Killer Instinct bugs


I was able to join your lobby yesterday, no problems there, and today I tried Ranked mode, and had 20 ranked battles in a row with no disconnects, all matched fairly quickly. Had an extended set with a randomly matched opponent in Exhibition as well.

Also I’m able to use Gold Eagle skin now! I never had the Shin Hisako/Eagle select bug, but Eagle’s gold skin did give me issues for some reason. Seems to be OK so far.


Thanks for all the updates everyone.

I also have been 100% fine on all 3 platforms on 4 different xbox’s and 3 PC’s. BUT I totally get that others are having legit issues! I have none of the issues and MP is working as well as ranked. I am going to keep testing and gathering info.

Another thing to check when you are seeing weird stuff- like fight card UI missing- is current live service status.

I have updated my list of things to report above to reflect latest info.


The game is still crashing every now and then. Also disconnecting from ranked matches. Taking forever to find a match most of the time. It’s becoming so frustrating…


Just fired up the game and tried to search for an exhibition match on Steam. Set the parameters to as wide as possible. Gave up after 5 minutes of it sitting on the Searching for Opponent screen.


My game continue with the issues. No Shin Hisako, no VIP XP, No Daily Prizes. I installed the update and restart my xbox. Still the same.


So, I was able to join a lobby with @KRAKENJIMMY and played a few games there before leaving. I searched for lobbies again and I could re-join even with the search parameters set as widely as possible. I then went to exhibition and searched there. That seemed to be a bit hit-or-miss, but backing out back to the menu and searching again a few times seemed to help. I had one opponent, then @KRAKENJIMMY and I had a set, then I had several opponents afterwards as well, including at least one other Steam user. So, while matchmaking does seem to be a bit of a roll of the dice, it is working at least some of the time, if not instantly every single search.


Another TIP for Steam KI users- run an Integrity Check on this build (always good to do once in a while anyway) to make sure you really have the latest stuff. @Mcmacladdie mentioned to me that he did that and found several files got updated, matches seem to be working better now but that could be timing too (as in more players online).


I’m totally unable to find/play matches through matchmaking. Playing Windows version, the game either crashes to desktop with no error, or I’m stick “finding opponent” indefinitely. The few times i’ve not crashed, my opponent has. Very hard to tell if the lack of matches is a genuine error, or simply not many people being online.


At the time when the config file update @KRAKENJIMMY noted had been put out onto this thread, my experience with matchmaking was extremely sporadic in connecting to matches in ranked and exhibition. Maybe averaging a 3-5 minute search, but not uncommon for longer at times. The deleting Shin Hisako and/or backing out and restarting searches didn’t seem to help much.

At the initial launch of the patch, my experience held to pretty much the same as pre-patch, sporadic matches, longer than normal searching times. Yesterday, however, between exhibition and ranked, match connection times were much shorter. Anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Today, though, it’s been more of the same old same old. I want to try later on today but i’ve had pretty up and down results post-patch. But i am also having instances where Shin Hisako is greyed out at certain points; for me, this is the only 3.5 character that has issues of being unavailable… The holday banner i haven’t seen for awhile now. VIP 2XP seems to be working correctly. I think the daily rewards is ok, i’ve never paid a lot of attention to them.


I was actually getting fights normally this morning, and then a match crashed right as the select your fighter screen came on. After that it was crickets. No matches in Ranked or Exhibition.


If you can record that and link the clip it would be really helpful. When you see this happen, can you also check live service status? The fact she is coming in/out is really important to figure out what is different at the time. Specifically Live stats, is your net possibly having an issue/slow. Also what region are you in? And is this xbox or win10? What edition of KI do you own?


@KRAKENJIMMY Here’s some footage I took today between approximately 3:15PM and 4:00PM ET. Below are some notes. The fights I edited for time-saving purposes.

Also, my apologies to @ayxQQ and anyone else for throwing/quitting. I was simply looking to get clean footage of these bugs.


  • Region: United States (Northeast)
  • Platform: Xbox One (see previous post for OS version)
  • KI Version: Definitive Edition (with latest patch installed)
  • XBL Status: Site showed no known issues with KI specifically or any issues with online services.
  • Observations:
    • Started from a cold boot
    • Rotating character notification on main menu missing
    • Daily Loot all complete despite today being the first time I played KI; the Gauntlet loot was complete even though I never went onto Shadow Lords, Shadow Survival modes today
    • VIP 2XP missing once finding a match
    • Shin Hisako unavailable/greyed out

Final Thoughts:

When these bugs happen (it’s intermittent) it seems only once I quit KI and restart it, all of the above were restored to normal functionality. Although after that, finding a Ranked match was nearly impossible than before restarting the game. This seems to be the norm, but not always. Sometimes multiple reboots/restarts of KI are needed to fix the content issues.


Wow- thanks for making this video and detailed notes! If you can leave that up, I will show it to our tech lead for repro.


Sure thing. Hope it’s useful!


Oh it’s all good. I requalified so grinding from Gold back to Killer is so slow that I was trying regardless if you were actually playing or not. Lol. Glad we could actually connect to eachother!


Just tried finding some matches in exhibition… I came across exactly one person after repeated searches, and they immediately backed out. Don’t know how many times I tried searching, but other than that on person, I just could not find anyone to fight :confused:


If your lvl 50 in qualfier on exhibition people are of course going to leave. lol


Region - Midwest US (Ohio)
Platform - Xbox One
Version - S3 Ultra Edition, post patch
Live status - No service or KI issues reported

@KRAKENJIMMY I have not had much luck in getting matches for me to be able to spot if Shin Hisako is greyed out or is not through exhibition or ranked matches since i posted. I feel like its a lot like what @KombatKronicles has touched on. But as someone earlier pointed out, i am noticing that there are players that pop up under the ‘Recent Players’ tab of my dashboard even though i have not connected to any games. Xbox won’t allow me, it seems, to record clips of interacting with my dashboard so i can’t record searching then players listed at different time intervals as ‘recently met.’


This is nothing new… Recent players has been like this for over a year. I never understood why it does this, but Ive seen up to 10 players I never even coneccted to inbetween players I did conect to.


Before the patch it was rather difficult for me (Win10 user) to find matches or manually connect with people through exhibition invites. Since the patch things have been somewhat smoother although finding ranked matches still seems to be rather slow. Whether this is a population issue or server issue I’m not sure.

Watching Wheels’ (Dayton’s) stream the other day (post patch) he sat at the ‘searching for opponent’ in ranked screen for almost 10 minutes while not getting a single match.

Rebooting the game sometimes allows me to get one quick match before it stops finding matches again.

I’m not sure what other information I can give that may be helpful from my end. lcdCry-28px