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Ok, let’s get to the point. The character survey had really interesting ideas, and I want to share some ideas. I will start with one character, and I will edit with the rest. Please, share your ideas!

Reimagined characters:

-Ent Aganos
When the Night Guard got the upper hand against Kan-Ra, Aganos felt he could at last rest. He took the gem of his head, which was the source of his power, and put it inside a seed. The golem crumbled in pieces, lifeless, and a tree started to grown. Years later, the great tree was a sacred place for the Night Guard, and they carved a face in the wood, remembering the gentle giant. When Kan-Ra woke up, the Astral gem did it too, and the ancient tree took life. Aganos its now half tree, half plant.
Aganos is still very big, but he is not based in armor or walls. The re-chunk animation now makes a plant grown in his body. He can put the plant in the ground like he did with the walls, but he instead puts carnivorous plants. These plants have 3 hits of health, similar to Gargos Minions. They stay in the same place, and are really small, but they have a lot reach(a bit more than Kan-Ra sand scorpion stings). If they hit you, you get staggered. His payload assault lauches the seeds, planting them in different points of the stage. His ruin it’s replaced by taking the seeds and planting on himself, so he gets the plants over his body. The plants have 3 hitpoints of health, and they have to be hit in different combos. The plants work as “extra counter breakers”, stopping the opponent attack, but slowering Aganos(you can have 3 plants on you, but with only one you are as slow as with 3 chunks.

-Shadow Orchid
Bio: With the arrival of Gargos, the shadow lord gave more power to his herald, and demanded a new champion for his invasion. Omen choose Orchid, the half-sister of Jago, and took advantage of her revenge campaing against Ultratech. He possesed her and transformed her into Shadow Orchid. Shorchid gave up her weapons and fully embraced the Jaguar. Shorchid generates two shadow claws instead of normal weapons, and a shadow jaguar stays at her side.
She is similar to Galford from Samurai Showdown. She fights by her own, but with specials the shadow Jaguar attacks, mixing overhead and low attacks. This combined with Orchid new move, Jaguar assault, which replaces her DP. This move it’s a huge leap which can switch sides with the opponent, and combined with her firecat, lead to left-right mix ups. Also her slide it’s replaced by Shorchid transforming herself into a shadow firecat(just cosmetic), and her rekkas are now furious claw hits. During her instinct, Shorchid blends with her shadow Jaguar, transforming herself in a dark hybrid of a human and a shadow firecat. She can create firecat projectiles from herself, and her body projects shadow claws when she makes any move, hitting a second time. This attacks deal great potential damage or chip if blocked.

-Ben Ferris
-TJ shark
-Kelvin(Rushdown Glacius)
When Glacius landed in Earth, instead of crashing in Siberia, he landed in an active Volcano in Iceland. He adapted to the enviroment to get faster and quickly out of the lava. His body it’s now formed of burning magma, and Ultratech never was able to get his DNA, thus Cinder was never created
Kelvin doesn’t walk, he “slides” really fast around the stage, and his jump its really low and lands very quickly. His dash its replaced by “vapor steam”, and he can cancel others specials into it. Vapor steam makes Kelvin pass though the opponent, similar to Wulf dash, but has a lot more range and its really fast. Hail it’s replaced by “Molten fire”, a fire carpet similar to Riptor’s, but with bigger hitbox, and it advances forward. Kelvin can shoot a Molten fire and then use Vapor steam to get to the other side, similar to Fulgore’s plasmaport mix ups. His shatter it’s replaced by meteor leap, a leap forward jump which hits overhead. His puddle punch gets replaced by eruption, an attack similar to Glacius instinct puddle punch. He can cancel all his specials on block into vapor steam, but the best choice it’s molten fire, because it can lead to a mix ups. Other scenarios can be punished by fast moves, or can be used to get far from his opponent.
His instinct covers him with burning lava, and each time Kelvin it’s hit, he deals half of the damage taken into potential damage for his opponent. Also, vapor steam deals potential damage too when he pass over other characters, and all his special get more range(molten fire it’s bigger, eruption has higher hitbox…)

