Killer Instinct bugs


Good afternoon!
We are having problems in multiplayer mode. It looks like nothing works in lobby, ranking, and view modes.
@KRAKENJIMMY, please, can you help us?
Thank you more one time!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for flagging this- looks like this is a known issue as KI services are going through some maintenance.MP will be down for awhile- (might be back up ) - look for more information from @snickerdoodle if this is going to be delayed


@KRAKENJIMMY i was asked by @PCKPharrohYami to notify you here about the bug in this video it has been like this for a while i just didnt notice because i thought it only affected my pro stars but it was fine because when i would go to ranked they would all appear like they never left… but pretty much anything i change doesnt save… my settings, my character progression, and any costumes i customize on my characters doesnt save… thanks in advance


Sending you a DM to help.

  1. What platform? PC
  2. what version of the game and on disk or digital? Digital
  3. is the box/pc your using in the preview program? Fullscreen
  4. What is the OS version on your x1 or win10? (need name, OS description (it’s like rs4…1805…etc). If win10 need win10 OS version? October update Windows 10

My drivers are up to date and as well as my version of KI from the microsoft store; however, neither my xbox 360 controllers nor fightstick will work now only my xbox one controller works. KI sees my xb1 controller but for the xb360 controllers it seems to lose it’s connection right in the character selection screen.

The xb360 controllers work on all other games except KI.

Is there a fix for this?



I just can’t buy Kilgore on Windows 10. It shows a “UserAlreadyOwnsContent” kinda message. Where I can find any info to help on this issue?


I’d recommend posting in the following thread, and tagging @snickerdoodle - she may be able to sort that out for you.


Everytime I try playing any online multiplayer mode I get this message. I’m playing on steam

Can anyone help me?


KI has reset me to gold and taken one of my stars.The number of wins and losses is also incorrect.Im glad i have pictures




Most recent pic i have of what my correct stats were


Usually when stars are missing there is a service outage (that may not be shown when checking service status) and they come back (so far everyone I believe has gotten them back). May take a bit but let me know in a few days if they are still gone (make sure to tag me or DM me).

Regarding the reset to gold, any chance you did not play that month?


I played 2 matches this month and over 200 last month @KRAKENJIMMY


It has happened to me once. Bad news: I didn’t get it back. I was gold at the time and had to work all the way through to get my rank back.


Yea i didn’t get mine back either.Ive done deleted my data for it, and uninstalled it.Time to move on to other games.


Sorry to hear that, man. I’m my opinion KI is the best FG out there. I don’t see myself quiting it until there’s a new one. I hope you reconsider this decision in the near future. Anyway, best regards!


As a person who has lost all their user data not once but a maximum of 4 times due to game breaking glitches, I understand the frustration, but at the end of the day, stats are just stats.

I recently accidentally deleted my cloud saves, while trying to clear up space. Oddly enough after qualifying, and ended up back in Killer… Usually I have to go to Gold and then work my way back up.

While this stuff has been annoying, it doesn’t really impact my enjoyment of the game.


Ive wanted to take a break from KI for awhile now anyways, and this whole issue has given me even more incentive to do so.I’ll probably come back to it at some point, and if not then oh well i had my fun.


Well i needed my fix, so i reinstalled KI.I now jave one of my stars back which looks hilarious on a lvl 6 Qualifier.I also took a look at the leaderboard and noticed a discrepancy.

This is a weird bug and may be why my 2nd star went missing @KRAKENJIMMY


Cuz as you can see i had finished the month at 9th and yet when i look at it at the bottom it says i finished 34th @KRAKENJIMMY