Killer Instinct bugs


I’m also on the Steam version, so even when things are running properly ranked is a ghost town for me :confused:


Well yeah ranked going to be a ghost town on steam since it isn’t crossplay. Your gonna have to play exhibition if on steam since its the only one on crossplay.


Good evening!
Responding to your question:
*The free character of the month does not appear here.

  • Only Shin Hisako is unavailable. Eagle and Kilgore are unavailable on other accounts in the Xbox One family group. *Accessories no longer appear in the store, on no account.
    *Double XP also unavailable.
  • As for playing KI in someone else’s house, it’s tricky for me because I do not know anyone else in my city who owns the Xbox One.
    I use Definitive Edition, physical media.
    I’m from Brazil, and the internet here varies by city and state, do not work equally in every city. But before the Steam version appeared, I played always in lobbys and display, even hosting 8 players with no problems. Today, I can not get into lobbys anymore (Indybrenna I’m sorry, but I could not stay in your lobby, same with invitation), and in the view mode, I’m not able to play with some people, but I can with others, even with NAT open .
    I know all these bugs should be giving you a complicated job. And I know it takes some time to solve all the problems of the game. But I will be patient, and I will be reporting all the problems that appear.
    I appreciate all the effort you are having with the game we love!
    Thank you! :slight_smile:


I think it would be helpful to list every variable potentially causing the problem in a poll to try to pin down a source.

For instance, due to being able to share content across accounts I have seasons on various accounts on my Xbox. That is to say the entirety of KI dlc/seasons is spread across my various accounts. I’m also game sharing. I’ve also connected my account to my pc and played on there with various accounts.

It does seem to me, a non-programmer, odd that the only way I can connect to friends in exhibition is by bypassing the syncing dlc data portion of the app’s start up. The answer, I feel, must be in that process. So what exactly happens during this process? What is the variable that I have that a player with no issue doesn’t have? Process of elimination is sure to be helpful here.


Xbox One X
KI DE Editon
Everything looks fine, Ive never had Holiday banners, missing characters or issues with teh Daily rewards, ect…
First time in all of this debacle that I couldnt get a match. I tried both EX and Ranked and after searching and backing out several times I only got 1 match in EX and thre chump left at the ready screen. lol
Maybe it ws due to no one being on or not being able to conect ont eh other side. But I gave up after about 30 mins of trying.


I have a hunch it’s in the licensing/syncing aspect of the season 3 coding- a part of this is in the apps initial loading screen syncing this data.

Every person I’ve talked to who bought individual seasons and opted out of buying season 3 have zero issues.


I’m also curious what purpose the following file serves:

“Killer Instinct: Season 3 ultra edition”

I uninstalled it and still have season three. I’m guessing that season 3 is wrapped up into the 47.1gb file “Killer Instinct” now?


My Shin Hisako is gone again and matchmaking crashes again.

I just don’t understand fkin anything anymore with this game >.>


Answer: Game is not a priority anymore. Steam version did not sell as expected time to move resources to other projects.


Bruh, Steam version was 200% afterthought, last try of squeezing some money, they did not even bother to release a trailer for it.

And game wasn’t priority for Microsoft since S3. Doesn’t change the fact that devs cared and game is fantastic. Just fix ■■■■ servers please, it’s been almost a month.

  1. Yes, always true.
  2. I’m missing shin isako on my main account, and shin isako and eagle on my second account on the same console.
  3. No.
  4. I don’t have any other Xbox One console to test on. I don’t want to install again the Windows Version (download is taking too much time and bandwidth). Tested two differents account on the same console and the result is the same.


Good Afternoon,

I have it now with Shin Hisako not showing up. I’m on an Xbox One X in the insider (Delta) program. My initial load up on the Xbox fails to Resync DLC Content. Im on Season 3 Ultra. I’ve rebooted my network and Xbox. I do not see the Holiday banner or the weekly free character message. I do not see the double XP boost.

I switched to Windows 10 and the initial load up syncs with no issue, but still no Shin Hisako or weekly message. I do not see the Holiday banner on Win10 or the double XP boost.

I can try it with my vanilla Xbox one not in the insider program as well if it would help.


Now I can’t even launch the game, DLC check goes on without end.

Microsoft goes all like “why won’t you play games of our competition?”

smh -.-


Dude chill out…go vent somewhere else. You are not helping the situation. We get it, your mad you cant play the game. Either post your bug report constructively or dont say anything at all.
James is working his tail off trying to fix it. Computers, servers, coding, its all very finicky… stuff happens. Go to the park, read a book, play something else.


Yes, the main KI file is all I have installed on my boxes and covers all the versions you own. I also have a box with all 48 individual things installed, works fine. It’s unlikely to be anything related to what of these files you have installed, this is more about services having issues validating things, thus bugs appearing, For example at home I am fine, yet today at work I am missing the free rotation banner & double xp.

Thanks for the feedback & theories you suggested, there is a few things there similar to what we are hunting down. Note that Season 1-2 people would not see double xp, missing shin hisako, etc, but they still might be missing the free rotating character banner, have daily rewards stuck. If anyone NOT owning season 3 (or KI DE) can verify those 2 things I just mentioned are happening, it would help prove this is not a season 3 only thing.


I logged in today and noticed that ShinSako was grayed out on Windows10. I was also experiencing some game crashes while searching in ranked, both symptoms that weren’t happening previously.


Thanks for all your help! Just to add to my bug report, my daily rewards are also stuck. (It says I already collected today which is untrue.) Let me know if I can provide any more information.


I experienced the loss of Shin Hisako, 2X VIP XP, and no rotating character banner like I did in the video I created in a previous post. Like before, it was on a cold boot. Oddly, I could get ranked matches left and right. As soon as I quit KI and restarted it, everything that was missing returned, but I couldn’t find a ranked match at all. This happened between 8:30PM ET and 9:30PM ET if that helps.



Ok- FINALLY got hit with the missing (free rotation, double xp, shin hisako) & stuck rewards bug!
Thus was able to confirm something really important (some of you have mentioned) about MP matchmaking. This might help those of you having issues (on Xbox & Win10).

It appears that when you have one of the key bugs like missing weekly free character, doublexp, rewards stuck, shin hisako, then your MP config is probably also affected. Which means you will not find anyone else but others also affected and you also will not find any steam players as well. Here is how you can check this:

  1. Go to Lobby or Exhibition, look at the search options.
  2. On the left is when my game was ok- notice there is an Allow Cross-Network option shown. On the right is when I had the bugs, notice that is gone. This means no steam players will be found and we believe only others affected.

3) On the lower left is the message that is shown usually at least once when you start MP searches (it stops usually after the 1st search in that mode). This always happens when not bugged/you can see Allow Cross-Network (for me at least). On the lower right I visually am showing this will be missing when you are in the bugged state. I never saw it once. This was noted by someone here or on a stream- thanks for that tip! (sorry I cannot find who told me that, but shout out to you!).

I never got a match with my other test account and it took a long time to find someone on xbox (and they dropped immediately) when this bug was present. As soon as it went away was able to find my other account + matches immediately.

This needs to be proved further, so if you notice this (missing Cross-Network) option really pay attention to if you ever find a steam player, do you crash more, is the match frequency more/less? For those of you that cannot fix this with a reboot of KI/you’ve been stuck not finding matches for weeks- please check and see if this is missing.

PS: Right now since about 3pm PDT today (6/7/18) I can say that my account has been having this bug come & go (restarting KI sometimes fixes) so there is a good chance many of you are hitting this too, so you might think matchmaking is working better because more people are also bugged…


yup it helps. Note the post I just put up after yours, it covers new info.