Killer Instinct bugs


Que bom fico feliz que agora vou poder jogar o killer sem nenhum bug.


LOL get out of here with that nonsense. Throwing threats around like going to “major video game media websites”. Hard earned money? Isn’t this game on sale on PC? The game is basically the price of a fast food meal. In fact, the game is absolutely free, with a free rotating fighter. This is one of the few games that you’re free to try before you buy.

There was workarounds for this prior to the workaround being futile which started about 1-2 weeks ago. If you read the thread, the issue is not something that was easily fixable because different people encountered different issues. Waiting for this to be fixed sucked, yes, but acting this way is just immature and shouldn’t be representation of the community towards media outlets at all.

On topic: I’ll test the patch today if it’s released and edit this post with results. I’m on EST, so perhaps in the next few hours I’ll be able to test it.


Alright folks. Buckle up - patch is live! Look for 390120 in your version number to know if you have the patch installed or not.

Couple things to cover here. Remember this is a complex issue that occurred randomly which made testing and nailing things down super squirrely for us.

So if you’ve updated your game, things you want to test/look for:

  1. Is the Weekly Free Rotating Character message appearing?
  2. Is Daily Rewards working? You can tell by:
    a. If you have not played for over a day, should be 0/4 when you open it with no tasks completed.
    b. If it says more (1/4, 4/4) look at what tasks have been completed. If 1 (play a match) confirm you really have not played in over 26 hours to be safe. If all tasks are completed and you did not do any of them, it’s bugged.
    c. What day is your reward on? If day 100 and you are showing all tasks complete (on item b above) it’s fully bugged.
  3. Is your Double XP VIP bonus missing? If you have season 3 ultra or KI DE you should see the 2x XP Icon flashing when selecting characters. If it is not there, it’s bugged.
  4. Is Shin Hisako Greyed out when you try to select her (character select screen in any mode)? If yes, when you select her, does it take you to the store, which then shows he is installed and you own her? This is the bug, there is no way to reinstall or force her to work.
  5. In Multiplayer Exhibition or Lobby Modes (NOT RANKED), can you see the “Allow Cross-Network” option? If you only see Allow Cross Play, this is the bug.

Please please keep us updated either way as we work through this. Your patience is greatly appreciated. :heart:

Error "Unable to start multiplayer match. Please try again

Playing on steam version. Even after the update, I’m still having the “Multiplayer Service log In Error. Unable to log in to multiplayer service. Please try again.” message. I got my daily reward for today. I can select Shin Hisako without any problem. I can see both “Allow Console Crossplay” and “Allow Cross-Network” as options in Exhibition.


Did you check file integrity after downloading the patch? I did and it came back with 2 files missing totalling 328.5 megs in size.


When in the process are you running into this?

I just fired up Steam on my machine and didn’t see this so I’m not totally sure what’s up with this error.


Just did a file integrity check as you sugested, there were no files missing. I go into Multiplayer > Fight > Exhibition. and then I select Seach. It shows the message “Connecting to Matchmaking Services” and after a few seconds the message I mentioned before. I don’t know if this error is similar to the problems other people were having before or something isolated, because I didn’t find anyone else with the same problem.


I don’t know if this is something related to Windows 10 updates or something because the OS gets very random when it comes to errors, but I reinstalled KI a week ago and when I try to play ranked matches the game freezes and then crashes to desktop just when looks like the game found someone. This looks like when Windows 10 version launched but then it just crashed. Same with Exhibition matches.


Just checked everything & it all seems to be working fine for me on the Xbox. Thanks for working to fix those issues.

One thing I did notice that hadn’t been fixed, and it’s hardly anything really, but whenever I’m in Shadow Lords there is a new notification icon above the Archives tab. But whenever I click on it there isn’t anything new there. It won’t go away.

Dunno if anyone else has had this problem, but if you have any solutions for getting rid of it then that’d be great. If not then it’s cool & it’s not that big of a deal, just a minor eyesore is all. Thanks.


Just did a few exhibition matches (Steam version) and all seems to be working well for me. Had 3 matches, all against XB1/Win10 players, and apart from one being a bit stuttery, they all ran well.


PRAISE JESUS!!! No symptoms present and found matches super fast :heart_eyes: :star_struck:


So far so good!

James worked his ■■■ off to help get this fix rolling so send him all your cookies and thanks. :slight_smile:


Yeah, everything seems to be in working order. I can access everything, and Shin Hisako is now playable for me.

Good work KI Team! And thank you James, for all the work you and your team put into it.


I’ve installed the patch and the game is running just fine. No more bugs. MP is working as it should. Thanks for all the hard work the team has put into solving these bugs. I’m sure it must’ve been exhausting.


Y’all have no idea how cray cray this one’s been.

Can we all agree to just…blame Shin Hisako for haunting everythign and breaking it?


What was causing all these issues? Or are we not supposed to know because that’s classified. :no_mouth:

Just curious, it’s been one heck of a ride.



But really…that’s a complicated question with a bit more complex answer. We’ll just say that sometimes some things cause cascading waterfalls that make pinpointing the solution difficult.


A tech friend of mine told me that whenever he heard the words…

related to technology, something went incredibly FUBAR. Guess it goes with gaming, too.


Pretty happy to hear that the patch has solved the issue. Now we can actually recommend the game to people without reservations, just in time too because of the Steam summer sale. Thanks for the hard work James.

I’m also pretty excited to hear that it’s likely we’ll get a patch to address weird combo breaker advantage and probably Rash autodouble glitch, so cool!

Now if only Steam has cross play ranked and the game had a basic lobby code system, the game would be wonderfully playable on every system. I’m still holding out hope for cross play ranked at least, but both of those would be amazing.


XB1 & Win10 working perfectly! almost 30 sec wait time for matches in any mode. Thanks everyone. PCK should be back on schedule after CEO!