Killer Instinct bugs



Okay here is how I fixed my KI two nights in a row with 100% success AFTER doing these steps:
(Some items below may differ for most users)

  1. Boot up KI
  2. Go to exhibition and see if “Allow Crossplay” & “Allow Cross-Network” appear
  3. If Yes, then you should not be affected and are good to go!
  4. THE BUG is when “Cross-Network” is not appearing, as stated above
    YOU MAY have to attempt the following steps a couple times…
  5. While KI is running, go to “Games & Apps” then hit menu on KI to “Manage game & add-ons”
  6. Uninstall a random character (the go to is Shin Hisako) & or Color pack
  7. I uninstalled Shin Hisako, Eagle, Terror Skin pack, and a random Gold Pack
  9. Go to back to “Manage games & add-ons” for KI, then “Ready to Install” then hit install all.
  10. LAUNCH KI while reinstalling the content that you uninstalled.

I was able to recreate this the last two nights in a row now, and “Cross-Network” reappears and I can find matches with NO problems or crashing…

I hope this helps out, it’s a little weird but doesn’t take long to test out. Let me know how it goes for you guys and I will try to assist further!


Any workaround for the win10 or Steam version?


Steam version should be working fine as long as your doing exhibition. Ranked is dead on steam since it isn’t crossplay.


im glad u said that. i was able to get some exhibition matches on steam. win10 all depends on the bug or not. then if u win, it does seem to crash your next match and you get a loss anyway. side note - yeah no crossplay really hurt the steam ranked. i actually cant rank up past gold bc of that lol. its all good tho. thank God for crossplay exhibition.


Wow… i’m going to keep testing but so far, seeing this option enabled on Exhibition, I’ve had matches with players I have never faced the past month. No crashes as of yet. If it happens, I’ll report it here. (I play ranked only, so this is from a ranked perspective.)


Just reporting in that the steam platform is definitely working for me!



So I forgot to mention that this TEMPORARY FIX may have to be applied each time/day you boot up KI.
The bug is NOW BACK FOR ME—
OKAY, so opened up KI for the first time again today, and the bug is back so I’m about to test this fix again…


DAY 3 IN A ROW is a success for me with these steps, I did not have cross-network the first boot, then after the steps I now have cross network…

To be more specific, I uninstalled: (Eyedol, Shin, Terror skin, gold skin 1) again, this is random, I just believe the game needs to be launched while reinstalling said at the same time…


Super easy after you do it once, Boot up KI, uninstall (4) random characters, colors, then close KI. The reinstall all above characters, colors and immediately relaunch KI


Everything is working for me but Shinsako is greyed out. Owell I just wont use her for now.


I actually get the glitch semi frequently, so I have to un/re-install almost every two boots or so.

However, so far, every time I fix it I have zero crashes on Ranked and the pool of players is expanded… which is a huge relief. However, it sucks when someone still has the glitch and although I get a free win I feel for them when they get the crash.

Hopefully if devs can confirm this workaround, there would be some way to make a FEM or a way to communicate this to users?


I start to play now and everything is normal now. I have my Shin Hisako back, my double XP for life, daily prizes. :smiley:
I hope it stays that way!


Everything is working just fine for me today.


And now… the game stop working. Shin is missing again. Daily Prizes is 4/4. Double EXP gone… :frowning:


Ok hopped in ranked tonight. Missing double xp and no shinsako. My first two matches froze b4 loading and gave me a loss. 3rd match froze at char select screen but gave me a win. Got a gold player 2 back to back matches no issues. Then froze again on my 6th match. Just tried StreetNS’ work around it froze and gave me a loss my first match but after that I’ve got 5 matches in a row no issues! Shinsako n dub xp are still gone but at least i can rank again.


I thought the dayly rewards bug was like a blessing that when it happened I said: Nice, I don’t need to play today. But today I’ve realized they’re not resetting every day and the points are not increasing, and now that I’ve read some other people comments and checked it after a SL mission, the double exp for those with K.I. Ultra editions is gone!.

Please, Iron Galaxy, give us a nice patch soon. :frowning_face:


Ok, I’ve had the issue for three months myself and the game seemed to always boot up for me in the bugged state (daily rewards stuck, etc).

After many attempts, I very rarely got the working version to boot up, only for the issue to be present again on my next try. So I noticed SOME intermittence. I think there’s a way higher chance of the game launching in the bugged state than not, or I just had really bad luck for a long while.

Anyway, after some testing, I think it’s just random when you get it or not. The solution I found is straight up just quitting and re-launching. No uninstalling the game or characters. Just rebooting the game (not even the console). Sometimes it takes me 2 tries. Sometimes 4. Sometimes 7. But on all my attempts I always eventually get the working version.

The fastest tell is the weekly rotating character message on the main menu. If it’s not there, you’re glitched (and you’ll have all the other tells, as well, daily rewards stuck, no double xp, missing shin hisako, no cross-network, etc). Re-start. Repeat. If it shows up, you’re good and you’ll be able to find matches in seconds.

This has worked for me over the last 3-4 days. Give it a try :man_shrugging:t2:


Is there anyone we can chirp at from Microsoft to push for resolution on this issue? It’s a real shame this game has been making kind of a resurgence with activity before and after combo breaker and something like this is a sure fire way to kill that momentum.


Just letting everyone know we are still here and working on it. With E3 happening this week, there are a lot of people out, but still key ones are here and looking. The find on cross-network missing is really important, not only does that help us focus on something that is more reproducible, it also let’s you know what state your MP is in.

Simply restarting KI for many seems to fix it, but for others it does not. @STREETNS has listed his work around, this might be useful for those that cannot fix (temp) via restart- but I caution you this is not official (no offense) and be SUPER careful on what you are deleting & pay attention to your syncing on startup of ki- don’t skip the save sync!

I suspect things are going to be slow for the next few days but will keep checking back in here with updated news.


Played a few sessions over the past few days and, besides Shinsako turning off and on and occasional instant crashes when getting matches still, the game seems mostly back to normal for me now. Matchmaking works just fine again.