Season 4 or a new KI?

So the question for the future is; do we want a season 4 or do we want a complete new KI?
I am kinda burn out on this KI. So i don’t really want another season 4.
This KI has already so much to offer and we are 3 years into this game.
Still, there are some features missing, like ultimates, no mercy’s,… but i think its to late to add them now into the game. Same for the characters, i think we have more than enough afther season 3.
I would rather have that IG would anounce next year at E3 a new KILLER INSTINCT.
We all now that xbox ‘scorpio’ is coming and that would be awesome to release a new KI in the future afther release xbox Scorpio with better graphics, complete with ultimates, no mercy’s, arcade mode,…
I think we need some fresh blood in the KI series.

What you guys prefer?

A season 3 or a brand new KI and if so what would you want in the new KILLER INSTINCT?



A season 4, a new game just does not work anymore. Capcom is planning to support Street Fighter V for at least another 4 years and that made people who still have faith in capcom happy. Another thing is people will complain that microsoft stopped support, while they supported for 3 years the casuals audience will complain. What happens when you make a sequel on the same console generation? casuals get annoyed, fans are divided on which is better, the list goes on. Fighters should be supported through out the consoles life cycle as it just gets easier with time. Blazblue is getting a lot of flak for its bi yearly sequels as did Guilty gear KI would not be safe from that.

I especially do not want them to announce a sequel next year that would be absolutely the worse thing they can do. Should they make a sequel? Yes but way way way later down the line. Make it a scorpio and pc exclusive. maybe in like 3 to 4 years. But maybe do one more season and then for the next two years focus on bug fixings and balancing.


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Whatever happens I want more content for this game, I’m not ready to let it go yet. They build this thing as a DLC platform and they’ve yet to live up to that potential, there is so much highly-requested, potentially profitably content that has yet to be explored. The game has a lot of life left in it.


You just repeating everything maximilian said on his video lol

A new KI is my choice.
Enough seasons for me in this 3 years.
And of course, with a new engine and a new 3d rotating stages.
rotating stages is a signature for KI, and actually we dont have one.


I’ve made my opinion apparent before in the innumerable other threads (Max touched on it a bit, too) that have popped up on this subject, but I’ll reiterate.
Season 4 should be mostly Feature Creeping. Ultimates, Stages, Practice Mode Improvements like KI2 music and Online Training, New Customization Options, a bit of Shadow Lords Content, maybe an Arcade mode. 4, maybe 5 if we have to throw in one more guest or another Shadow Copypasta.

Make the game as great as it can be. Add in all the features people have been asking for and a few more cool original characters to round it out. Once there are no more loose ends and we’ve got everything we could ask for (within reason). Then give the devs time to get their stuff optimized for the Scorpio’s new hardware so they can go absolutely nuts with the sequel.

So, Season 4 or a Sequel? Yes.


Aw man, seriously with this?

Season 4 all the way . This game has a ton of life left in it. They shouldn’t announce a sequel for another 2 or 3 years in my opinion. Just keep updating this game and further craft the masterpiece that we’ve all come to love so dearly over these last 3 years. A few more characters, new stages, costumes, colors, ultimates etc…will be very much welcomed.


Im only ok with a 4th season if it is a huge hype chest full of stuff for KI. More 8 characters sound scary. Its gone too far with the roster now its time to make sure the game will have multiple features. Lets put an end on the lacking of the finishing moves just like they did with Eyedol, now nobody will complain about Eyedol x Gargos thing. Bring on ultimate no mercy thing so once its done is done.

But i hope they start new KI development around 2017. Its getting dated and the franchise has to keep up with new fighting game titles. But im not gonna hope for a new KI anouncement till 2019.
And please NO more shadow stuff this is a thing related with Gargos and Eyedol. Both shadow lords must die in this game.

Killer Instinct deserve AAA treatment, mature rating and modern graphics. Enough with the budget project.

  • 4 new characters max (new, not guests)
  • more DLC clothing options (dark, not comedy)
  • new stages for characters without stages
  • KEEP CURRENT COMBO BREAKER SYSTEM WITH ALL POTENTIAL HEALTH RETURN!!! (combo breakers are KI’s signature! both killers in danger, both great combo breakers, THAT’S what Killer Instinct is about!!! With the clock running down too?!?!)
  • fixed leaderboards
  • new leaderboards (by city, country, character, clan, accessible from Xbox Windows 10 app, line graph win percentage)
  • more lore (including merchandise, anime, fast food tie-ins, etc.)

… as for Maximilian Dood’s video on a full sequel, i’d say no for this generation of consoles. how much time left in this cycle? COD every 2 year iteration? Mario Kart’s 1 per gerneration cycle? Killer Instinct is meant for depth in gameplay, not quick fixes for gamers that don’t want to put in time to learn it. Microsoft should reward IG with their own created non-fightingGame IP this generation, then let IG make a whole new KI next generation.

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I’d like a season 4. But only so they can add the features I been waiting for ever on. Which are Ultimates I’m not waiting another three effing years for the new KI to do it.

I just don’t want the mechanics to change much AT ALL. I’m not good and it took me a long time to learn the ADs and stuff just to be as average as I am at the game. That is what I’m scared of. If that happened I don’t think I would commit at all to the game.

I prefer an HD remake of classic KI.


Whatever they do, I’ll be eagerly waiting for more info. :slight_smile:

Season 4 all the way. Capcom had SF4 for 8 years and no one complained. S4 should be the last season


Plenty of people complained. Forums were riddled with people getting tired of SF4 and clamoring for something new. Which is probably why SF5 was rushed out so fast. If memory serves, it was only a year and a half with USF4 until they released SF5.


A sequel would be really premature. KI’s still got life in it.


I’m in for more of the current KI and I think it’s way too early for reboot.

Going forward I think they’ll slow down on the character release schedule with 4-6 characters released throughout 2017, starting a month or two after KIWC and ending with Scorpio’s release, and another 4-6 throughout 2018, taking the game through a full 5-year life cycle.

I’d still love to see a MK crossover with a character pack that brought Scorpion, Katana, and Raiden at the very least, but I think the chances are pretty slim that MS is going to bring over any characters from outside their owned IP.

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