Skeletal's Ranked Challenge: Introduction & Poll Thread

Well, to be clear, I played a bunch of Spinal when I first got the game in June 2014; I bought his $5 solo pack and played with him, but was terrible because I didn’t understand ANYTHING about the game.

I played him a little later on after I had more knowledge, but I struggled to make him work. I think I’m reaching a point now where (with community assistance) I may be able to learn his deeper ins and outs. Maybe someone will be able to teach me how things like his run/skull cancel mechanics work.

So far, “cancel” mechanics in general elude my understanding.

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, though, because it’s possible that Spinal will still be on the bench if the vote doesn’t go his way.

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Spinal…well…because Skeletal? It just fits!

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Five days left to vote, everybody! It’s close between Spinal and Tusk, but it’s possible for someone else to overtake them!

If you haven’t already, please vote and voice your opinion; I may ask around for some guidance as well, once the winner is determined.

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Less than 48 hours to vote!

Cast your vote before June becomes July, and help break up this three-way tie!

Tusk Tusk Tusk

The Watchman of the Gods has won the July Character Poll!

Thanks to everyone who voted! Look for the Tusk Challenge thread at the following link, and be sure to come back during the final week of July to help me decide who to play in August!

Skeletal's Ranked Challenge Month Four: Tusk!


Booooo! I wanted Arbiter! Hiss!

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spoiler alert, I really want to play Arbiter!

He might be a constant choice in the polls until he gets picked, honestly.

SPINAL! we want the skeletal skeleton

Knowing this, I will vote against him forever!


Ill learn Arbiter before you though.

But i have a lot on my plate, with Arbiter, ARIA, an a Orchid in the works.

I’m a day late, but it’s time to start the discussion about the Challenge character for August!

Tusk has been very successful - reaching Killer in the fastest time and with the best win/loss ratio of any character I’ve played so far. I had some initial struggles but I am definitely enjoying having Tusk in my playable stable; Thunder/TJ/Tusk are currently the characters I’m most comfortable playing.

Let’s see who is of current interest to me;

  • Eyedol
  • Arbiter
  • Orchid
  • ARIA

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  • Eyedol is the newest character, and that obviously makes him an interesting choice even though he wasn’t what I wanted to get for #8. I love the visual look and the gameplay design IG came up with, but I had my heart set on Eagle. From a little bit of experimentation on Friday, his Warrior form feels pretty good and I think I should be able to work with it easily. Mage is a little bit outside my comfort zone, I’m used to combos and mixups, not zoning! I don’t think it will be a deal breaker, but managing the head swap mechanics will be a challenge.

  • Arbiter I told you, he is going to remain in this list until he wins. He is by far my favorite of the three guests in terms of playstyle, and I like the hypothetical chance to learn specific setups with his grenades and command grab. Haven’t put the time in yet, but I want to give it a try.

  • Orchid Orchid’s playstyle is what I would refer to as ‘hyper’. I like her high-low mixups between her crazy good slide and her cartwheel; she has an air-throw; firecat mixups in Instinct look fun; and I like the idea of learning a “rekka” as I have not played anyone who had that before. Plus I need her Achievements, so why not give her a try?

  • ARIA A lot of the reasons why I included ARIA in this month’s poll were related to the same “stance” stuff I mentioned about Eyedol, and I actually like some of her kick-based specials, particularly her slide. I also need essentially every Achievement for her.

Left Spinal out this time; I have really mixed emotions about playing him because I’m interested, but I have a really hard time seeing how I will make his playstyle work.

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Aria!!! A real challenge!!!

Picked Orchid. Eff Eyedol :unamused:

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So far four of you guys have voted, and all for different characters.

I thought the point was to make my decision EASY by choosing it for me!


Arbiter is winning! :open_mouth:

I wanted to pick Eyedol since he is the best of the list but I figured your gonna play some anyway since he is new so Aria seemed like a bigger challenge IMO

Eyedol! Eyedol! Eyedol!

I’m going to boicot Arbiter every time I can!

Also I knew you would love Tusk ^^

Tusk was definitely fun, and was a character I wanted to play even before he was announced; my love for Conan the Barbarian runs deep!

He definitely required a bit of a different approach than other characters, though.


Maybe you can give me some Tusk pointers sometime, I loved him when he got released, but wasnt very effective, he has a whole different speed to his game and with all the new characters he fell to the wayside a bit…

By the way, picked Arbiter since you really seem tonwant to play him.