Killer Instinct bugs


I just got hit with the missing Shin Hisako bug. Gave me the same “You already own this” in the Microsoft Store so I tried a quick uninstall of just the Shin Hisako add-on. It fixed everything instantly, daily reward upon KI start-up, and somehow a fully selectable Shin Hisako even though I didn’t re-install it yet.

For the record this is on Xbox One, with the Supreme Edition, every DLC downloaded as well.

An interesting thing, there seems to be an increased chance of an opponent disconnecting between the VS screen and the character intro sequences when I’ve selected Shin Hisako than with other characters.

Not sure if any of this is useful, but hopefully worth noting.

Also edit: I intentionally deleted both of my shadows about a week ago, decided to try shadow survival mode just now and only got the “error loading shadow” message twice in 10 battles.


++ Updated with new video link ++

Timing is everything. After I posted, I decided to give KI one more shot for the night. Then I saw your post, skimmed it, and fired up my recording software. I got some decent footage - about 20 minutes worth. There’s some “dead spots” because I was re-reading your post carefully and then bounced back to KI.

The footage has all the issues discussed (minus holiday banner), a few crashes (including the infamous “buzzing crash”), one complete exhibition fight, a lot of restarting, and searching.

One thing I noticed, not sure if it was already mentioned or is even worth anything, is when the bug happens, the player cards are missing the XB Logo (denoting XB or PC) or Globe (denoting Steam) icons.


Update: I uninstalled the Shin Hisako add-on and it fixed everything except the free rotating character banner. Shin Hisako is no longer grayed, double XP is working, and daily rewards unfroze.


Alright, just now I once again did the thing from the reddit thread I mentioned few days earlier

My Shin Hisako and matchmaking are working again. This thing helps for some time.

It seems like temporary solution, but a solution nonetheless.


Everything is working today, it really seems to be a serverside problem!

Yesterday i’ve tried everything, uninstalled every DLC and tried to play with the free version, then with the disc version, and nothing.

Today i’ve launched the game without the disc after seeing your posts, and nothing was back, then i put the disc and relaunched the game and the free character and daily rewards were working, but i see that i’m still on the free version even if i’ve put the disc in the console, it’s a common bug with the disc version of the game, i need to restard the whole console if i want the game to launch the complete version of the game, it’s weird and annoying but it’s as that since the release of that disc…

edit: just rebooted the console to get access to my Definitive Edition disc content… and the bugs are back… Tried to reboot many times but the bug remains… I’m lost.

edit 2: ok, just reinstaller the killer instinct pack (ultra, combo, etc) but not the characters and i got access to every character in my game except for Shadow Jago. So i quit the game, install just shadow jago, relaunch the game and then everything was back, rotation, rewards, vip XP and shadow jago and even shin isako was available! It’s really weird and i doubt that it as something to see with what i did, for me it really is a server problem, and rebooting the game let everything to come back sometimes…

edit 3: after some reboot, bugs are back. Man, i really think there is something to do with the server check!


Thanks for the updated info on shin h. etc. Regarding DLC, I am running with only KI installed and it just makes everything else work, which is why you were able to delete her, but she is still there. Based on the roller coaster yesterday was I believe this was probably just more timing than deleting her (if it involved a quit KI and restart it that alone can temp fix everything based on the 15 times I did it).

About shadows- interesting! I have not deleted my shadows yet, I did not want to advise that just in case that bug gets you later (when you have enough shadow recordings). I have no proof yet that your shadow data matters (since it is failing on downloading other peoples shadows), but you are now on that road. Would you mind sending me a DM about this and let me know if you end up fine over time? Specifically note if it starts again (if you can) if you shadow passed a certain recording amount before it started happening. I will do this on another account of mine that is working fine to test this myself after all this current stuff is sorted out.

Thanks again for the info!


Thanks for the updated info & putting it all in one post with edits for the updates! Much easier to see the ups/downs.

This was my experience as well yesterday, along with many others. While it still has to be proven, from early in this massive thread we have mentioned that KI did not change, something else did and we felt it was service related. We fixed things to make KI less dependent with this patch, but clearly things are still intermittent - shown by the many things going missing then back.

These continued reports from you guys showing the ups/downs - and ideally time windows this was happening is- will help us find what’s going on eventually.

Thanks again for taking the time to give us this overview.


@KRAKENJIMMY With the missing ‘Allow Cross-Network’ option through exhibition searching, i can confirm to you that for me, i have seen that happen long before the issues popped up with multiplayer connectivity. And quite frequently, but it never affected connectivity times to my recollection. I feel like i would notice this happen if while playing KI (on my Xbox One console) and switch to another service like Twitch, a web browser, but then back to KI, this would happen pretty regularly. From the way you wrote your last post, it sounds like the search option should NOT disappear, yet does.

In regards to your questions…

When this happened in the past, i feel like i did not connect with Steam players. I can confirm that that is the case now.

