(Fixed) Is cross-network (Steam vs Xbox) gone on XbonxOne and W10?

Hello, last year when the game was released on steam, i remember there was a Cross-Network option in the matchmaking option to allow players from Steam, and now it’s gone, like the icons that show the platform you play on next to the name isn’t here anymore, and it seem that it’s no longer possible to play with friends using the Steam version if you play on the Windows Store or Xbox One version of the game by using that guide.

Like the Cross-Network option is still on the Steam version of them game (as told by a friend), but not on the windows store version of the game.

Edit: I think the game is crashing when i try to join a Steam player lobby.

Edit 2:
Apparently, someone found a temporary fix, but it didn’t worked for me.

s0undy - 23:27
@Toxicoow (Win10 TOXICOOW) It disappears as a bug
I found temporary fix today, I launched the game with Xbox App running in the background

Last edit: The patch fixed it !