now up to you my daughter, you must protect the next dragon spirit Keeper, Kim Wu. If she falls before she can Defeat Gargos, it will be the end of us all, it is up to you to protect her with your life.” Mizumi was shocked by this, Her best friend is now the keeper of the dragon spirit and she must protect her.

On her 23rd birthday, she travel all around the world, only to one day arrive seeing Kim Wu for the first time in forever, they always sent letters, but to meet face to face was a blessing for them. Only to learn about both families, they were shocked by the end result. But their reactions were short-lived when two omens came thru a portal opening before them. “Who are you, Why did you come here?” Mizumi questioned them. Kim wu then explained clear as day “apparently these demons are working for that freak gargos, i’m going to enjoy kicking his butt into next year”. One of the Omen’s then spoke “hand over your weapons with the Spirit and we will let you live.” the other then added, “if you refuse, we will take them with your lifeless bodies to gargos by force.” Kim Wu then grips her nunchucks ready to fight saying, “I got a Friggin’ Dragon…you can see how this ends right?” and when Mizumi knew it was up to her to stop them she opens her fans in a deadly dance adding “you think you can beat us? Its time i show you the dance of the guardian” a short stare down occurs before Kim Wu and Mizumi charged at the Two Omen, this caused the battle to ensue.

For hours the battle grows intense between both sides. However Kim Wu got slightly Injured and Mizumi was struggling, but once Kim Wu unleashed the Dragon on the Omen she fought, Mizumi dug deep into herself and unleashed her Guardian that not only frightened the other omen, but defeated him as well, seeing this, the first omen was forced to retreat to prevent his destruction. Kim Wu was impressed by Mizumi’s fighting ability and helped her up “That was Awesome Mizumi, where did you learn how to do that?” she then Answered “it just…kinda came to me, something i never knew i had before” they then nod at each other knowing that Gargos is gonna have his hands full as they set out to gather others to join them. “Hey Mizumi” Kim Wu beckoned to her “I’m counting on you to have my back out there alright?” Mizumi answered seriously “i swear, i will never leave your side, lets give Gargos a fight he will never forget” they both then high-fived each other before setting off on what just might be their biggest journey ever.

Trailer: She jumps in front of Kim Wu after an Omen comes for her saying “this is as far as you go.” She threw a flurry of fans directly at him before kicking him into the portal only to smile back at Kim wu, but the next thing she knew, the same Omen pulled her into the portal bringing her to her Shrine. She then proceeded to trap omen with her Cyclone Lift before performing air combo chains thats show off each diffrent end to them adding “You shouldn’t have brought me here Demon, because you are now on my home turf.” Mizumi then activated her Instinct attacking him before finishing him with her Ultra and the stage changed by Mizumi knocking him into the air with her stage ultra in the center of the stage where slashes of light that come from shrine that then traps the omen inside a sphere before it bursts into sparks banishing the omen trapped inside the sphere to oblivion and it ends when she threw her fan at the screen saying “evil spirit, Begone, forever”.

Theme: a Mix of Japanese traditional Music remade with a bit of K-Pop and Rock

Stage: Guardian Shrine, a Beautiful area surrounded by beautiful flowers and the shrine itself where the battle takes place. On the Next Round after someone’s first health bar disappears, the petals blow away from the flowers and start to swirl around the feild. When an Ultra combo is active the sky goes dark and the Shrine is Illuminated with a Beautiful glow as the petals form a storm that gives them a dark purple glow with the bright white Shrine. When a Stage Ultra is active, the same effects apply, but in the center when the opponent is knocked into the air, the guardian statues come to life summoning the real guardians who knock the opponent 16 times with flashes of light before a Sphere of Energy traps the Target inside only for the storm to rise causing the sphere to take to the sky and burst into sparks and the target inside is sent to oblivion permanently, and the Victor who performs the stage Ultra has the storm of flowers form a sign of Victory while the Shrine illuminates the Victor in pure Energy Light

No Mercies (For Rizza D. Marco):

-Killer Fan-Tasy (Heavy Katosen): Mizumi throws all three of her fans at her target, all 3 of them jam into the opponent’s body, one to the Head, one to the chest, and one to the stomach

  • Bloody Hurricane (Cyclone Lift Ender): the winds shred the opponent to bits while lifting the opponent into the air and the opponent’s scream is the last thing you hear before drops of blood come down from above

  • Crescent Axeblade (Shadow Version):after the fifth hit, the last five split the opponent in Half

  • Hellish Illusion (all 3 kick)(her counter): the Explosive Flower Illusion clone takes her place when attacked and blows the opponent to bits leaving a character specific item behind while the real Mizumi reappears from a safe distance

  • Femme Fatale (Light-Medium-Heavy punch chain combo w/Launcher): she performs her chain combo with launch that slices the opponent open 5 ways

  • Neck Twister (Back grab): she does a hand stand atop the opponents head performing a helicopter kick that snaps the opponent’s Neck 5 times before doing a sixth then releasing it to litterally see the opponent’s head spin

And that’s about it, after doing this big redesign, what do you all think about her now?