New Characters

Eagle gameplay guessing

-Lovecraftian character
The character it’s named Nyerlithatetros, the First Nigtmare. His name it’s forbidden and lost in the time, so the announcer just calls him “The nightmare”. He was one of the first creations of Gargos, and his mission was consume the sanity of the Shadow Lord enemies. His appearance its a dark creature, with a bloated body with fangs and tentacles in impossible places, morphing in inhuman shapes. He was banished to a plane far from Gargos, trying to avoid at any cost the reunion of the Shadow Lord and his most loyal and powerful minion.
The first nightmare it’s fat, but not tall(think in something like Riptor). He has good reach normals, it’s slow, and long reaching overheads and lows. He teleports at close range if he connects any of them(similar to Kan-Ra) with a special move. His main tool it’s “Madness”, a long range command grab. It deals no damage, but inflicts “Madness” debuff. During 6 seconds, or until he recieves a hit, the opponent get’s his buttons swapped. Up it’s down, left its right, and so. Also, kicks and punch are swapped to, and also the strenght of the normals. Light it’s heavy, medium it’s light, heavy its medium. This also applies to combo breakers, instinct activation, etc…
Nyerlithatetros combos are “easy” to break(auto doubles are very different from each other), but he it’s hard to break or block if he inflicts “madness”. His other specials are a long reaching charge, similar to cold shoulder, and “Goo”, a projectile which Nyerlithatetros throws to the ground at different angles. It slows anybody who steps in it, and slowly drains shadow meter. His best weapon its his instinct: Total Madness
Total madness applies the madness debuff to the opponent during all the instinct duration. Once Nyerlithatetros activates it, the screen zooms into the opponent head, and in an obscure screen, we see three flashes of terrorifiying images for the character. For example, Jago sees one screen of himself being possesed, other of Shago, and a last one with Gargos grabbing him. The animation changes from each character. Back in the game, Nyerlithatetros has a dark aura around him, and his eyes(his MULTIPLE eyes) glown with a powerful yellow light.
In mirror matches, he is inmune to madness, instead of his reguar effect, the other Nyerlithatetros player gets 10% more damage.

-Halo Brute
The Halo brute(Brute from now) goes into the battle with his Gravity Hammer, prepared to pummel all his enemies into dust
The Brute has very long reaching normals due his hammer, normally with frame advantage on block. His close range normals, however, are not great, with not so good frame data and with small hitbox. His specials are Gravity pull, Gravity pulse, Covenant smash and Brutal charge.
Gravity pull: The Brute uses his hammer to attrack his enemy in. Works as a grab, 3 versions. L sucks the opponent from fullscreen, if hit, deals minor damage but works as opener. M sucks all type of fireballs, destroying them. If it sucks a fireball, ends really quickly. H works as anti air, sucking any airborne character, doesn’t recapture and does minor damage.
Gravity pulse: The brute hits the ground with his hammer, creating a pulse which pulls off any enemy on range. Very unsafe on block. L it’s fast but has poor range, M has more range but its slower, H hits really far but its a bit slow on start up. All versions destroy fireballs
Covenant smash: A leaping jump which hits on the ground, creating a gravity shockwave. If hits, staggers, so you can perform a manual and start a combo. If gets blocked, the shockwave pulls you out, and if doesn’t hit at all, creates a small shockwave which also pulls the enemy out.
Brutal charge it’s an standart forward attack, with similar applications than Windkick or cold slouder.
The Brute plan it’s playing “long range footsies”, using his long reaching normals and gravity attacks to mantain his opponent just in the spot he wants. He is a powerful anti zoning character, but struggles against rushdown characters who manage to get in.
Instinct: Berseker. During his instinct, the Brute goes berserker, and his gameplay it’s totally different. His forward dash it’s really quickly and long reaching, all projectiles are taken into potential damage but doesn’t put him on hit stun, and his normal attacks are now all mele hits without the hammer. He moves very quickly to be a more rushdown character, loosing his long reach control with normals. He can cancel his instinct pressing PPP, so you can still use it as emergency button, but don’t use the berserker movement and normals changes

