Skeletal's Ranked Challenge: Introduction & Poll Thread

Is it jealousy or envy that I’m feeling right now? I do not know. :unamused:

Next time I see you online, I’ll challenge you with my severely mediocre Kim :sweat_smile:

How much play time it gets to be actually good (Killer) at this game?
I am new at fighting games and after some 30hrs gameplay I was struggling to get into silver and getting frustrated at that.
Am i being unreasonable?

I guess it differs for everyone, depending on previous fighting game experience, talent, etc…

I always played fighting games casual, havent really started digging in till Killer Instinct. I was a solid gold player before season 3 (closing in on 50 hours) now I have to get back into the groove again, with several new characters and tweaks.

I dont know if I will ever be killer, although I think potentially I could be. Just depends on how much I am willing to invest in it. Same probably goes for you.

If you want to spar a few matches sometime, sent me an invite, and I’ll see if I can give you some pointers. That said, there are far better players on here, but playing someone a little closer to your level might be more fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It looks like some votes are still coming in, so I’m going to extend this poll until I get to work in about an hour. Arbiter just squeaked his way into first place, so if you want one of the other three, time’s running out!

LOl… add more time so you dont get Rash! Anyone but Rash!! lol

Can I change my vote to Rash?

So the first SRC monthly poll has come to an end, and the winner is Kim Wu!

I will be creating April’s SRC thread in her category, feel free to take part in the discussion there as well!

Thank you to everybody who voted; I will be doing one of these a month, obviously, so there will be other chances to force me to play your favorite choice. I will put up the next poll in this thread around the last week of April, and we will have a mix of Seasons for the next one; I will make sure that Mira is in the list (as she is April’s new release) but I haven’t finalized how many choices I will give you, or who I will include.


One small adjustment I’m going to make regarding this; I think what I will do is to occasionally skip a week or month of the Challenge as the Season progresses, in order to try to get the Battle-Worn achievements for those I haven’t unlocked the achievement for already. If I’m sticking to a particular character in Ranked for an entire month, I will be WAY behind with regards to the achievements, particularly if we end up getting more characters in a Season 4.

I think this is reasonable without completely disrupting the purpose of the Challenge.

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Well that didn’t last long! lol

I’m not talking about interrupting the challenge in progress, but taking a week inbetween challenges to clear up the backlog of missing achievements lol. This way it will be even easier to stick with the actual challenge portions.

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i dont get it… they all play the same :wink:


With the first month’s Challenge a successful run to Gold Tier with Kim Wu, I’m happy to announce that I will be continuing the Ranked Challenge into May! I have selected the following four characters for this month’s poll, which will run through the end of April, and will close when I wake up on May 1st. Please vote, and help me continue my journey around the KI roster!

  • Mira
  • Riptor
  • Spinal
  • Tusk

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After watching some of Mira’s gameplay stream, I am definitely interested in trying to learn how to play her effectively. I have high hopes that she might get selected, and it would be fun to hit the ground running with her from the start. I like that she has some moves which are a bit similar to both Thunder and Kim Wu, and I think it would be interesting to try to manage using/healing recoverable health and getting damage. I can already tell some of her matches will go REALLY WELL, and others will go REALLY BADLY!

Who doesn’t love a flame-breathing, plasma clawed dinoborg? So far I have been extremely buttonmashy when playing Riptor, and I think I could learn to do her the proper justice she deserves. Her shenanigans with tail flips and the new mortar deserve a good look, and I’ve yet to play a character with “stance” mechanics. I also have a couple of friends who are fans of Riptor, and learning to play her properly could also give me an opportunity to teach them, as well.

How is it that I haven’t been able to learn Spinal yet? I feel like it’s blasphemous for “Skeletal” to not play the only skeleton in the cast! I’ve always struggled with managing his skulls and understanding/using his cancels (both run and skull) so I know these would be specific stepping stones I would face running him in a Challenge.

Big battle sword, undying vigor, and endless combat training. What’s not to like? I’m a huge fan of the Conan the Barbarian movies, and I like Tusk’s visual and gameplay style. Again, his gameplay is something very different than what I’m used to, considering how you need to really plan out your attacks. Deflect looks like a fun mechanic to be on the “giving” side of rather than receiving, so it would be an interesting mechanic to play around with alongside Stagger.

Please feel free to take your time before making your choice, as this Challenge Poll will be active until May 1st! That should give everyone plenty of time to weigh in here and discuss the four choices I’ve given you, and play some show and tell to convince me why they should be my next Challenge! I will announce the winner on May 1st and open up a brand new Challenge thread for that character, at which time they will take over from Kim Wu as my solo Ranked choice.

Where can I find the mira steam?

They were streaming it on the Iron Galaxy Twitch channel at 11 AM EST, but I’m at work and only saw a little bit. I plan to watch the rest through the Twitch archive tonight when I get home.

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Archive should be on Iron Galaxy’s Twitch.
@xSkeletalx I voted Mira. She looks SICK. :smiley:


Thane yo.

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I selected Mira as well. :smiley:

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Thems is close results.

Four days left until the poll closes, folks! Please take a look and cast your vote!

I can’t wait to get home and try out Mira, I really hope she is as fun as she appears to be.

Have you had any success in your own personal “challenge” yet? I recall you mentioned something about that at one point.