Killer Instinct bugs


My first few matches were fine, and then every match afterward crashed.


Any feedback???


I still had issues throughout the weekend. I don’t think anything has changed.


I’m also having problems with shin hisako, double xp and the daily bonus. (Sorry if something is spelled wrong, I’m Brazilian and I used google translator, because I do not speak English)


Game is crashing more than ever. Starting to lose hope on this matter.


Haven’t had any issues on steam version. Just buy it on steam and just play exhibition forever.


The workaround of just restarting may not be working anymore. I restarted well over 20 times, maybe 30, and could never get the working version.


Same with me.


I have had good luck finding matches whether I have the bug or not. I don’t play a lot of exhibition so I can’t speak to that but even when I’m missing the rotating character and shin is blacked out I still found matches pretty fast. Yes the game crashes sometimes when I have the bug but with a quick restart I’m right back in finding matches. When I don’t have the bug the game works awesome like it always had.


As I said prior I am able to play exhibition with my brother bug or not. But unfortunately I also want to play Shin so it sucks that I can’t access her when I have the bug. And so far restarts have not worked for me only thing that seems to work is if I play multiple matches with my brother in exhibition until she randomly un-grays in the character select screen at which point I try no to turn the game off lol.

Wish we knew what kind of effort was being done to solve this. It seems pretty unacceptable and ridiculous from my current perspective. Can’t help but speculate if this was something like the latest halo or gears with issues if it would be solved more quickly.


Update on these issues: Thanks to all the information from this thread (and others working with me directly) we have tracked down most of these issues and figured out the common denominator. Why this has been a beast is because KI never changed, this started, and it’s intermittent & different for so many of us (I say us because people on the KI team are players too and have versions of these bugs as well- me included).

End of day the why does not matter, this has taken a long time and it is frustrating, so what we are doing is working on a fix that will eliminate the thing we believe is causing this (that changed outside KI) and release an update hopefully by Monday. We need to test this more before committing to the update, I just wanted to make sure it’s clear we are working on this and the status.

Thanks for continuing to provide info and supporting the game while this is being resolved.


Shin Hisako Locked!

Frustrations aside your communication has been terrific. And I know I for one really appreciate it. Thanks for your efforts.


Good to hear. I’ve been playing Street Fighter V lately to fill the void :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks dude! You are a legend!


Thats awesome! Im so glad its NOT KI so all the haters can just sulk some more unitl they cant sulk any longer. lol
I knew it was the MS/KI team that casued this and Im so glad you were able to find the issue. Now lets just pray that it works!


Just played the game again after downloading and installing the patch. Worth noting that immediately after patching on Steam I ran a file integrity check and it came back with 3 missing files totalling 397.1 megs in size. Got on, and the DLC check took a lot longer than usual, but went through. First fight in exhibtion took a while to find (I backed out to the main menu and went back in to search), but after that they came in at a good pace.


Even though I had no cross network play, no Shinsako, and no free rotating character… I had zero issues finding matches in Exhibition, no disconnects, no crashes… nothing but fun sets for 2 hours last night.


I was looking at some streams last night and someone had Shin Hisako greyed out, but I don’t know what platform they were on. Also, there was another patch on Steam today… anyone know what it was for?


That’s great news guys. Since the last week and a half no methods appear to work as they should, so I just haven’t played online. But hopefully a fix is in the works!


I play ki daily and can not do more than two ppl in lobbies everyone crashes . Shin hisako missing and cross network does not show up on exhibition or lobby creation mode. Even ranked has dc me and now I’m in probation . Very frustrated. What’s the plan to fix ?