Season 3 Launch Issues

Hey all,

We hope you’re enjoying Season 3, but we understand that there are those who have some issues, and we’re going to use this thread to talk about the most common of those problems.

The Official Season 3 Bug Reporting Thread is listed, and you can report things from weird animations to commentators not delivering their lines when supposed to, etc.

This thread is going to go over things specific to launch including the following issues:

  • Long matchmaking times or inability to find a match

If you haven’t yet, please check out the following steps to see if your issue is corrected:

  • Unable to download the game to your PC

There are a subset of users who encountered issues with running the game on their PC. Some users aren’t on the latest Windows 10 build, but are being told they indeed are. Go here:

Check that you are indeed on the most current Windows 10 build. If not, you can try to force the update. There are cases like Enterprise that won’t allow for an update, and we are investigating.

Some people are running Insider builds of Windows 10 and may have compatibility issues, or notice the game is crashing. This issue should be resolved.

  • Game runs at an uncapped frame rate on PC

If you are playing on Windows 10 PC and running on a monitor that supports more than 60fps, you’ll need to either change the refresh rate of your monitor to 60, or go in to your Nvidia Profile Settings and set your frame rate for the Killer Instinct application to 60hz manually. We are working on a future patch to resolve this.

  • Cross-buy not functioning on PC version

We have deployed a fix. Please restart Killer Instinct on your PC.

  • Game crashes on Xbox One/Windows 10 when “Checking Download Content”

We are aware and investigating this issue

  • Xbox One fight stick support on Windows 10

Xbox One fight stick support will come in a future Windows Update.

To make it abundantly clear, we are aware of all these issues, and are working to correct them as fast as possible.Some fixes will be quicker than others, but this thread is where we will post updates.

If you are encountering an issue outside of these, and it is breaking your ability to play, by all means post them here and we will address them as best as we can, as quickly as we can.


Any idea if there will be a way in the future to choose where you install KI on PC? As of now, as far as I can tell it only will default to your main hard drive, which if someone has a small SSD with Windows installed on it and a secondary hard drive for storage, this 21GB download could fill up a lot of people’s C: drives.

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I want to say i encoutered 2 issues while i was playing and one of them wasn’t really a big deal. (PC player here)

First is the gaming is crashing randomly when i’m searching a online match. I have only seen this happen during the ranked matchmaking, when i’m on training mode or playing agains’t IA it never hapenned.

The second issue is when i do the Maya ultra combo on Tusk, it always end the ultra combo earlier and maya keep atacking the air and freeze after some time. I’m not sure if this is a MayaxTusk especific or not, but it hapenned with me all the 3 times i did ultra combo on tusk.

If you paid attention to the download link from ultra combos website it tells you how to switch where it installs but, here’s the copy paste of the instructions for you! :slight_smile: :DEFAULT INSTALL LOCATION: To see where the game will install as default, press the Windows key, type “Storage” and then select ‘Storage.’ Here you can choose which drive apps will save to by default.

Could you be a little more specific? I have no way to change the refresh rate of the screen that I know of (custom laptop), and while I see a whole bunch of different settings that you can enforce via the Nvidia Control Panel, I don’t see a frame rate cap.

Setting your Refresh rate to 60 makes it 60 FPS is what that means!

Are you using the GeForce panel?

Nvidia Control Panel, and I just found a way to set it using “Custom resolution”. But if I’m supposed to be doing it in the GeForce Experience panel, tell me where.

Guess that’s my bad then, though to install it I knew it would be in the Windows Store so I just searchd there for KI and downloaded it from there. There’s nothing in the store that tells you where to look, and admittedly I wouldn’t have thought to check the control panel for something like that. Not IG’s fault at all.

If it works using the Nvidia control panel then use that.

It doesn’t so far. My system is hell-bent on going back to 75 Hz.

EDIT: Figured it out. It was under Change Resolution --> Customize --> Create Custom Reslution, but the setting didn’t want to stick for some reason until I rebooted and did it again.

I have a day one Xbox one but I have been playing this game since season 1 I am not sure if it has to do with the console or maybe the saved data from playing the game since then. I have tried everything that was advised on the Xbox forums to fix the issue and no luck so I am still waiting for a fix which makes me pretty mad at this whole situation now I won’t be able to play S3 until next month or even later until a fix happens. :sob:


Neither did I but, I used the ultra combo site to get to the KI installation page and that’s where it said all of that. My main hard drive has not space atm lol. Just glad I read that before installing myself. I helped a friend yesterday with the same issue. Issue I am have though is cross play. I supposedly don’t have it enabled and can’t figure out how to enable it from the PC…

There is also a problem that forces you to only use windows firewall and you also have to create exception rules for both the program and the TCP port and that is AFTER you get Teredo working -_-

After you set it to 60 hz try going into Manage 3D Settings. Select Program Settings. Then select Killer Instinct in the program drop down menu. Then, scroll through the options down to vertical sync, and select on. Then hit apply in the bottom right.

Let me know if this works.

Edit: Nevermind I guess.

This option has been available for a while now on Windows 10.

Click the “Start” Menu (The Windows Icon on the bottom left of your screen)
Then go to "Settings"
Next, select "System"
From there, choose "Storage"
And under “New Apps Will Save To:” choose the drive that you prefer.

Note, however, none of the apps that you’ve downloaded previously off of the “Store App” (including Killer Instinct) will be moved to the selected drive. So at this point, you’ll need to uninstall the game, and then re-download and re-install it.

IDK if this is an issue anyone else has faced, but when I loaded up Shadows Mode yesterday on the Xbox, after the system checked the servers it just said it failed. A prompt came up (the same prompt you get when a shadow failed to load in the past) asking me to retry the laod. It didn’t work at all.

I did this at first before the game was completely updated, but then I tried it again after the installation was complete. I have not tried a complete system reboot yet, but I will tonight…unless the issue has resolved it’s self by the time I get home.

Anyone else having any issues with Shadows Mode?

Thanks, I did that, too. Works fine now.

Should put a subnote on this to tell people to stop trying to load into their game. I did all the usual, reinstall, reupdate, clear cache, clear local, power cycle modem, and at the end it just wiped all of my cloud data. I already emailed IG hoping they can do something but yeah. If people are having this checking DLC issue, they need to stop trying to load it or run the risk of losing EVERYTHING.

I reinstalled the game 3 times took over 10 hours. Only to get my cloud data wiped cleaner than a babies behind. The only variable is the clouds data itself. I started a fresh profile and the game loaded just fine. Which leads me to believe that the time the game finally launched, it decided that my Cloud Data just didn’t exist anymore. I’m well aware that when you go to delete local content, there is also an everywhere button. I made sure I never hit that option so, I don’t know what happened but my data poofed. 40k+ matches, 1000+ hours, season 1 and season 2 nearly every character level 50, Killer Rank, all gone.