Killer Instinct 4

Just a quick wishlist for KI4:

  • All finishers - KI4 should have all finishers i.e. ultras, stage ultras (better than what we currently have), ultimates, no mercies and humiliations.

  • Ultimates/No Mercies - Speaking of violent finishers, ultimates and no mercies should be violent and bloody but not gory. This isn’t MK and even then, gore should not be in KI.

  • Combo System - I feel that combos in KI3 are just too long sometimes and it can get very frustrating. In KI4, the only combo that should ever pass over 20 hits should be the ultra combo finisher, everything should stay short, I don’t feel like watching my character get beat up for 15-20 seconds, it gets boring.

  • Staggers - To me, staggering has made KI less fun than season 1 and the majority of season 2 and should be almost completely removed. However, in KI4 staggering should only stay as a way to reward footsies. So in other words, the game can recognize how long 2 players have gone without hitting each other for a good amount of time and once the first hit makes contact, the player receiving the attack staggers. Other than that, staggering should be 95% removed.

  • Flip-outs - In my opinion, flip-outs have taken away so much fun from me playing KI. The only time I accept them is when a combo is broken because this way, it gives both players a chance to re-position themselves for their next move. When it comes to people ending a combo and starting a new one by causing a flip-out, it takes away the fun from the game because if you break the wrong strength, another long combo begins and there goes your life bar and the match. Flip-outs should also be 95% removed in the next game.

  • The game’s overall tone - KI4 should be darker and gain a more significant horror-esque tone but still retain it’s cartoony and comedic charm. A good example would be MK2, dark game but the friendships, babalities and absurd levels of impossible, cartoony violence make up for it and give us a good laugh. Here’s another example: Give jago a no mercy were he summons an arcade cabinet and smashes the opponent. Instead of the opponent being graphically crushed into a gory mess, they turn into a pancake, looney toons style.

  • The characters - Characters should look like they belong in a sci-fi/horror movie (well, kind of). Here are some examples:

In this image specifically, Jago, Glacius, Sabrewulf, Cinder and Spinal:

This Riptor looks awesome, just needs more teeth and a longer tail:

This Eyedol concept is the best one:

The best fulgore concept, looks quite intimidating and ominous:

Jago should have a more “cyber” look:

If I find more, I’ll post them.

  • Taunts - Taunting should only be done by default when a player’s life bar runs out, similarly to MKX, SF5 etc.

  • Repositioning - When a player’s life bar runs out, the character’s should automatically back up from each other.

  • Retros - Retro costumes should definitely come back and retro stages should be a thing. I think even the new costumes introduced in KI3 should comeback in KI4 as more retro skins.

  • Stage finishers - (Poll added) Problems with stage ultras and how to fix them, plus suggestions

  • Soundtrack - If possible, please bring back Mick Gordon. I don’t mind if AP and CD are involved too, as long as Mick is brought back to score the soundtrack.

  • Story - As long as KI4 has a true arcade/ladder mode with a simple story for each character, I’ll be happy. Of course I don’t mind if the devs go completely crazy and make a mortal kombat level story mode. I just want and arcade mode with intros, outros, rival cutscenes and multiple endings.

So that’s pretty much it guys, shorter combos, gameplay that’s a lot more enjoyable, great features, finishers and more. Everything else is fine. Please tell me what you think and what you would like to see in the next KI installment.

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I’m not trying to be rude but I don’t think you like killer instinct. This sounds like you want ki to change to your liking and be like Mortal Kombat. The one thing that got to me the most was combos, like what ki is know for long flash combos and your trying to take that away. Breaking combos arent particularly hard so you shouldn’t just be taking damage. If you want just go play mortal Kombat or Street fight but I’ve seen combos longer than 20 hit and you have no chance to break in sf and need 2 bars in Mk.


You make several complaints about combos being too long and being looped from one long combo into another. You do know combo breakers exist to stop that right?


Indeed. I’d honestly say it’s likely the average combo in KI probably doesn’t go beyond 10 hits.
…or whatever level yells out “Awesome!” I feel like I hear that one more than any other.

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The last thread I was reading said that none of the pro players do long combos because it’s too risky.
Now I’m reading a thread talking about how the combos in KI are too long.
I’m lost.


Vlad has typically been a huge proponent to the idea of having a good deal of KI’s gameplay revert back to and more rigidly adhere to the original KI’s formula, and I would assume the “combos are too long” thing comes from a comparison to KI1’s combos, which aside from broken infinites most characters could only get into the mid teens for a standard combo and maybe mid 30s tops for an Ultra if you just pull of some really fancy moves.

…unless I’m mistaken.


But in all seriousness, what I got from this was basically a redone KI1 (not exactly obviouly). Also whether you liked or disliked about flip outs and staggers, you can’t deny that they did help in bringing more variety to combos. Now that’s gone, what do you purpose would make the game more interesting? Because the standard opener > AD/manual > linker > ender all the time will get boring if there is no variety.

@VladKravich, I’m afraid you don’t like KI

You like the idea of KI, but not KI as game.

You want KI lore in a MK esque game, it seems

Most of your ideas are terrible from both commertial and balance perspectives, and I would never play the game you are suggesting

I don’t have more to add to this thread


Yeah it’s coming across that you want a completely different game. Strider and Cyber ninja are not jago and that riptor ewh.
The original KI’s were never all dark and brooding. It had humiliations, dancing, burping and farting.

I think you want an mk title with the original combo system from the original KI. While it was good in its time, it wouldn’t do now.

You liked KI 1, right? =)

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I would like to mention that any sense of the original KI having a darker tone was more due to hardware limitations than anything. KI2 wasn’t nearly as dark because they apparently figured a few things out and added more color, and this one is the same, though I will say that with season 3 they kinda got a little too happy with the greens & purples.
Back on the SNES the 2 games I probably played the most were MK2 & KI, and their tones were nothing alike. KI was always more campy…and not really even all that bloody. KI’s bread & buter is fast-paced violence, but not so much with the blood & gore.

Dude, not even gonna lie, I wish there was a Strider Costume for Jago. Maybe IG can get permission from Capcom? That would be awesome.

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You know, a scarf accessory for his retro would probably be just as good without getting Capcom involved.


Um… … Cyber Jago?

I’m not sure I’m a fan of this idea… sorry…

Cyborg Ninjas are cool. Since Ninjas are already at their peak, a cyberneticaly enhanced Ninja is cooler.

If asking about my Strider Concept, Strider is more of a Ninja who uses Gadgets, as opposed to Being Cybernetic.


That would look sick as a Jago costume, sans the scarf flowing behind him.

More skins are always cool. But as a character? Maybe not.

To be fair, as somebody who never played the old KI games back in the day and only played them when I got this one, the old games (especially the first one) do have a much darker and gritty atmosphere when compared to this one. Yes there are burps, farts, boob flashes, dancing etc. but that doesn’t automatically mean something isn’t dark.

The first KI had a darker palette and generally more haunting and dark sounding music as well imo (Its awesome lol)

But this KI isn’t far off really, it has plenty of stages and music that have that same vibe.


Absolutely not. I really don’t like MKX, haven’t played it since it launched.

I’ve been playing it for 2 and a half years.

Combo breakers don’t always work. In which case then the lockout should be reduced to 2 seconds.

Well, why not?

I know, KI4 doesn’t need that.