-Joanna Dark

The Coven Horde:
The Coven, an ancient clan of vampires, uses many agents, and creatures like the Wendigo, with low inteligence, can be useful for them. Porfiry, a small and fat lmp, commands a small army of these creatures, destroying any enemy of the Coven who dares to challenge them.
The Wendigos fight in pack, they look like skeletal elks, and once they see their prey, nothing can stop them until they consume it. Their expendable condition and their blind obedience suits them to suicide missions. In their intro, we don’t see the stage, we see Porfiry looking at his computer watching the wendigos arriving to the fight.
All wendigos share a normal health bar, and normaly we only see one of them on screen. The wendigo it’s small and fast, has moderate good range with its normals, and deals poor damage. His first special, horde assault, changes depending the button. Light sends another wendigo in front of the opponent, trying to hit low, M sends another from the back, trying to hit overhead, and H sends a wendigo from the front, trying to perform a grab which staggers. Each attack takes a moment to see the new wendigo, but the player recovers very fast from the command. Ferocius jump it’s a charge move which can hit high or low, being very unsafe on block, but very fast on startup. Cannibal bite it’s a command grab which bites the opponent. The bites give a 15% damage bonus to the wendigo until player changes to another wendigo.

PPP serves as “switch wendigo”. If there are two wendigos in the screen, PPP will change which one its controled by the player. This leads to mix ups, like using one wendigo asisst, then use ferocious jump in a mix up, and switch the control to the other wendigo depending if you opened your rival or got blocked. Once a non selected wendigo ends his attack, runs away from the screen. Every ender makes several wendigo enter the stage to hit the enemy, consuming the damage boost of cannibal bite if present. If two wendigos are hit at the same time, you get double damage.
So this character it’s a rushdown character based in assists to create hard to react mixups. Also, when the first bar it’s depleted, the Ko’ed wendigo retreats from the fight and another one takes his place.

-Magic Archer
-Crackdown character
Mr. Isgreen had a really good idea here, so I will put it here:


I will edit the rest over the time.

Edit: Started with Lovecraftian character, Ent Aganos, Tempuschaoti quote for crackdown agent, other post Eagle
Edit 1: Added Shorchid
Edit 2: Added Kelvin
Edit 3: Added The coven Horde, a wendigo concept
Edit 4: Added The Halo Brute

This is epic!!!

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Can I do joannas :grinning::grinning:

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You can do your own full list! I would love to see other people ideas for these characters. Although it’s far from polished, I like my idea for a Lovecraft character, and surely some of you have total crazy ideas!

Share all your ideas!

Why not create original characters instead of alternations of existing ones. It’s kind of scary sounding that all these characters are existing characters. Makes me think their move set will be like their original counterpart but with small alterations like in MKX.

Creating original characters would be better imo. Like would Ben Harris play different than Cinder, like another fire character? Or would he be a clone character/skin. TJ shark? Why would we want TJ to be a shark? That would mean in a sequel game we won’t see TJ and instead see TJ Shark. Why even make TJ a shark? Everytime someone asked for a shark we wanted an original character.

Just seems like they read what we said and then thought “Lets do that but in a completely awkward way that might save us money by using existing models and moves.”

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We don’t know what they were meaning with the reimaged characters, and of course I would prefer any new character over a reimaginated one, but I find funny especulate about other gameplay for existing characters.

Also, in the TJ scenario, I’m thinking it like Ultratech experimenting with Sabrewulf DNA in TJ, but instead of wolf dna, use shark dna to create a new evolution of humanity, with the ability of breathing into water.

But of course, the experiment didn’t went well XD

If they do do away with TJ then I think his fans will be ■■■■■■■ Either way I don’t care for the character but wouldn’t want something like that to happen to BAE Sadira.







Wait, Jago and Orchid are siblings? That probably sank a million ships and in their place raised a million more.

Shark man isn’t TJ, just built off his skeleton and animations.

Well, technically, they’re half-siblings (according to Orchid’s S2 back story), but still family in the end. Everyone and their mama knew that

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I hope sharkman TJ has a projectile or quite better, he could bend water like Rain from Mortal Kombat. That would be epic. TJ Combo variation dressed as a shark who plays like MK Rain. Just awesome.

I had a really crazy idea for the wendigo. I will post it later

Just a teaser:
The character name is " Wendigo Army" :wink:

Make Omen, shadow Jago’s Instinct. Make Eyedol, Gargo’s instict, or vice versa.

I’ve updated the OP with “The Coven Horde”, a multi-Character idea suited for the wendigo. You can use other wendigos as assist, and you can decide to take control of the assist instead of the on point character trying to create mix ups

but do THEY?

The wendigo herd really captured my imagination. I’d like to see your Halo Brute.

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I’m on it!

Halo Brute added!

I want to pummel people into dust so badly right now.

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