KI Definitive Edition PC Content Transfer

Hey everyone! I purchased a digital card for Killer Instinct Definitive Edition, which stated both Xbox One and Windows 10 on it. I originally downloaded the game on PC, but after a long while of downloading (I live in the middle of nowhere, within the mountains), my characters didn’t show up! Luckily, I had recently purchased an Xbox One, so I went through the process of downloading the game again, and my characters appeared there.

My PC account is definitely the same as my Xbox One’s, as Forza Horizon 3 was in my apps list. I purchased it and played it on PC before even purchasing said console. I’ve gone through everything possible to try and fix the PC version (Made sure I was connecting to a Teredo server, set location and sync’d my time, transferred my Xbox One save, etc).

I purchased the game to play it on my computer, not the Xbox One, so it’s extremely disappointing that I can’t access content I paid for. Anything I can do from here? Thanks a lot for your time everyone!

I hope you get a reply! @developers @rukizzel @CStyles45 @anyoneWhoCanPointUsInTheRightDirectionPLEASE!!! :cry:

I and others have been trying to figure out how to get the character to show up on PC offline. The problem I’m describing may be slighty different from yours (if you’re online and still don’t see characters on PC). However, it sounds like it’s in the same family of issues, so I wonder if your solution may work me and the others can’t play KI on PC offline.

All this being said, Devs, thanks for the textual stream today! Long live KI! (… with offline for all paying players! :smile:

Heck, if I gotta

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it doesn’t work for now. according to previous threads here you have to wait until the Definitive Edition is officially released for PC which is announced for sometime in the holiday season.

Wow…that’s kind of horrible. If I knew that, I would have just bought the supreme bundle. They shouldn’t have Windows 10 on the cards (Or put “Pre-Order” on them) if we’re not getting what we paid for now. I really don’t want to play it on Xbox One at all, buying one was an afterthought so I could play Rare Replay and the new Halo. My stick only works on PC and PS3. Thank you very much for the helpful response though, I really appreciate it!

no problem and I feel you. I was getting myself into the same situation since I wanted to start with the game by getting me the DE. as a PC player I’m still waiting. I just hope that it doesn’t get swept under the rug. don’t wanna buy the Supreme Pack if I can get more content for a better price.

This should be fixed immediately if it’s true. Why won’t the Definitive Edition unlock characters on PC through cross-buy? Because there hasn’t been a physical release on PC? If that’s the case, it shouldn’t be advertised as a Windows 10 product.

I know, I really kinda feel scammed…I wish I could just get a refund and get supreme instead, or get my characters now. I don’t need the definitive edition concept art or doc stuff if that would be why they are holding back PC’s content. I just want to play the game I purchased.

Hey guys! Yeah I just picked up the digital “bundle” they so stated with it working on the Xbox one and Win 10 PC but truth be told-- it’s ONLY for xbox one as of Oct 2016. Like the TC I only have fightsticks that work on PC and other consoles so it was a huge disappointment buying this and not have it work on our PC even though it stated on the card it did. Perhaps the title update in Novemeber coming may address this? Fingers crossed! xxxx


@developers This should really be addressed ASAP.

They already addressed it. It’s coming during the holidays. At most you’ll have to wait a month and a half.

And here’s the problem with that:

There’s already product in the wild being advertised as Windows 10 compatible, but the product doesn’t actually work on the platform, and won’t for another two months. That’s deceptive, because it isn’t mentioned anywhere on the product. Nevermind the bonus content like artwork, purchasing the Definitive Edition should at least unlock the characters and stages on PC now.

Which is not okay for something marketed as being an instant purchase. Those cards need to either remove the Windows 10 part and just say Xbox One, or say Windows 10 Pre-order. There is no reason at all to hold back content that is already out, and could have been acquired by myself and others immediately by purchasing the Supreme edition, or the seasons separately.

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i was about to buy definitive edition when its first released after i start new topic for “whats goin on exactly” stuff. anyway they said after holiday actually they didint say which holiday(im not even american) so. im still waiting for windows 10.

Yeah man same, not sure what Holiday here. All we have left is Thanksgiving and Christmas for the majority of folks here in the US. So hopefully roughly in the next 2 months we will get something nice for the PC folks who waited.


They advertise it here too. Pretty misleading. I guess the wait game is on, but at least I can play the Xbox One version in the meanwhile… Frustrating, but I probably would have chose to wait even if I did know in advance that it was advertised incorrectly.

And here’s what the card in question that I purchased looked like.

Devs should give some sort of reply that’s better than “holidays”, being that they don’t even have support. The only way to contact them is through this forum, and they haven’t replied to this topic after a whole week of it being up. It’s getting hard not to feel super disappointed in the way this situation has been handled so far (Both now, and before in regards to the others who have been waiting for solid info regarding the money they ALREADY put down for this).

seriously we need clear information. i thought developers want to sell their games i dk what these people trying to do. avoiding all questions.

any news about this situation? rukizzel recently answered in this thread here but to be honest I don’t really get what he’s saying with it. I feel he worded it deliberately ambiguous.

so I guess the characters are then considered part of the “app bundle” if they don’t get unlocked on PC. or did anything change and it works now?

Not ambiguous at all. The DE is an app which does nothing more than launch content. That content is either KI, KI Classic 1 & 2, or the in-app experiences like soundtrack, bts vids, etc.

So, in-app experiences are not available on PC at this time, but digital purchasers still get the cross-buy benefits of KI (game). (Classics have always and only been Xbox One, so that’s why I am not counting them.)

I got a reply on twitter once again stating we’ll get the content later this year (Which I accept, though I will still feel ripped off until I get what I paid for, which was mainly all of the actual content for the game, which has been out for a while), so both the DE app AND the game content are currently not being given to us. I’m sure you know that, but I want to keep that clear. I appreciate you taking time out to reply to this discussion and clear up some things regarding what you had said previously.