(Poll added) Problems with stage ultras and how to fix them, plus suggestions


In my opinion, the stage finishers have all sorts of problems. I think that when a stage ultra is performed:

  1. It shouldn’t be musical.

  2. The camera angle should focus more on the losing character from start to finish.

  3. Get rid of the current win poses after performing the stage finisher.

  4. After said character has gone through the full stage ultra, the camera cuts back to the winning character doing their regular victory pose, replacing the current ones. (In other words, the SU should be more like the boss version of shago: from ultimate into victory pose)

  5. Little to no blood and no gore

  6. Should be more cinematic (I.E. the ultimate of boss version shadow jago)

  7. Announcer should ONLY yell out “knock-off” while the character flies out (albeit this would only apply to knock-off SU’s) immediately followed by shouting “ultra combo”

Moving on, I think some stages have the potential to have 2 SUs instead of just one. Here are some suggestions on how to fix the current SU’s while adding another one:

TJ Combo - Fine as it is

Kan-ra - Instead of the goofy “flushing” animation into the portal, I suggest the character should simply vanish slowly into it.

Aganos - Opponent is zapped by the aganos statue/golem, instantly turned into stone (as oppose to how slow it is now) and afterwards immediately blows up in pieces like the season 3 start screen.

Hisako - This stage shouldn’t even have that finisher. This SU could have been one of hisako’s ultimates/no mercies, should they come back.

Aria - Almost perfect. It just needs less camera angles during the fall.

Ideas for secondary SU’s, along with some suggestions for other stages:

Jago - Personally, I don’t see anything in his stage that would make sense for one. My guess would be that the opponent could be knocked into the air, go through the bell while it falls and fall with it down to… whatever is down there lol. Also, this can only be done if you activate the SU instead of a regular ultra. If you do a regular ultra first then the stage finisher won’t work. This could apply to the rest of the stages that could potentially have 2 stage ultras.

Sabrewulf - Opponent gets fried by the disco ball (again, blood and gore are not necessary) and turns into an ashy color with smoke coming off them as they fall down. This is one of those instances in which the announcer does not yell knock-off.

Glacius - None

Thunder - Opponent gets knocked into the pit underneath, making a crater under them.

Sadira - 1. The giant spider webs up loser and drags them above.
2. A web comes out of the hole on the right side of the screen, grabs opponent and drags them in.

Orchid - 1. Opponent can get knocked off from the right side of the stage, slammed through the wall and landing on a truck. 2. Helicopters shoot at opponent (must be done in the middle of the stage)

Spinal - Kraken extends tentacle to the sky and slams it on to the opponent, leaving nothing but blood and rubble as it drags it’s tentacle back.

Fulgore - Loser is knocked off the platform and into a pool of liquid metal. (Like the one in cinder’s KI1 stage, nothing graphic just a splash)

Shadow Jago - Same as Jago’s

TJ Combo - 1. Keep the current one
2. Knock off at the right side of his stage, opponent lands on a car.

Maya - None

Kan-ra - Keep the current one.

Riptor - Opponent is knocked into the background and lands on an aircraft, exploding with it.

Omen - Same as Jago’s

Aganos - Keep the current one

Hisako - None. Make the current one into an ultimate/no mercy for hisako instead.

Cinder - 1. Machine in background freezes and shatters opponent.
2. Opponent is sent flying into that ice machine, disabling it and falls into the lava.

Aria - Keep current one.

Kim-wu - Truck slams opponent into a wall, disappearing into the building.

Tusk - None

Arbiter - Keep current one.

The jago, thunder, orchid, fulgore, shadow jago, tj combo, riptor, omen, cinder and aria stages would be the only ones with the announcer yelling out “knock off”.

To devs, please keep in mind the 7 factors I listed above when fixing/adding all of these suggestions if you do choose to implement them. Also, I’m willing to pay money in order for these suggestions to make it into the game.

Everyone else, what do you think? Should any of these be added? Anything you would change?

Should stage ultras be more cinematic? (I.E. Boss shadow jago’s ultimate, followed by shago’s default win pose)

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m all out for improvements on SU’s. Having said that some of the points I don’t agree and others I kinda understand why they aren’t how you suggested.

Why not? I think they are fine.

