Any hope for last character be entirely new?

It’s gotta be Eagle, right?

If it’s not, then my guess is one of the survey characters, or something similar to it. I wish I could recall which characters were most requested.


All night probably

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What’s your time Right now?

Next up, you ranked 9 ALL-NEW characters in the order you most wanted to play them. Here’s the order, starting from most votes to least:
• Eyedol (hahaha)
• Joanna Dark
• Eagle (He got the most 2nd place votes)
• Lovecraftian
• Halo Brute
• Magic Archer
• Wendigo
• Djinn
• Crackdown Agent
Lovecraftian was a strong 4th. After that, the dropoff was dramatic.


Awesome! Thanks a ton, @VergoVan. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Lovecraftian would be AMAZING. Kinda sad Djinn, Wendigo and Magical Archer placed so low. Kinda makes me wonder what the votes would be if we removed the guests and Eyedol for Character 3. Maybe I should start a poll, perhaps??

I’d also love to know if @developers and particularly Adam Isgreen have any other character ideas they’ve been throwing around either from the boards (cough please give us a wily, drunken old Sage or a judo/wrestler type with grounded autos and throw linkers or a gorgon cough ahem excuse me pardon me) or perhaps some of their own?

I’d love it if they’d throw a few ideas out there that they’d like to see, not as Character 3, but maybe possibly perhaps perchance for a theoretical potential 4th season?

Man I want that announced at E3 so bad!!

Sorry, I did a whole thing there, I guess. lol


I think one of them is next character! :slight_smile:

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That’s possible.


Wendigo, Mollusk, and Sharkman are the original chars I’d like to see.

I’d love the Halo Brute, Jo Dark, Crack Agent, and too.

Top Tier!

Crack Agent: can’t stand still, special moves include hitting players with a hot crack pipe, spits broken stained teeth, and scratches itself for a damage boost. It’s instinct is a cloud of crack smoke “similar to Raam’s instinct”

I do know it was meant to be Crackdown agent, but when I seen crack agent that popped in my head. :smile:

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So where’s that post where keits talks about how a crackdown agent could work?

I’d like a real Ninja. One of the reasons I’m angry over Shinsako is that I thought that Katana was going to be for a Ninja or something like one.

The other Adam

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well on the rbght side, mor eorignal lore expanding characters ftw!

I’d actually really be interested in this idea. Very similar to Frank West in UMVC3.

I’m hoping for Eagle but it would be interesting if Eagle turned out to be a villain.

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It’s most likely eagle of how he was the one who got the most requested during season 3 (before eyedol was announced). It’s pretty obvious now who’s gonna be (i may be wrong but still).

I would just wait for a teaser (just like how shin Hisako was teased in the KI twitter. If there’s gonna be any teaser).

Eagle from the broken science tube image with aria would be amazing

Water bending and/ or arching skills in a weapon x costume
(Wet hair/ barefoot / test tubes/ monitor suction cups still intact)
And an alternate Nez Perce costume

idk aganos and thunder found eagle in the test tube Maybe like a mission in shadow lords or something idk.

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Really? Which mission?