Regarding the data loss issue

Hi everyone,

We’re aware that people have missing data for KI gold, Shadow Lords, etc. We know what the problem is and are working on resolving it.

All of your inventory is still there - nothing has been lost

They’re testing right now to make sure everything is working correctly, and then the fix will be pushed out across LIVE.

Note that this is separate from the Eagle issues people have found – that too is being addressed!


You are the best :v:
Knowing the things are there and not lost is a big relief. Hope all the players will get their unlocked progress soon.

Thanks. I’ll patiently wait for it just like how I waited for Season 3 way back in December '15.

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Thanks alot, I can’t wait to play again (didn’t play today in case everything I did gets overwritten after recovering the data).

Yeah, I figured that was the case. Good stuff. And thank you for helping and bringing peace to the forums.

Yeah things got mad chaotic over the last few hours (far as I know).

Also, you main Kim Wu @TheNinjaOstrich? I might consider playing her. Can you maybe DM some tips and advice? (In the event this leads to a set, My Kim Wu’s Lv.50 only cos I was scrubbin’ around with her and wanted to unlock all her gear)

I do Main Kim! As for tips and tricks, I’m not the greatest at fighting game advice, but if you have ANY questions, feel free to ask me and I will help you to the best of my ability.

Okay cool. Umm, I might send a DM (so as not to derail the topic).

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Good to hear, as all my currency is gone. I also can’t seem to find where to purchase Eagle, but who knows, maybe that’s user error. :slight_smile:

Hope the fix goes through soon!

Anyone affected - please restart your game, verify that your stuff is back, and report in!



Saw my KI gold return on the PC version. And then it was quickly spent on the Eagle premium accessories. :sweat_smile:

Not sure about my Guardians and Astral Gems. Didn’t check.

Everything is back! I love you all Iron Galaxy, thanks for the extra hard job catching the thief and bringing our stuff back.

My Astral gems, my KI gold, MUH LEWT!

It’s back…

Thanks @rukizzel, worried for a moment, glad to see it all back now.

Alright! My stuff’s back! Time to stop worrying about it and start touching Eagle’s buttons!

stuff is back, thx for being so quick on this fix.

Everything is back on xbox

Wasn’t sure how much gems I had, but KI Gold and SP look good to go.
Thanks for the quick fix IG/MS!

I bought 18,000 KI Gold yesterday and noticed it was missing about half an hour ago. I’ve tried various things to fix it with no luck, so I came to the forums for help. Now I see that a fix was already rolled out almost a day ago, yet my stuff is missing. Has the fix just not rolled out for everyone? Otherwise what gives?

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This fix is not out on PC yet right? (Nothing in store.)
Game is still in same state on PC/Win10 what i can see.

Will this work when you have tried to recover the save?
And ended up with a wiped lvl 1 and started game?

Just i dont want to touch game anymore if this might make things worse.
Will playing with the recovered file make it worse?

XzaviDaaz (PsyrahX)