Skeletal's Ranked Challenge: Introduction & Poll Thread

I can certainly try some time; @Dayv0 might be a more suitable teacher though. I feel I understand Tusk fairly well but I know Dayv0 knows him better, and unfortunately I’m not an amazing teacher. I can develop an understanding of a character and play somewhat off of my own instinct (no pun intended) using that understanding, but it’s tough to put that into words, I guess.

4 days left to vote, folks! Arbiter’s got the lead right now, but it’s still anyone’s game to win.

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I’m thinking about requalifying and playing Tusk up to Killer. What say you? :open_mouth:


Why the doubt, why not just go for it?

I say go for it! It’s actually refreshing to be able to start a character “from scratch” that way. Taking someone you know very little about and seeing how far up the rankings you can take them is a lot of fun, and while I know I can play at Killer level, it doesn’t mean I am capable of playing ANY character at that level. going through Qualifiers and working your way through the ranks gives you time to learn your chosen character along with the challenge level of your opponents (typically). With Mira, for example, I struggled pretty hard with her health management at the beginning, and would have done nothing but lose against Killer tier players. Playing my way up allowed me to ease my way through the “learning pains” and gradually improve.

I’m about a week late, but Arbiter has been chosen as my Challenge character for August! Look for a new Challenge thread in the Arbiter category today, and I will reset my rank and play my first challenge matches with Arbiter in the next day or so.

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Booooo! Hiss! :rage:

BOOOOOOOO! We wanted …ehhh… who did I vote for? lol

I don’t know, I can’t see individual votes! Just the overall vote count.

@STORM179 coming from the person who’s single-handedly making me hate to ever fight against Hisako, it’s funny to see you actually have a character you hate! I don’t think you have to worry about me becoming unstoppable with Arbiter, I think it’s going to be tough to learn the timing on his grab/grenade stuff. I don’t think the jump-gun-loop stuff is legitimate and I won’t be attempting to learn that.

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Lol. I actually like Arbiter (I voted for him last month :yum:). I just wanted to see you pick someone else this month.

Mostly I just like to boo and hiss though :thumbsup:


To the usual suspects; I have a format question I’d like some help with. I have recorded all of my Qualifier matches for Arbiter. Would you like to see individual matches, a single video of the full series of matches, or a smaller video of the last, say 30 seconds or so of each match?

I want to determine a format going forward, assuming I keep doing these, and I’d love your help!

All but the promotion one, this could be a separate one.

Btw, are you enjoying Arbiter?

I’m liking Arbiter well enough so far for the little playtime I’ve got in; I’ll go into more details in my first update.

@STORM179 @Fwufikins @TheNinjaOstrich @Draigh @FallofSeraphs76 @IronFlame and the rest, if you could weigh in on the Qualifier video question I’d greatly appreciate it!


I kind of think I’d like to watch a single video, but at the same time the multiple ones do allow you to kind of self-critique (and focuses our observations as well), which is really useful. I’m of the mind that I could see either and be happy.

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I also think I prefer single video’s but also agree with what Storm said.

I’m thinking the single video with all the matches. That way we can watch your progress/growth with the character as you get more used to them in real time (more or less).

It’s 50/50 for me. I personally like all the matches in separate videos, so I can see growth and such, but making it into one big video isn’t bad either.

I know, I’m not helping in any way. :sob:

Would you guys prefer one video with full matches, or just the final bits?

Also remember I’m just talking about the Qualifier matches. The others will still be separate videos


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Just break it up into small 10+ minute chunks of matches, like Max. Why mess with a winning formula?

One thing though, if you encounter an excessively easy matchup where there’s little to no fight, like a very beginner level player, maybe leave those out. Other than that, just put your matches together and go all in. Why leave any good matches out or clip them to show only bits and pieces. It’s not just about how you handle hard combos, we’re also paying attention to how you conduct your neutral game, see how you play the field, make good use of your tools, positioning, footsies, etc. If you just put it down to combos, it leaves questions about your gameplay style. It’s more entertaining to see the full dance, not just the highlights.

Good luck with your new endeavor, sorry I took a while to reply. Yesterday was busy.

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