Killer Instinct bugs


Really happy to hear so many good results (including DM’s from people affected). This was a ton of work in code investigating by our Tech Lead Ryan and Tim our producer as well. + all of you providing so many examples, big group effort!

Before celebrating, waiting to hear from our friends in Brazil like @FXLizMk who have had some of the most unwavering problems with these bugs. Finger so crossed they are breaking- let’s go!


So far so good! My first oppoent rage quit on me when I Counter broke him 3 times in 1 combo!!! YEAH!!! lol

Thanks for working so hard on this James. And please dont listen to allthe nay sayers that continue to post negativity without checking the fact, details and information. Im so tired of reading their crap!

Now if we could just get all these newer players to use the search filter in Exhibition …hmmm lol


Played about 10 ranked games with Shin Hisako and my impressions of the new patch are positive. Finding matches is quick, Shin is always playable, and there have been no crashes. However my first two matches disconnected on the character VS screen, and in general matches were unusually laggy again, but these may not have been the game’s fault. Thanks James! :+1:


The only issues I’ve had since this patch were a couple of choppy matches… nothing I couldn’t fight through though. The other was someone disconnected on me right at the start of our second fight. I don’t think it was a matter of him just being worried or anything, since he handed me my ■■■ on a silver platter in the first fight. No idea if he just quit or the game crashed on him.


I’m from Brazil. The game is working as it should. No problem so far. Thanks a lot.



Yesterday right after downloading patch game worked fine. Now, every ranked match desyncs on character select screen.


1: It appear
2: Daily reward works
3: Not missing anymore ! :open_mouth:
4: I can play her now.
5: It’s finally back, i could have play some match with a Steam friend.

(Fixed) Is cross-network (Steam vs Xbox) gone on XbonxOne and W10?

Nothing related to the topic at hand really, but I just had to say I love that gif you attached to your post :stuck_out_tongue:


Shin Hisako is back! Thanks a lot!! :sunglasses::grin:


Good afternoon!
Sorry I am late. I had some setbacks …
I appreciate all the attention I had.
I made this post also motivated by the various complaints I had in the communities on whats and face I have, and reports from friends who also play with me. We did not know what to do, and this was the resource I had to keep my friends playing KI.
Many people solve the problem, but unfortunately not everyone, like me.
I will report the problems that have arisen:

  • Connection falls in the lobby above 3 people, and ranking, starting with lag in the second fight of the best of three, or after selecting the characters. Same problem in exhibition mode.
  • Invitations to lobby and display are not accepted (error appears in multiplayer mode), including with people who have played normally before. The ability to enter the room through the profile sometimes also does not allow access. To play in lobby mode, I have to create one with 3 vacancies, or look for one with vacancies. Another detail: After five to six disconnects in lobby mode, the game options are gone, which forces you to close and reopen it again.
    Yesterday I found PCK Pharroh Yami in the lobby after search, and I see that I ended up being disconnected, just like TDB Drago, in the ranking of the fights, in which I even apologized for the incident. Some people do not understand that the problem is of the game and is not being done intentionally.
  • Shin Hisako, game day counters and prizes, free character of the week and normal XP, all OK here.
  • Other problems of Shadow Labs unchanged.
    I’m glad many people have solved the problem and are playing. I have tested all the accounts I have, but all are the same in the results.
    I believe in you, because I know you will find the errors for a future correction, and I hope for new results.
    A big hug for you @KRAKENJIMMY, and all KI players! :heart:


@FXLizMk thanks for the confirmation on what was fixed and more info on MP issues.
Can you please confirm:

  • When this was happening did you see Cross-Network option available? And was it turned on.
  • What does this exactly mean “the game options are gone, which forces you to close and reopen it again.” what options are gone, what screen, etc. Can you take a screenshot if it happens again?
  • You are on KI DE Disk?

I should have mentioned that shadow lab is not part of this patch- but it is important- we are focusing on this right now. I also have that issue, it has not been forgotten!

Thanks for the continued support and providing info! I am really happy at least the other stuff finally is gone for you. Once I get the answers, will pass onto the tech team.


Good night, Jimmy!
Answering your questions:

  • Yes the cross-network mode was active. I also ran the test with the option disabled, and did not find any lobbies available. I left a time in a try, and got something around 3 to 4 minutes looking for, then notify that there were no lobbies available.
  • The screen that appeared without the game menu was the home screen of multiplayer mode (Fight, Help, Shop and replays). All options disappeared from the screen, leaving only the background animation. This caused me to go back to the start menu on Xbox One (since there were no selectable options in the game, just the animation images), turn off Killer Instinct, and then turn the game back on.
  • Yes, I knew the upgrade would only be for lobby and ranking. But I found it necessary to report that there were no changes to Shadow Labs.
  • Yes I use physical media, Definitive Edition, and there is the recent update of the game.
    I’ll be waiting for news, and I know they take some time to get resolved. It is not easy to deal with so many problems at once.
    I thank you very much for your attention, and I am available to help whenever you need it!
    A big hug!


Sorry I was going to update this but barely had a chance to play since I was sick. Now that I’m feeling better I’ve been grinding it out a bit. So after the patch, currently everything on my end seems to be in order.

Sadly, I’ve noticed for others it’s been disconnecting before the match starts or during the character select screen. Now I’m not sure if it’s because users are intentionally disconnecting, suffering packet drops that lags them out, or if they’re still getting the glitch. But I’m fine from my end.


Shadow Survival still doesn’t work.


Are you lvl 50 in qualifier or bronze? If you are then people leaving on you will be common.


Nah I’m at Killer rank (again) w/ a star, but some people who have disconnected has been with people I normally always play against. So I’m pretty sure it wasn’t intentional.


I just tested my game today, and Shin Hisako is back from her vacation, and everything’s working perfectly except for the following new bugs that popped up as soon as I installed the latest patch:

*Omen is now completely opaque, and it’s freaking me out…
*Thunder won’t stop smiling. #creepy

But seriously, major thanks to @KRAKENJIMMY & the rest of the KI Crew for getting this patch out into the wild and fixing Killer Instinct- High fives all around! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:



Hi @Sasuke99I, shadow survival was not part of this patch. We have not forgotten it (I have that issue too). I assume you are on Xbox (not Win10)? My only advice on this is to make sure to hit NO when shadows fail to retrieve message happens, this selects another shadow in the queue.
Please DM separately so I can add you to my list for this bug.


I had a blast last night playing and experienced zero issues. Played as Shinsako, and played several sets with no game causing disconnects, ect… It feels like everyone is out there playing as well as it seems the pool of players feels large again and the competition is fierce.