That’s a problem most SU’s don’t have, why did you list it? ARIA, Aganos, Arbiter, Kan-Ra and Hisako all focus on the losing character, only one that doesn’t is TJ’s and most probably because it was the first SU created and they would have to model parts of the stage only visible during the SU.

Well, my problem with the SU poses is that some of them are bad, but others fit just fine which says to me the idea itself isn’t bad. Even then if the bad poses can’t be changed and I had to choose between them and the regular poses I too think the regular ones would be better.

Is that a suggestion or a complaint? Your list looks like a list of suggestions but this one seems like a complaint, unless you think the current SU’s have gore? Where?

My problem with this one is that it seems the falling character wasn’t mocapped (is that a word?), they just moved his arms and legs in a circular motion. No matter how many camera angles they add or remove that one aspect is pretty bad.

The original KI worked fine without them.

Because it’s a problem with tj’s stage.

A suggestion. I don’t think KI needs gore. And no, the current SU’s don’t have it.

Please no. I think it’s one of the best thing in stage’s ultra, some characters have really good poses (Maya on Combo stage) and it change a bit from seeing always the same winning pose

I think they should be removed because it deviates away from the original game, which had the character doing their regular victory pose after a stage finisher. Besides, most of the current win poses are just their current taunt animations.

I’m assuming everyone agrees with my suggestions, thus the lack of comments.

It’s not because they’re not in the original game they shouldn’t be here.
It’s my point of view, but like I said I think it’s good to have other victory poses in those situations, it reinforce the Stage Ultra thing. As for Shadow Jago, his Ultimate has a different victory pose too.

An can’t tell about alot of characters, but for Maya those animations are completely différent from her taunt (her taunt pose is is part of her normal Ultra though)

That said, I agree with some suggestions, such as the Knockoff while the character flies out (like KI1 and 2), or the Aganos stage (statue should explode, maybe with a hit like on Hisako stage).

And for Jago stages, I notices the door on the right open when you do an Ultra, so I’d be an idea to eject opponent through that door

Looks like it’s the same as his victory pose.

As far as I know, some characters have different poses like glacius, maya and a few others.

Good idea!

I added a poll by the way.

Just to make sure they kept it.

This is VERY false. Almost nobody answered maybe because almost nobody saw this thread, and this is your opinion, and ONLY your opinion. Not facts or anything like that. I’m OK with stage ultras, I could post it, only get 2 replies, but then I should’t belive everybody else thinks like me.

This is no Original KI. This is another game, and this comment sounds a lot like “Nostalgia”.

I must insist: This is your opinion. It’s fine to have one, but you can’t suggest “fixing” nothing, because they aren’t broken. You can do a poll, ask other forum members their opinion… But you can’t “demand” changes for anything just because you don’t like how are they done.

Some of the suggestions sound good, others not so much. There is so much to go through, I’m not going to go through a point-by-point “yes, yes, no, yes, heck no” list here, because I’m at work, but I will say this right now: I think Aria’s is fine, but the part that needs work on it is the falling animation. They start with them flying out the window in a spiral, and then on their way down they borrow the arm flailing animation from TJ Combo’ SU animation…they should redo that and have them keep some variation of the spiraling animation…maybe one that involves a bit more flailing, but something that isn’t going in a straight line down looking like they’re trying to swim back up.

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Woah relax.

Anyway, I said “fix” because many others have stated that they don’t like how the current stage ultras are. Of course this is not original KI but it’s still KI regardless. I’m not making demands, just suggestions as the title reads.

Do you think maybe they should have it so the character is moving in a circular motion like the stage finishers on the SNES version of KI?

Not exactly, I was actually thinking more like in KI2

It is actually similar to how they spiral out of the tower in the first place, just a bit more flailing while they go down, which would be much more appealing than them just staying face down the whole time.


I see what you mean. Yeah that would be a better idea for them to add.

I hope the devs took threads like this one into consideration when they made their new survey.

I agree they need a lot of polish and new ones would be great… but you saying ‘they should/shouldn’t’ is very… demanding… This is all suggestions and requests so it should sounds like it.

It wasn’t meant to sound demanding, maybe I should have worded it differently. Thanks for the advice.

The only fix they need is completely new animations, most of them are pretty awful.