Killer Instinct bugs


Since yesterday’s evening my Shin Hisako is gone and game crashes during matchmaking.

Please help.

EDIT: fixed, OP solution helped


I tried this but had no luck.


I usually find the first couple of matches pretty quickly (10 seconds). Than there is sometimes a period where I can’t find anything. Might be placebo but when I get back to the main menu and search again a couple of times I get back to the 10 seconds rhythm.

Xbox One X
Current build
Central Europe


Same with me.


Day of the patch i got a few matches in ranked right away. Tried to played ranked Sunday morning about 11am eastern time no matches for over a half hour. Tried again last night around 1030 pm for about 45 mins no matches in ranked. Tried to set up an exhibition set with a friend a it wouldn’t connect us at all. We tried invited each other from both sides and nothing.


I’m only level 28 or 29 and the guy in question was level 50 in Gold rank, so no, that wasn’t it.


Ahh alrighty, my bad just a lot of people complain about people leaving out of matches when there lvl 50 in qualifer.


Been trying to get a match in Ranked on and off all day. Literally getting nothing in Ranked or Exhibition.


I’m getting my share of ranked matches, but the game is still crashing from time to time and that’s very annoying.


Been getting exhibition matches all day on my end. What ranks you searching through?


After the latest patch was installed, I cannot find any rank matches. Lobby inv or Exhibition invite does not work. Error: unable to start. Invitation get send out and the other part receive the inv, but cannot join the game. Rebooting the xbox soft/hard does not provide any solution to the game.


@BinaryZodiac Sending you a DM to get more info.


I DM you the info.


So, any news about the current issues. Im still having the shin hisako and double vip xp problem, please fix it! And it happened just when i returned to play this game :frowning:


I haven’t been able to connect to anyone on Win 10, Steam, or console version of KI.

Sending invites, receiving invites, creating a lobby, being invited to a lobby, or searching for lobbies and exhibition matches.

XBox One X
Win 10 PC with latest Windows updates
Steam is updated
Win 10 KI app is up to date

My connection >>>


@KRAKENJIMMY Still good here. I was able to find matches quickly in Exhibition and Ranked.
Ranked is a bit faster than EX though. I probably waited 3 seconds in ranked… maybe 15-20 seconds in EX.


Posting this for those who don’t know.

I was able to get my first exhibition match in a month yesterday with a friend. In order to do so:

  1. Quit ki app.
  2. Go to network settings on Xbox and select “go offline”
  3. While offline, reboot ki and get to the multiplayer menu.
  4. Reconnect your internet in settings.
  5. Invite your friend and cross your fingers.

Edit: Both players should do the first 4 steps prior to sending an invite.


I’m watching this thread every day since one month. I’ve done nothing, no preview program or so, and since one month i don’t get any reward or free character rotation or special offer or anything else! I’m really tired, the game is likely dead for me as i don’t get any daily rewards to help me to progress in Shadow Lord… I can’t buy any crimson guardian too as they don’t appeard…
Please do something ! I’ve tried everything, uninstall/reinstall, reboot, hard reboot, online, offline, etc… And NOTHING…
I’m on Xbox One X with the Definitive Edition.


I am having the same problems as you are I can not connect to anyone occasionally I will be able to accept an exhibition invite and it works. All the invites i personally send fail for both Windows10 and Steam


Have some additional questions- please only answer if it’s a yes to any of these:
Note- suggest you DM me to reduce already giant thread size.

  • Is anyone missing the Free Weekly Character message on the main menu? (except steam users please). If Yes, is that intermittent?
  • Is anyone missing either Kilgore or Eagle (greyed out)? Please send me a screen shot of this if you have it. If Yes, is that intermittent?
  • Is anyone still seeing the Holliday Accessory Banner in the KI Store menu? If Yes, is that intermittent?
  • If you are a yes to any of the above issues, have you tried playing KI on a different system at someone else’s house that does not have these issues? This is really a good test to prove it’s a system/network (services) thing and not an account thing. If anyone does prove that this happens to them even on a system someone else has no issues on, please DM me!

I also just want to say that you all are the best community, you support KI through thick and thin, I can’t express just how important it is to us- the team here at MS- what we figure this out. Your continued patience and support providing information is going to make the difference. While it’s crummy circumstances, I also want to say it’s been fun to get to play matches with some of you as I have been testing, even some of the serious destruction I got served (as in um… like 2-3 perfects by different people!) it’s been the bright side of this bug hunt.

PS: My accounts are this GT KRAKEN JIMMY and Steam MSJamesG. I am testing on those so if you see me join a lobby or exhibition & backout it’s only because I am in the middle of testing trying to find a specific player or lobby. When I can I stay and play.