Both in the past as well as currently, i have seen that KI is liable to crash but it is certainly more frequent now.

With match frequency, i did not feel much issue in the past with the ‘Allow Cross-Network’ search option missing. Currently, that is not the case as exhibition proves to be much more limited in finding players than ranked.

I wish i had recording software, but you also talked about players only connecting with other players that are experiencing the bug. I can confirm that two recent times (post patch) i have been playing ranked and have connected with 2 players back-to-back and one was after a long search time that in normal circumstances, i feel like would have connected either of us to different opponents. Also confirmable, in these instances, my Shin Hisako was the character greyed out, not Kilgore or Eagle. But over time, she DID come back to being selectable inbetween games of ranked play with the only thing done was playing a match, finishing a match and restarting a search.

Region: Midwest US
Version: KI S3 Ultra Edition (post patch)
Live Status: Core services OK, no reported issues with KI
Missing the Free Weekly character message: Intermittent. Can happen from cold starts as well as after crashes.
Missing Kilgore or Eagle: No, Shin Hisako for me.
Still seeing Holiday Accessories banner: Not since the patch
Tried playing KI on a different system: Have not


I have screen shots of greyed out Shin Hisako and my title screen with no notification of the rotating character, but i can’t upload them. According the information i can pull from them regarding time and what was actually happening in the screenshot via

06/05/2018 @ 21:59:42 - Got into match with Shin Hisako greyed out
06/05/2018 @ 22:05:55 - Got into match with Shin Hisako greyed out
06/07/2018 @ 22:04:01 - Started up KI (from a cold start if i remember right) and rotating character information missing
06/07/2018 @ 22:18:10 - got into match with Shin Hisako greyed out
06/07/2018 @ 22:37:06 - got into match where Shin Hisako became selectable. No console reset.
06/07/2018 @ 22:47:33 - got into match where Shin Hisako was still selectable. No console reset.
06/07/2018 @ 22:56.52 - got into match where Shin Hisako was still selectable. No console reset.
06/08/2018 @ 18:01:27 - Started up KI and rotating character information missing
06/08/2018 @ 18:02:05 - Looking at exhibition search options and ‘Allow Cross-Network’ option is gone
06/08/2018 @ 18:02:48 - Got into match with Shin Hisako greyed out.
06/08/2018 @ 18:09:43 - After the match from the prior screenshot, i started up another search for a ranked match, pulled out to my console’s dashboard, opened my manage captures thing and uploaded my newest shots. After going back ot my game, it told me i had disconnected from a ranked match and greeted me with a screen like i was searching for a match through exhibition, even though i was searching through ranked. Also showed me with 0 player levels and character levels, like i was brand new to the game.

You can view the screenshots there. It will be the 11 most recent ones.


You could just download OBS, its a free broadcasting and recording software.


Please tell me this changed later and you got all your character stuff back?

Thanks for this detailed breakdown! When you note that Shin Hisako came back without a console reset, did you quit KI and restart it, or was that her coming back just between searches here and there?


Upon restarting KI afterwards, my levels and such looked as if they had been restored, so it seems like it was a curious one-off kind of thing. Don’t know if it was related to what you’re hunting but i figured i’d mention it.

Between searches. If anything, i may have gone back to the main menu screen and then back into the ranked menu to continue searching, but for sure i did not shut down KI between when she was greyed and when she became selectable.

Unfortunately, I play KI on a console and i don’t believe OBS has support through a console.


I’m getting matches, but now KI randomly crashes when searching and gives me a loss.


All systems go for me in Exhibition…will try ranked after this set. Search wait time was about 30 seconds.


Yes! Okay so, I booted up and noticed the same thing, “cross-network” was missing… So I closed KI. Went to my “Ready to Install” section on the KI game manager page, and strangely I had a bunch of old stuff pending to install (Tj Color 11, gold skin packs, eagle, shin etc) about 8 things total… Installed all, then booted up KI, and not only is cross-network back, but I’ve been getting ranked matches ALL night with no problem, after weeks of nothing…


Bugs finally caught up with me. Booted up the game and played some Ranked yesterday evening (about 8am EST), got 1 match quickly. Had to back out to main menu to get a second match, and then got a 3rd immediately after. After the third fight (~830am EST) however, couldn’t get a fight even when restarting (previously backing out to main menu would normally fix, and restart definitely would).

I’m playing on Win10 version. Crossplay options still showed up in Exhibition search, just would never find a match with anyone. :slightly_frowning_face:


I have the same problem


For every win I get and match found, KI crashes. Not gonna get ahead that way. :stuck_out_tongue:


It appears you have to also have “Cross-Network” available for KI to work. I fixed it last night, booted it up tonight and same bug, so I am attempting the fix again right now.


My fix for the bug seems to have worked!!! Will post the details asap


I seem to have a fix I can replicate on Xbox One… Will post details asap.