Japanese or american isn’t a race. You mean like white, black etc etc.

Oh, i meant to put nationality but my internet was out for weeks so i didnt have enough time to check, thanks for pointing that out

I like the whole image the character conjures, but when you talk about a female character that uses fans AND you give her the colors blue and black, aren’t you starting to merge in to Kitana territory? I like the sound of the retro.

Doesn’t Kitana throw one fan normally and two fans when using meter?

Maybe I’m just picturing this wrong… Aren’t you basically describing something similar to Kitana’s fan lift?

Doesn’t Maya have this move, or am I picturing this wrong too?

Doesn’t Omen already have this move?

I don’t mean to be critical, I’m just trying to picture what you’re going for here. It’s tough to think of fan related moves given that NRS has done so many of them with Kitana. A fan throw, a fan lift, I believe she even has a double fan uppercut command normal in MKX if I’m not mistaken that seems kinda like a DP, though I could be misremembering.

I love this character idea, as I’d love to have a fan weilding character in KI, but I think it’d be even cooler if you could find some fan moves that really stood out from variants on stuff we’ve seen before. Just a suggestion, but maybe she could have more of an all purpose weapon that’s a ball on a chain like Gogo had in Kill Bill, but instead of a ball at the end, it could be a blade that fans out in to, well, a fan of blades at close range?

Maybe this makes her more of a midrange character, maybe this opens the door for more unique moves that use the chain, the closed fan, the open fan etc in ways that we haven’t seen from things like Kitana’s fan or Scorpion’s spear.

I do like the idea of your character having acrobatic kicks and what not. It’s tough because if you give her an axe kick, that’s kinda Maya’s thing, but if you give her a back flip kick, Sadira already has one of those. Maybe she could have almost a ballet like movement where she’s kicking and using the chain at the same time, but have that be mixed in with more of a martial arts look as well.

Anyways, I’m not trying to redo your character by any stretch of the imagination. Just throwing some ideas out there. You do you. :slight_smile: I think that you have the foundations of a cool sounding character and you have a ton of ideas going in the original post, so there’s definitely a clear vision there. Props for thinking all of that through and coming up with a lot of cool sounding stuff.

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I see what you mean, but allow me to clarify these

  1. Her original outfit was a bit difficult, i can see if you are confused by the color choices but it was the best i could think of at the moment

  2. She is able to throw multplie fans on the ground and Air, the fact that she throws more based on the strength is to make her diffrent from kitana

  3. Her Cyclone lift is basically similar to kitana’s however she sends them out at diffrent ranges to utilize her ranged attacks when going into her chain combos

  4. Her Crescent Flowersault is a Fusion of Maya’s and Kim Wu’s, but with more hits

  5. Her Lightning Legs has a bit of a diffrent effect to Omen’s, since she is a multi Combo zoning Rushdown character, her Lightning Legs attack would more utilize her Chain combos on the ground

I thank you for your opinion on my redesigned version of my Tessen weilding character, it isn’t easy thinking of this, i will admit that much.

And by the way, her double overhead is her forward heavy Punch, her Crouching Heavy Punch is something like Maya’s but it can be linked with her DP, and her Launcher Command Normal. If there is anything else you need to know, just let me know ok?

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This is a lot to read without even a snippet at the start to describe how she’s meant to play… :confused:

Sorry if it sounds confusing, just take your time and her moveset would help you understand

What I’m saying is if you have a clear idea for her design, you should be leading the post with it so people can read through the rest of it thinking about her moves within the context of how she’s meant to play.


We need a tessen fan character since Kitana & Mai Shiranui!


HHmmmmmm the question should be…does KI need it?

I believe it does

Yo Nice Bro This is Sick

like it that much?

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hell yeah man this is badass someone need to share this to Iron galaxy

you check out her ultra or what?

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thanks, I hope someone makes this happen

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It looks like you have thought about this really well. We defo need more new female characters.

I agree, I even found the perfect song as an example for her theme

listen to it here if you want to hear how her theme would go:

Talk about going full anime.