Season 4 or a new KI?


If by this you mean it’d be more like the old games, I know I wouldn’t be playing that.

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KI3 is a lot like the old games, KI4 should be even more, ultimates and other things included.

Can you clarify this statement? How would you specifically prefer the next KI to be like the classic games in ways that the current KI can’t be?

I mean, this game can have Ultimates. So what else ya got?


Well technically this KI does have an ultimate, well…ultimate to be more specific.

Basically, it has virtually everything the old games had plus much more.

We got, combo breakers, ultras, ultimate’s, stage ultras, auto doubles, health system. Then throw on the modern fighting game stuff like dashing and what not then throw on the new KI stuff like Counter breakers and shadow moves.


If only Shago can do ultimates then we don’t really have Ultimates.

All or none is the way I see it. The game does have everything the old game has, EXCEPT Ultimates for all characters.


Well no the game still has ultimate…s… Just for one person. That still counts.

The only thing missing is no mercies and humiliations. Which quite honestly it’s more “bonus” material then anything. Not required.

It doesn’t in my opinion. Because Then if I wanna do Ultimates I have to play as Shago all the time and that honestly isn’t good enough. I don’t wanna play Shago 24/7 to do Ultimates so that’s why I still say all or none. If only Shago has an Ultimate than we don’t have Ultimates. If someone mains Jago sure I can see if that’s all they play it’d feel like it, but not all of us main shago and don’t wanna pick the character we don’t want for more options or stuck playign the same stages for more options adding Ultimates for everyone will just give you more options over all no matter who you play or where you choose to fight.

I apologize if I come off as rude, or maybe just abit crazy in that sense. But I really, reaally want Ultimates and I’ve been waiting for three years for it to come true.

I am grateful for everything else we got. We got enough characters even though I wouldn’t mind more but as a secondary. I think have enough stages and I think the balance was good where it is (until they change it up again)

I apologize for my stubborn stance. I’m really just trying to express that I’m not willing to accept only one Ultimate.
The devs have a nice start but nothing is really been done unless they follow it with everyone else. Once/If Ultimates are in I can safely say in my opinion as the closest to perfection when it comes to KI as a whole.


Sounds like OCD mixed with nostalgia.

You’re not alone in your view.
People will often try to tear it down and bark about nostalgia but when two versions of the game came along with it, the real. Reason the new one doesn’t have it yet is because of the odd and uniquely inferior coding of the game by a company that was still finding its own potential.

The hex engine was not capable of ultimates as we know them.
If this game is built on on unreal/ havok, it would be a force to be reckoned with.

Yet any summary of the need of new content for this game is the request for ultimates.

The first KI CUP during KIM WUS REVEAL the WHOLE ROOM was screaming ULTIMATES and rukari had to bounce back .

You’re not alone.

This is what I was talking about in another thread a short while ago about people saying the Hex engine couldn’t do certain things.


If ya ask me the devs have already proved through Shago’s new update that Ultimates ARE possible with the hex engine. I think the hex engine did an amazing job It’s really a matter if they will actually do it or not. I think the devs can pull it off.

Now I dunno if the unreal engine can even do gameplay in fighting games like KI. Usually it’s heavily associated with FPS and third person action games but that’s a debate for later. Not really any fighting games off of my mind right now that I imagine the Unreal engine being used to make.

I appreciate that we have an agreement though. I really want Ultimates to finally come to KI and I think the devs can do it. Now I’m not expecting it to happen in 3.6 update UNLESS they were working on them the entire time along side Shadow-Lords but that’s not likely either. Still be it next year or within this year I want Ultimates finally.

I don’t think Ultimates are a question of the engine, but a question of the devs actually willing to do it.

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For me, please season 4. And season 5 after that. This is the game. I don’t need another. As a matter of gameplay it will be very difficult for a fighting game to approach KI, this generation or the next. Graphically i don’t see much improvement to be happening. Games are evolving to different ways of experience (like vr). Graphics are great already. Also upgrates are possible if wanted. Financially a KI season 4 at 60€ (with everything inside) would give, to standard players their new hypely content, and to new players a super game.

Also i don’t trust sequels. I think hype will not be the same. KI must take a deep breath after this game. But it is not the time for that breath. We still have some years in front of us.


On consoles it was rated t which was what i was refering to, but the arcades never had a rating system instead all that they would have is a description of the contents. Sorry about that.

These might help:

IIRC, the reason why the classic KIs are M now is due to a combination of both violence and sexual themes (Orchid’s boob flash no mercy I would assume is the straw that broke the camel’s back).


No it has already been confirmed that it’s an issue with the way the stages were designed in hex engine that ultimates could not work properly with all visuals intact.

To me, that sounds like ‘can’t’

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Yeah and IG made a new system with Aria’s instinct that blackens the screen so Ultimates can still work. To me, that sounds like can.

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It was an issue with how the stages were designed, not an issue with the engine itself. The reason was something along the lines of the camera work being tied to the stage instead of the characters. That meant that if they wanted to give everyone an ultimate they’d have to program each ultimate into each stage for each character. It was very inefficient and just sounds like a nightmare to work with. When IG made Aria’s instinct they fixed the problem or found a work around and so they gave Shago his ultimate and added other stuff like the level 4 enders and Eyedol’s instinct activation. If they wanted to give everyone ultimates now it’s totally doable.

Season 4, because KI4 may not happen till the next Xbox. Not to mention I think this game is still incomplete. We need ultimates for every character and IGN can find solutions to make it work despite KI being T-rated.