Skeletal's Ranked Challenge: Introduction & Poll Thread

I’ve played a little bit to get myself ready for Hisako’s ghostly embrace. I was going to try to YouTube this experience, but sadly the way I’d want to do it is unavailable. Ain’t no game capture method out there for PC yet. I know Xbox has some kind of game DVR, but it sadly doesn’t work.

From what I remember reading in one of the other threads, you can stream/capture by using screen capture instead of game capture - not sure if that makes a difference to you, but I know it was stated in reference to streaming with OBS.

Yeah, I can use screen cap, but that’s really resource heavy on a machine that’s all ready looking for a burial plot. I’ll give it a trial run and see how it looks, though.

This is actually super interesting and has me thinking of doing something similar. Food for thought.

Are you interested in only using season 3 characters for the challenge or are you open to other Season 1 and 2 characters? Just wanting to know before round 2 begins…

Each month I will be picking characters I have an interest in for the poll. If you look at my May poll (no pun intended) a few posts up, I actually have characters from all three seasons for May!

Brand new characters (depending on their play style) are likely to be in the poll, but I’m including a mix. There are some characters who I will never include in my polls because I don’t like how they play (Kan Ra, for example) or I find their controls problematic enough that it would be a waste of a month to select them, (Sadira, Cinder for example) because while I understand what they WANT to do, I physically can’t make my hands get the inputs to work.

I can’t do any of Sadira’s air inputs for example, though I have tried for two years!

Well, there goes my suggestion. He’s who I dropped Thunder for.

I’ve woken up on May 1st, so it’s time to close the May character poll!

The winner, by a considerable margin, is Mira!

Look for a Skeletal Ranked Challenge thread in the Mira section later today, and please come back to this thread for the June character poll in a few weeks!


“Have you confessed your sins?”

Mira is on the loose! Woo!

It’s that time of month again, folks; I need your votes to help me determine which character I will learn and play for the month!

  • Arbiter
  • Orchid
  • TJ Combo
  • Tusk

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You will notice that I have left Gargos out of this list. “That’s very strange,” you might be saying, but there is a reason for this. As you may (or may not) know, I have had early access to Gargos since 5/20. In that time I have been restricted to only being able to play against those who also have Gargos, and this meant I was unable to complete the full month’s Challenge with Mira, as I haven’t had access to Ranked Leagues. I have enjoyed playing Gargos, but as I have spent enough time with him (in Survival and Exhibitions with the other Early Access players) to reach Level 50 already, I don’t feel like I would be capable of running a full month of Gargos alone in Ranked.

So, I will be playing Gargos alongside whichever character is selected as the monthly Challenge character. I have not made up my mind where I will record Gargos matches, but I will do so somehow. I don’t know whether this Early Access event was a one time thing, or if I may be offered the same opportunity during additional character releases, but I will follow the same pattern for each Early Access I have the chance to participate in. I hope you do not feel like this choice cheapens the validity of my “Ranked Challenge,” but I feel like it’s the correct road to take.

Please take a minute to vote in the poll, and help me choose my next Ranked experiment!


We had a very small vote turnout this time around; considering the Mira thread didn’t seem to have a lot of traffic, I’m actually thinking this might be the final month I do this. I’m not sure whether my Ranked Challenges are actually that interesting or insightful for the rest of you (do I need to post losses, as well?) and if people aren’t interested in voting or participating in the character thread anymore, I will just do these privately off-forum, though I will continue uploading clips.

The winner of the June character poll is TJ Combo! I will be playing TJ in Ranked, as well as some Gargos if I feel like I need a break from “Mr Fist”-ing.

Look for a Skeletal Ranked Challenge thread in TJ’s forum section this afternoon, and please share whatever feedback you might have regarding whether I should continue running these Ranked Challenges here on the forums!


Don’t give this up man, it’s really interesting.

TJ it’s a MU I struggle sometimes, so I gladly will fight against your TJ if you want, so we can improve together!


Thanks for the feedback! We can certainly play at some point; if I don’t respond to an invite directly, send me a message and I’ll let you know what my plan is, in case I’m going to do something else or don’t have time.

I don’t intend to give up doing the Challenges, as I really feel like I’m growing in experience and confidence over time, and I know for a fact that after having played Mira, Gargos, and Kim for a while I am more capable of reading what they will do when I am playing AGAINST them. It’s raising my break game, too.

The question I’m struggling with is whether it’s worthwhile to continue these threads, since it looks like traffic to them is decreasing steadily. I don’t want to be beating my chest screaming “LOOK AT ME PLAY INTERMEDIATE LEVEL KI!” alone in a room, I’m actually looking for advice, feedback, even just to hear that what I’m doing is helpful to someone; @NtropicByDesign and @AppleBandito have both mentioned plans to run their own sort of challenge after seeing the Kim thread.

I don’t need pats on the back all the time, but during the Kim thread I really did enjoy the back-and-forth discussion of my matches and strategies. I can see why what I’m posting might not be of major interest to everybody, so if the interest isn’t really there I might just keep uploading to Youtube without doing votes and challenge threads here on the forums. I plan to take whatever feedback I get here or in the TJ thread throughout the month into consideration, and I’ll decide when it comes time to post up the July character poll.

For me is interesting seeing all posted because sometimes I’m moving between places and I like to read the forum. I like to read your “journey” across the diferent characters, it’s pretty inspiring.

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Don’t worry. We got you! I’ll be there to help, as well as the rest of the community! :smile:

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TJ thread: Skeletal’s Ranked Challenge Month Three: TJ Combo!
Like I said, the challenges and clips will continue, it’s just a question whether there’s enough community interest/input/feedback to warrant a poll and thread here on the forums every single month!

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It hardly seems like it, but it’s time for the new monthly Character Poll!

The TJ Combo Challenge was highly successful, resulting in a run from Qualifier all the way to Killer! I actually liked TJ so much that I will be playing him pretty regularly from here on out. I have a lot of things to improve, but I feel like I have a good enough TJ that I can confidently call him one of my mains.

This month’s poll hasn’t changed much from the last; all I did was replace TJ Combo with Spinal. As was pointed out many times in the last couple weeks (mostly in Twitch streams) it’s pretty odd that a player named Skeletal wouldn’t be capable of playing Spinal! Spinal’s got some crazy elements to him, so that will take some work to coordinate.

  • Arbiter
  • Orchid
  • Spinal
  • Tusk

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Please toss me a vote, and help me decide who I should learn and play for the month of July! The poll will run until the morning of July 1st, which gives you a week to make your choice!

Let’s keep these Challenges running!

Gonna say Tusk.

Because, you know,vikings!

Arbiter, because he looks awesome and grenade pressure is dirty :smile::thumbsup:

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Spinal because your name is skeletal and HOW HAVE YOU NOT PLAYED THIS CHARACTERS YET LMAO