Calling the community to help me to help me! *poll closed, final results at bottom of thread!*

Not every character is represented in this poll. Some characters I just don’t enjoy playing very much and while I DO want you all to choose my characters, I DONT want to end up playing someone I flat out dont enjoy at all.

  • Jago
  • Wulf
  • Glacius
  • Thunder
  • Shago
  • Sadira
  • Orchid
  • TJ
  • Riptor
  • Aganos
  • Hisako
  • Arbiter
  • Rash
  • Fulgore

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Poll will run for approx 24/hrs.

Ok, this is a re-write of the original thread… I ballooned into an excessive read and it turned out to be a lot easier just to redo the damn thing than to parse the other one.

Credit for this idea goes to @xSkeletalx and his Ranked Challenge thread.

Notice the poll up top? That’s to help me pick TWO characters to learn KI with. Ive had the game for almost a month now but due to laziness, real life and something called Teredo being a jerk-■■■, I haven’t really played the game at all outside an hour or two in practice with assorted characters (all together, not each…) and maybe 10 exhibition matches against randoms and about as many Shadow Lab matches just fiddling around.

Why am I asking for help picking my own characters? Honestly, I don’t know. It seemed like a fun idea. I liked what Skeletal was doing in his thread and one of my biggest issues with KI so far has been my own focus. I like too many members of the cast and cant seem to nail down who to dive in with. This will help me focus a little by taking the choice out of my hands and putting it in yours. Don’t vote based on who is the “best” character to learn KI with… Vote based on whatever criteria you want. Want to make my life hard? Vote for a difficult character. Want me to fail? Vote for a weak character (Are there any in KI?. Not that I’ve seen). Want everyone to hate me? Vote for Shago. The vast majority of matches will be played in Ranked, outside specific sets with individuals and I intend to stream as many sessions as I can. I will also, if the thread gets enough interest that is, make a companion thread with my thoughts and babblings from a newb perspective learning my two characters. If there is interest any way.

Its up to you guys and for the next month, I will abide by your TOP and BOTTOM choice. I will use the character who gets the most votes (in the case of a tie, my 10yr old neice will be the deciding factor) and the character who gets the least. Why? I dunno. BECAUSE ITS MY POLL STOP JUDGING ME MOM ILL BE FAMOUS SOME DAY YOU MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS… Why two characters? Again, shrug. I’m looking to learn the game, not pick a long-term main, so I like having some options and a little variety.

Very quick background in case its relevant to anyone: 34. Picked up competitive fighters a little over a year ago… Starting with MKX then spent 95% of my time in SFIV playing Decapre and Ryu, both of whom I managed to get to a pretty reasonable level. So I’m new to fighters but not totally so.

I will also be swapping from stick to pad, so that should be fun. Niece lives with me now and in my small apartment the stick just makes too much noise. GF has been complaining and now so is my niece. I give in. I’ll use my XBone pad.

Have at it and tell your friends! Also feel free to add me, same as my forum name (obviously) and hit me up any time for sets, or to give me advice, or just tell me I’m an ■■■■■■■.

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I want you to learn Fulgore. Add me if you need help.


I have you added already. Fulgore is def an option. He also seems to do everything. I might lab him a little, since I have 24hrs to kill, =]

I voted Hisako, because she’s awesome :thumbsup:


Thunder; he needs more love because not many people play him. My 2nd choice goes to TJ for the same reasons.


Good luck with this! I hope you find it to be a successful experiment!

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I have also voted Hisako.

My second vote would go to Jago, since you’re new to the game.


No Omen? :imp:

I guess Ill choose TJ Combo then. I think TJ is definitely a challenge since he doesnt play like most of the other character’s. He has a totally different feel since the Vortex, juggle, Tremor and Flip out take a little more thought mid combo.
Good luck!


I gave everybody a like because I like all the characters. :smile:
I wanna see more Rashs and Cinders… wait, no Cinder?!? Okay :disappointed: Orchid then.

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My reason for no Omen is that he feels odd to me as a character. I understand how he’s supposed to play, he just feels awkward to me.

Cinder… Well, to be honest, from what I’ve seen, Cinder requires a LOT of execution with those beautiful juggles and a) I suck b) swapping to pad makes it worse for a while

I like Cinder quite a bit, but was just afraid if he did get chosen I’d end up struggling with execution and timing more than actually struggling with matchups and knowledge. That’s one of the reasons Aria is on the list either. Some characters that I understand to be very difficult to play I purposely avoided. Aganos still made the list because I don’t see his difficulty being so much execution difficulty as just having a ton of crap to do and to set up before he ‘works’ - what games I have played have been mostly Aganos and though I’m awful and forget to chunk, or wall, or Instinct, or do anything except spam flick - his difficulty has felt intuitive and manageable.

