Killer Instinct bugs


Same exhibition is generally fine but a two plus lobby? Forget it


This is absolute madness. We are unable to play KI and the developers keep saying they have no idea what’s going on and hold on for a week… we’re testing stuff. Really? I have never seen such unprofessional-ism in my life. Even though Marvel sucks right now, Capcom would fix game breaking issues in days. You guys have had weeks to resolve these matchmaking issues and still all we get are excuses. I just had two friends download the game on fresh and fully updated versions of Windows and we were unable to join or create a lobby. We paid our hard earned money for this product and that product came with online functionality.

This issue needs to be resolved or we need some official information soon, please. Please be more professional and don’t kill this game I beg you. I will be posting this to major video game media websites and Vloggers to cover; How KI is unplayable and how the devs simply won’t do anything. Please update this page with more information and get this fixed in a timely manner you guys have had months now.


You know that you can’t “threaten” to cover a story right? You just cover the story.


Okay, something kinda odd… I was playing some exhibition matches just now, and it was nothing but other Steam players. Cross network matchmaking was turned on, ranking range was as wide as possible, but it was just nothing but Steam players.


I don’t know if its related to the other bugs people’re having now, but is anyone getting the message “Multiplayer Service Log In Error Unable to log in to multiplayer service. Please try again.” when they try to connect to any multiplayer mode?


Are you on XB1/Windows store version? I’ve not seen that on Steam, but I did have the game lock up on me once earlier.


I have both versions actually. Windows store version crashes when I try to search any matches, so I bought the steam version… just to have the error I mentioned occur


Yeah you know a lot about professionalism as you have shown in your post. SMDH


I’m playing on steam right now in exhibition!


Are there any plan’s to deal with Rash being +9 and Wulf being -7 after performing a combo breaker?Frame advantage for all characters after a combo breaker


Sadly probably not. Rash is glitched in other ways as well. @Infilament knows more about this than me. All I know is at the moment it is almost always Rash’s turn no matter what happens, unless you perform a hard knockdown, and even then if he has meter, you still can’t safely approach him. :frowning:


Good afternoon!
New problems …

  • The ranking is looking for opponents and can not find players. This happens on all accounts on my Xbox One. And I have a Killer status threatened with “demotion” for not receiving fights.
  • Shin Hisako and Cross-network are not working.
  • Some online fights (including in Shadow Lords mode) have little delay during fights, something that has never happened before.
  • The special skins (golden skins, Terror and Skin of the 10 color I have of Fulgore) are no longer working in the household group accounts, only in the main account.
    One detail caught my attention, incidentally, two: The Shadow Survival is working on other accounts of the family group, added to my main gamertag (LizMk35BR). The same mode on the main account has an error, which often prevents the way it works even in the first fight, but on other accounts the shadow survival works well and with few errors. When they appear, I expect my character to appear on the screen next to the opposing character, and I put the “no” option on the error screen, and the shadow of the opponent loads, continuing the game.
    Another detail is the Shadow Counter data in the shadow data: they now appear as positive (green) data and save the data as shadow enhancements. But the Counter Breakers data still appears as errors (in red) when saving shadow data.
    As for the bugs, I understand that many may be bothered by the delay in solving the problem. But we have to trust the creators of the game.
    The problems are not the same for all platforms, if so, would be easier to fix. And that must be taking their sleep off: a friend of mine, for example, has Kilgore unavailable and Shin Hisako appears for use. Other friends report different problems in the game. This helps to complicate their work, because for one group of players a problem appears and in another group they have different problems.
    I know they are working on it, and I am confident that they are looking for a way to solve all these problems, but this takes some time.
    I will be communicating the improvements (or worsening) in the game whenever possible, and am waiting for a patch to fix the problems as soon as possible. :slight_smile:


Any news about the patch that should come out today?


BTW, ■■■■ Rash.


Patch tomorrow should fix this. Then we can go back to tournaments and fun lobbies!


Different thread discussion. Short answer is yes, post CEO and after this current situation is fixed (missing shin H, mp cross-network missing, etc).


Quick update. It is my understanding the new build will release Tuesday 6/26/18 after 10am PST. @snickerdoodle will let everyone know when the build is live and have more info.
I am traveling for business so my responses are going to be delayed, but will be checking this thread and playing the win10 version of the released build at night.

Thanks to all of you that have been helping and/or just patiently supporting the effort!


Wow, I’m actually pretty surprised at that. Pretty much figured the game was the game at this point. Nice to know at least a few QoL changes are in the works.


Awesome Thanks for the head work


Thanks for the news!