Killer Instinct bugs


It will only do a game save sync if you are switching consoles/devices… so for everyday one console use, deleting the characters/colors etc is no biggy. You will always own them and be able to reinstall them, and it’s definitely something with the dlc that is affecting the “cross-network” option.


I believe you’re right. My game was crashing from time to time when trying to play on ranked. Then I found out I had the gold skin pack ready to install three days ago. I’m experiencing no problems so far once I’ve got it installed.


This seems to be the right solution. I tried re-installing and uninstalling content and it still glitched. I had to close and restart the game at least 5 times, but it finally worked.

Seeing if you can view the free character rotation (Sadira, in my case.) is the clear indicator if you’re glitched or not. Each boot up doesn’t take too long, so this solution is more friendly IMO.


Ah, I logged into KI earlier today to give it a test, and although Exhibition works well, Shin Hisako is greyed out and unselectable.

(I play on my Xbox One, and I own all 3 seasons- I hope that helps!)



I can confirm that on the win10 version simply restarting until you see the free rotational character will get you a ranked matches like normal. Unfortunately, certain opponents disconnect before matches start and that puts you in probation. But the matches are definitely back if you can get in the un-bugged state!


I had another odd issue yesterday. I was up to 769 points in Ranked. I lost a match and it actually deducted 450 points. It was really odd.


I fired up KI to see if things were any better for me, and although finding an opponent initially in Exhibition was a slight ordeal, after that first person they kept coming in at the pace I was used to before all this started happening. Whether or not this will hold true for the next time I play, we’ll have to wait and see.


My ki wa running fine yesterday. Just fyi.


I can vouch for this. I was there. :smile:


Yup, should not be anywhere near where you can ■■■■■ up your save, but since I am the guy dealing with most of those situations, I have & heard some really surprising ways people have ended up in that situation (self induced) that were not just bad luck. Thus my caution. Thanks for supporting everyone with more info as alternate methods.

This issue is a combination of multiple things, for example Free rotating character message is not anything related to DLC, so if this method is producing good results for you would like more info:

  • How long does this workaround last?
  • What issues come back 1st or is it all of them?
    ** Specifically free rotating missing, 2xp missing, shin hisako missing, cross-network missing
    ** When this method is used and you are in a fixed state, are you still seeing crashing when searching MP (exhibition, lobby or ranked- or all)?

You can DM me the info or here. Thanks again!


Hey everyone, on Friday via the PCK woes, our tech team was able to see a problem with MP services that would not have been reported on live status.

Since Saturday 6/9/18 from 9am PST to now (will edit if this service goes down again) need to know if these things are still happening at times you MP state is correct (your game shows MP is able to see cross-network option):

  • Invites to lobby or exhibition working ok (only post if still having issues, or before they did not & now they do)
  • Still seeing crashing when searching in any MP modes?
  • Still never finding matches?
  • If you post issues for this, please confirm your MP was able to see Cross-Network option, if you are not sure hold off and confirm please. If you are one of the people that are always missing Cross-Network, just DM me the info please.

This is all about MP connectivity fixes, still working on what’s causing the other missing stuff.


My EX shows “Cross Network- Yes”
Shinsako is there
Rewards are correct and timer is correct

Got match in EX…player quit at ready screen
Went to ranked, 1st match was fine within seconds
Then second match disconnected at character select
3rd match disconnected just before character select
4th SEARCH crashed the game quietly…no buzzing sound.

Played a lobby over the weekend with @BigBadAndy adn there were no issues at all.


My game is literally crashing after every other match in Ranked. :frowning:


Platform: PC

Operating system: Windows 10

GPU: R9 290x dd

CPU: i5-4460 @3.20Hz


Game version: Windows store version

Issue: Not able to use Shin Hisako despite owning the character. Game tells me to install her when I visit the store, but nothing happens after I’ve pressed “Install”. Once the character showed up but the next time, she disappeared.

Not sure if I have even more issues, but since I saw I cannot even access the characters I’ve paid for, I decided not to play the game at all.


My game crashed again today. No rotating character message for the first time (I play on Xbox one).


Good Morning!
The game is normalized, but often it becomes bugar when started (sometimes starts well and sometimes not).

  • Shadow Survival mode, as well as Shadow Labs in Shadow Lords mode still do not work. The curious thing is that even in some fights in the Shadow Lords, seems to be catching (something that had not happened before).
  • View mode and ranking are normal when the game starts well, however in some fights there are still disconnections and points gains. One suggestion would be the gain of points in fights won or a number of points gained by disconnection by a certain amount.
  • Lobby mode not yet working for rooms with more than 2 people. Sometimes my account and that of another member appear in a separate room before leaving the lobby. The game was tested on the other accounts and the same problems appear in the other accounts.
  • The TJ Combo bug appearing in the “ready to install” still appears here.
    The solution pointed out was tested. I deleted Shin Hisako and 3 more color packs, reinstalling as soon as the game was closed, but remained with the same problem. I look forward to the solution to the lobby and shadow survival, as they are still with problems.


So I made an interesting discovery recently that pertains to this shin hisako bug. I’m on windows 10 as is my brother. He invited me to an exhibition match while I was bugged, I was able to connect without issue. However I could not select Shin Hisako. Well oddly enough after a few matches of me just playing random characters she ended up being selectable. Throughout this time I did nothing to change my network connectivity and I didn’t reboot the game. Once she was available she stayed available for the rest of the night. Hope this info helps in some shape or form.


Everything worked perfectly for me today. All prior issues were gone…Cross play and cross network were visible, SHinsako was selectable, XP boost was back by all game modes and characters.
No crashes, found matches within seconds…all was great! oh yuuuuuuuuur!!!


Shin Hisako is unselectable for me if I use the Windows 10 version of the game. She is selectable with the Steam version on the same computer. I’m unable to play 2 consecutive ranked matches on the Windows 10 version of the game. The first match plays fine, but searching for the 2nd match crashes after a few seconds. I suspect it is when the opponent and I are transitioning to the character select screen.


Shin Hisako Not working for me Xbox One Version. Going to try Steam version later