Anxious to see who’ll win.

I know it’s unrelated to the pool but, couldn’t you do both? Noise from the stick can be really anoying and my wife also complains, but only if I use it when she’s trying to sleep or do something that requires concentration, so the answer to me was to just have a schedule of when it’s safe to use the stick and use the pad when I want to play but don’t want to wake up the (very small) apartment.

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You, for one, should welcome our alien overlord.

And I mean the awesome one, Arbiter. Glacius can come too as Arby’s +1.

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I went with Aganos. I don’t run into many Aganos players online at all, so it would be cool to see him get a bit more representation.

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Looks like Hisako is in the lead for the time being!

Well, I could do both, but I feel like I’ll suffer for not specializing.

I have another reason I didnt go in to in the original thread for the sake of space as much as anything else… It also sounds ridiculous. I’m 34, but have arthritis in both hands and a lot of problems in general with them. I was into boxing and MMA for years, but have always had trouble out of my hands. I’ve had almost 20 breaks in my hands since I was a kid. Most from fighting, but a handful from normal injury… Including muscle, nerve and bone damage from a raccoon… yes, a raccoon. Don’t try to catch one btw. They are WAY stronger and more badass than you’d think. Rabies shots HURT btw.

But… yeah. So, my hands are stiff and hateful and to be honest, I feel like I’ve had trouble using a stick because of this. This could very well be the placebo effect in full swing, but I worry that the loss/difficulty of/in fine motor control is causing me problems on stick. As an example, on a stick, if I do a QCF/B P/K move, say, 100 times, I will have one or two errors in 15 or so repetitions… The same test on a controller nets me 1 error in the entire 100 tries. This is roughly repeated with most other motions, be it the DP, or the 360/180’s, etc of other games.

Again, I dont know if this is an actual issue, or just me over thinking things, etc etc, but its an experiment I definitely want to try… Execution was always a huge limiting factor for me in SFIV - I had a practice schedule for 6 months, an hour a day, six days a week - and I STILL had serious trouble with execution, to the point I had to modify my play around my inability to pull off ‘core’ heavy hitting stuff and even drop certain characters… I had a really solid Yang, I could play against serious competition, but I just could NOT reliably land his longer FADC stuff that was required to really excel with him. I had everything else I needed, but when facing a good player that had everything I had and could pull off the ‘real’ combos, Id lose. Of course this led me to Decapre, who is my favorite character FOREVER and when I settled in to her I started to really git gud… Annnnnyway, now Im getting nostalgic. I MISS YOU DECAPRE OMG

Wow, sorry about your hands. Injuries by a Raccoon? I don’t know if that’s more awesome because you tried or more unfortunate for the injuries!

I have fine motor control problems in my hand, sometimes they’ll shake like hell from just shaking someone’s hands or pressing keys on a keyboard. My problems aren’t as serious as yours but I too had problems using sticks at first and thought I simply had better control while using pads.

Then I came across this video.

Turns out I was simply holding the stick in a less than optimal way (the way Gootecks says some people hold the stick at the start of the video). I then trained myself to hold the stick the way he teaches and that improved my execution a lot. It’s not perfect, I’m still bad at execution, but at this point my execution is simply better on the stick than it is on the terrible Xbox One pad.

Maybe a Mad Catz or other fighting game oriented pad would be better for me (and for you) but after training myself to play stick like in the video using sticks is all around better than using the original Xbox pad for me.

Yeah…never ■■■■ with a raccoon. Those little bandit masks on their faces aren’t just for show :-p

The execution differential might just be a familiarity thing. I always tell people that if they grew up playing on pad, they should probably just continue playing on pad. Some things are easier on stick, but some things are easier on a controller, and if you’re used to it there usually isn’t much reason to change.

Its not a huge issue with my hands, Advil makes them work again and a few minutes every morning going through some exercises my PT gave me and they do mostly fine. The biggest problem I have with them is that I know they have problems, it makes it easy to make excuses and whine, as well as the aforementioned placebo effect… Is it really just practice, or will my hands simply not do it? Obviously the answer is its practice, they aren’t crippled or anything, just stiff and painful. When I hit 40, well, we’ll see where I’m at, but for now? Its just me whining more than anything too literal.

