Killer Instinct bugs


Shinsako did all that because no one wanted to play with her, so she caused so much havoc to teach players a lesson for not picking her.


Hi everyone. I am back in the country and playing on my xbox. Looks like this thread has been quite so hoping that indicates most people are finding things normal again? I know our friend @FXLizMk is still having match stability issues (disconnects) at a high rate. Some is expected (did they disconnect? when its here and there it’s hard to tell) but if it’s constant and in all MP modes it’s concerning- if this is happening definitely note the timeframe range and DM me directly.

The other thing I am trying to confirm is there was some people that could never get invited into matches for the last month or so. If this relates to you, please confirm are you fixed now?

Still watching this thread, holding off considering this all fixed for a bit longer.


All looks good here, back to normal and having fun! I have not heard of amyone outside of the forums having anymore issues either.


There’s another issue or bug i’d like to bring up aswell if you guys could please look into it!, whenever you buy KI points on the steam version of KI you can’t spend those points to buy packs in ShadowLord mode! only skins & bonus exp gaines.

Everytime i try i get the error “Error couldn’t connect to steam, please try again later.” so i basically hve 20$ worth of KI points i can’t use to buy any kind of pack with, not jut the crimson or Killer packs, but ANY pack with KI points gives me the same Error message.


Thanks for bringing this up. It’s a temporary and known issue. Don’t worry you will be able to buy shadow lords packs with gold again soon- maybe 2 more weeks as we finalize the next patch that will fix that and a few other things people have asked for. If you have enough gems you can buy packs still, gold is the issue.

We are also going to adjust crimson rotation to be more frequent since this and the last set of bugs caused many people to not be able to get them.


Thanks a bunch! so i guess i’ll just hold on to them until the patch goes live! good to know it’s being worked on <3


Any chance that de-syncs that happen in Replays can be fixed? I know that few people watch their match replays, but it is disconcerting that this feature only works sometime and not all the time.


Servers just died.

Hope that’s minor compared to before.


Things came back to normal for me. I’m so happy to be able to play with my dear Shin Hisako! Online works well in both the exhibition, Lobby and the rankings. Double XP is back! Daily Prizes too! And now I can try to make Shadow Lords 106%! Thank you very much for correcting all these problems!


Update bump, August 5th i still can’t use my points on the new crimson tiger, gives me the same error message, i’ve even updated steam & still nothing. is it still suppose to be down like this?


Shooting for 8/14 to release the patch which will also fix this.

Hang in there- really cool adjustments coming to SL mode so it will be worth the wait.

8/14 KI Patch? ✨

This is not releasing today but it is in final test, still shooting for this week.


The patch is live!
This fixes the ki gold thing on steam as well.


So I went in to Shadow Lords and tried to fight a medium difficulty Shadow Rogue, but got a message that the data couldn’t be loaded from Ultratech’s servers. I retried about 30 times, nothing. I exited out of the mission and went in again, picking my character and guardian again. No dice. Did this about five times before giving up and exiting out of Shadow Lords.

Then I went in to Shadow Survival mode. Couldn’t get it to load the first match, but also couldn’t exit. Tried both several times before exiting out to the Xbox One dashboard and opening a new game so it’d close KI.

These issues have been going on for a while and I know other stuff has been focused on lately and that’s totally cool. Just wanted to throw this out there since it just happened again for me today. :smiley:

Really glad about the new patch!! Love that you guys are still working on this game and definitely appreciate it.


Good night!
More bug in the my FX account.

  • The Shadow Lab unfortunately does not open on the FX Liz Mk account.
    Other accounts are working normally, but in this account neither starts.
    Follow the link of the video I made of the problem and it’s on my twitter.
    I do not want to be unpleasant, but I am communicating about other problems that appear. I’m waiting for a comeback!
    @KRAKENJIMMY please…


This Patch has totally broken shadow survival and shadow matches in shadow lords.
It used to be hit or miss, now it just errors can not download shadow data from ultratech server


thanks for noting this. Ya, totally happens to me on X1 on my main account as well. Still hunting this down, very frustrating. Note that if you play on win10 on the same account this is not an issue at all, if you happen to have that option. By the way some of it is hitting shadows where the users have privacy settings that make their shadows NOT be downloadable which is another thing that complicates this matter.


I just posted a note about this (see above) and have some questions for you I just sent in a DM.


Will send you a DM about this.


Thanks, James! Definitely appreciate it.