Error "Unable to start multiplayer match. Please try again

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Don’t know if anyone else is the same but me and my friends can’t join each other on the Steam version. Gives unable to start multiplayer match error, doesn’t matter if it’s an exhibition or a lobby, private or not. Even trying to search with precise criteria doesn’t let us find any games. Also generally struggling to find online games which so far have had lag, if not, then dc’ing.

Did see on a separate thread Killer Instinct bugs that there was a new patch that got put out (390120) which hasn’t fixed the issue, despite people reporting that issues are fixed.

Any help on this would be appreciated, as it stands there’s no recent threads other than Can’t connect to multiplayer


I play on Xbox one e the patch fixed the whole thing for me. No more bugs here. Perhaps it’s related to your router settings. That’s odd. I don’t see anyone reporting any MP issues anymore.