So… the raccoon. Ever heard the term degloved? If you have a decent stomach, hit up google with that. I had my pointer finger and thumb degloved on my left hand as well as over (literally) 120 teeth punctures, having the tip of the middle finger torn off along with the nail (could see the bone), lacerated muscles, shredded nerves and skin. It was interesting. And crazily? Didn’t hurt at all, even after there wasn’t a lot of pain, but the feeling of the gauze touching exposed muscle and such on the degloved portion is a feeling I don’t know how to describe and will never forget. And in the end? The damn raccoon died.

For anyone that cares, the story is as follows:

Was 20, at the time I owned a recording studio alongside my cousin. We made no money except bills so I had a night job and was staying with my Mom when i didn’t just sleep in the studio. I was at my Mom’s house sleeping. I had worked the night prior and we had a night-session at the studio coming up so I was trying to get as much rest as I could. It was 1-2pm. I wake up to my Mom and Brother going batshit yelling about a raccoon in the back yard (she lived in a neighborhood, very residential, so raccoons are rarely seen) and wanting me to help it. I wake up bleary eyed and confused, cause, ya know, its day time and in my 17 years in that house had never seen a raccoon in that neighborhood before. Also, wtf do I have to do with it?

Well, I get to the backyard and see what the issue was. Our neighbors mixed-but-mostly-pitbull-looking dog had treed the raccoon in this skinny Water Maple sapling that was maybe 15-20ft tall, but skinny. Skinny enough that the top of the tree where the raccoon was was leaning over a little bit under its weight. Not like crazily, gonna break leaning, but it had some tilt. The point being the tree wouldnt hold a fdull grown man trying to climb it. I was in good shape then, so I was about 195-200, no way was the tree holding me.

My mind doesn’t work like a normal person’s mind. Honestly, based on past decisions, my mind doesn’t work much at all. I saw all this, bleary eyed and sun-blinded, and came to the TOTALLY logical conclusion that I needed to save the raccoon. Not by chasing the dog off so it could run, oh no. But by CATCHING the god damn thing so I could relocate it. I was thinking "Man, this thing could hurt my cats, or smaller dogs, or get killed by that dog, or shot by someone… I dunno, I think I should CATCH IT and I can release it into a more wilderness-y area. I settled on a plan super quick too, which was a bad sign.

Lemme just start by giving you all a list of what I asked for… I told my Mom and Brother to go get me:

Extension cord. Our big-■■■ orange one.
Cat carrier.
Oven mits.
Hamburger Meat.
Step Ladder.

Yep. Here is how I envisioned this going down: I throw the extension cord around limb raccoon is clinging too and let it down so I can grab the end I threw over, looping it, more or less. My brother was to use the step ladder to help with this. We then throw the hamburger to the dog to distract it. Now, I’m bending the limb on my side of the yard (this tree grew right on the fence line), but I do still want the dog quiet and ideally not right on top of me while I do this. I would then have my brother bend the limb slowly down until I had the raccoon low enough to grab while standing on the ladder. I would position the cat carrier on its end, door up and open. Once the raccoon was in range, Id throw the towel around it while simultaneously grabbing it by the scruff of the neck and kinda throwing it straight down into the carrier. My FLAWLESS ■■■■■■■ plan being to restrict its limbs with the towel and head by grabbing the scruff. The oven mitts were to protect my hands, but had to be abandoned because I couldn’t do all this with them on like I had hoped.

That was my plan. THAT is what a normally healthy, mentally functional 20yr old came up with. That was my BEST plan.

Everything set up fine… Everything was going to plan, I had this. Then, oh, a few inches from being in position to grab, the limb snapped. Directly above my face. The raccoon fell directly on my face. Face. Mine. My face. At this exact moment, the raccoon also went Super Saiyan.

I haven’t mentioned previously just how big a raccoon this was either. I didn’t realize it until it was about to fall on my face, but it was huge. I don’t mean fisherman story huge where time and the telling has added a few lbs. No. I had the ■■■■■■■■ body and took it to the ER with me. He weighed in at 21lbs. Thats a big. ■■■■■■■. raccoon.

So… Super Saiyan, methed out, batshit, raccoon falls on my face. ■■■■■ the plan, its gone. I reach up to pull him off my face and I can literally see his teeth snapping shut about an inch from my eye. Thankfully all my face got were scratches. Meth-coon decides that my left hand is the enemy here and just goes to town on it. Me being made of the physical manifestation of stupidity however, is NOT thinking about saving himself. Oh no. That would make sense. I am thinking about how best to remedy the situation BY GETTING THE ■■■■■■■ RACCOON IN THE CAT CARRIER. So… I try to grab him with him right had, no luck, I basically fall off the ladder and the damn raccoon and I go rolling around on the ground. Him determined to eat my left hand (he really just kinda stuck to that hand…) me determined to somehow get him in the carrier. After what felt like a long time but was probably more like 20 seconds or so, it finally dawns on me, when I see the tip of my middle finger ON THE GRASS, that I need to stop trying to save the raccoon and try now, to save my hand. At this point my hand didnt really work any more, I couldnt move any fingers or anything. Or so it seemed, and he has me by my pointer finger and thumb and doing a great impression of a crocodile/pit-bull hybrid by spinning his body and ripping his head back and forth. I can see grass and raccoon fur sticking out of holes in my hand where his teeth have punctured and pushed the crap into the wounds. I was never panicking or freaking out, I was fighting this ■■■■■■■ like a lunatic, but it wasnt flailing, it was just a back and forth of me trying to get my hand away and a grip on him somehow and get him to the carrier… The whole time I knew how much damage (well, not really, I had a weird idea that it was WAY worse and WAY better than it was) he was doing and I just kept saying ‘Nope dumbass, you brought this situation this far, save the damn thing or its all been wasted’… I even thought I had lost my middle finger by now, but I was still pissed and trying to make the situation work. By now everything was covered in blood, my brother is screaming, my Mom was calling me stupid, and screaming, and yelling she hoped the damn thing killed me because I was making a fool of myself, and that damn raccoon just WOULD NOT let go. I finally had to admit defeat and stop trying to get him in the carrier. I had gotten him halfway in twice, but he was obviously fighting with all four limbs AND his face full of razers. His claws had torn both my arms up pretty good (dr’s said there would be life-long scarring,. but nothing of the sort happened except in places on my left hand), along with my shirt. AND AND AND! My cousin had arrived, unbeknownst to me, right about the time things went south, so he was just watching horror-stricken from the gate.

After all my hard work and sacrifice - had I just thrown him off me when he fell on me Id have gotten maybe ONE bite and some scratches - I had to stop trying to catch him and concentrate on saving my damn hand… He would not let go and I was starting to legit worry I was going to loose two more fingers. I still thought I had lost my middle finger, it was broken at a weird angle and I had seen the tip and nail off to the side, I thought the ■■■■■■■ ate it, and to my idiotic mind, one finger was ok, since I chose to instigate this mess, not him, but three was too much. I need those fingers. He just wouldnt not give them back though. I tried pushing my hand IN to his mouth, trying to force the jaws open (its super hard to make yourself do that btw, every sense you have is screaming PULL BACK!) or make him gag… Nothing doing. If I just blindly tried to rip my hand out of his mouth I have NO DOUBT, id have lost my pointer and thumb. So… sigh. I used my left hand to kind of drag him into a decent position and started punching him. That didn’t do much. Sharp, pointy ■■■ skull, so I resorted to hammer fisting him in the top of the head… which didn’t work either… So, I did the only thing I could think of at that time, and hammer fisted the base of his skull where I imagined his spine was attached and on the second one, something gave. He made a really weird snarl/yelp (btw, this entire time he is making the most INSANE noises) immediately lets go and kinda turns halfway around and just falls down. He died pretty much right then.

Fast forward a bit and I’m at the ER, I almost lost consciousness due to blood loss, with a dead raccoon FINALLY in the damn cat carrier. I’ve realized my fingers have been degloved, I still have all of them, three are broken, I have a million bites, they are re-attaching the tip that was removed (or were about to) and the entire damn staff has either been in or stopped by to see me and oggle at what I’ve done to myself and I was SOO down. They all thought it was because my hand looked like Baghdad , but I was genuinely (and still am somewhat to this day) disgusted with myself for managing to kill that raccoon who, had I left alone, would have been alright. At least for a while. Thoroughly disgusted with myself over that.

Annndddd - that’s my raccoon story. I also had to get rabies shots after just in case, even though the raccoon tested negative. These were the older type that went in to the lining of your stomach. yay! 100+ stitches, three surgeries, lots of regrown skin and time later, all that’s left are little scars and a middle finger that doesn’t bend right, has weird feeling from the first knuckle up and a slightly lopsided look.


Holy molly! :scream:

I don’t know what degloving is but with a name like that and your description I have a pretty good guess of what it might be - so good that I’ll restrain myself from googling it.

I must change my vote, your character needs to be Hisako or Kan-Ra or Mira or any other batshit crazy char that gets rewarded for doing crazy stuff. I also suggest that when you play you think about that Raccoon that gave his life so you could try to save his life and play like him. You rush your opponent and you never let him go. Make him feel like you felt - confused and foolish for ever thinking his plan would work on you. Make him stick to his plan even though it’s pretty obvious it has long past the point where it had a chance to work and, in the end, even if he wins and make out with his life, make him feel bad and unsatisfied for winning.