KI Definitive Edition PC Content Transfer

thanks for trying to clarify the situation, but I still don’t really get it. please bear with me here. so if I understand you correctly the expected behavior is that PC players do get the characters if they bought the digital DE? because until now multiple users here in the forums claimed that they bought the digital DE and still didn’t get any char on PC (codename4711 being one of them). which makes me wonder if it is an issue that was fixed or if this is the way it is supposed to be and one has to wait for the PC release of the DE for it to work.

I’d love to finally start with the game and get me the full package but as long as this remain an unclear situation I’d rather wait then spending 40 bucks and test it for myself.

You will get everything the DE stated, except the app that launches the bonus extras. So characters, modes and game content itself will be available on PC, just not the extras.

Just curious, has anyone that has purchased the digital DE tried to download KI on PC ( not the DE version) and play it?

I noticed in @YOSHi112 's pic it showed KI included in the bundle…has anyone tried to download the components of the bundle and see if it works?

Sorry, just trying to help troubleshoot.

I have, no dice. Shows my stats from testing the game on an Xbox One, but with only Jago (From unlocking him) and whatever character is on rotation. Appreciate it though, any ideas help while we wait!

Yeah, I’ve been playing KI mostly on PC ever since that version came out, so when it comes to stuff like the DE issues I haven’t had to deal with it, and that makes it hard to figure out what might be causing issues for others.

sure that’s the theory. in practice though I haven’t heard from a PC user where this actually works.

that picture is from the XBox section of the store since the DE isn’t available in the windows section to begin with. since on PC you’re supposed to buy the content in the in-game store, there aren’t any additional components you could download aside from the main game.

Because it isn’t going to be compatible until they push the update which is coming around Holiday season, still a couple weeks away.

which was my latest state of knowlede but this contradicts what rukizzel was saying. according to him the extra content of the DE launcher app will become available later on PC (since it’s not ported yet) while all the actual game content should be accessible right now.

Which it absolutely is not. I own DE digital and nothing is available on PC.

Rukizzel’s comment is confusing. He really does make it sound like the characters should be available now, and the extra content later. Which would be awesome! That’s fine. But it isn’t the case. Nothing is available on PC right now if you own DE digital.

Maybe he meant that the Xbox One version is just a launcher app, and that PC users will get all the in-game content in the future, but the in-app experiences will not be available.

I don’t think anyone is really expecting that content. We just want to be able to use the characters/skins/etc. At the least.

Also it’d be nice if Xbox 360 stick support was fixed… That would be a plus too.


that’s what I thought, thanks for the confirmation. so it’s back to the waiting game. hopefully we’ll see a PC release next month.

next month ?! dude…

what’s your guess then? according to the official news it should be released during this holiday season. but I’m pessimistic when it comes to fighting games on PC. maybe we have to wait even further.

I’ll be surprised if we get it before 2017.

Maybe they think it’s already available to some capacity and don’t realize it hasn’t committed.

Rukizzel’s response has only made me more confused. We know what we get, we just don’t know when we get anything at all.

when DE released for Xbox people was so hyped about crossbuy. Anyway rukizzel told us to wait for ‘‘holiday’’ as you understand my bad english im not even american. i hope it will released before 2017 because many people wants to buy tekken 7. my main issue is nobody knows clear date which is annoys me

It’s now near the end of November and still my digital version of the Definitive Edition content is not carried over to my Windows 10 PC. I even read a tweet from KI_Central that it’s Cross-Buy (false!) and now adding insult to injury the game is $20 for Gold users when I got it for full price thinking I would play it on PC but can’t. ---- Any luck on your end guys?


So glad that I found this and that I’m not the only one. Is this just a bug or do characters not transfer from the Xbox version to PC?

they are supposed to be available on PC according to rukkizel. it just isn’t working and so far there has been no official comment on this. we just assume that it will work when the DE is officially released for PC. as far as I know this problem is specifically tied to the DE and not a general one. if you would have bought some individual characters or a another pack, they would be available on PC. but since the DE this package is just the best deal, so people are waiting.

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The crazy thing about that though is, it won’t even let me buy anything on the PC version. Killer Instinct literally will not take my money lol. I gave up trying to find a way to transfer my characters from the Xbox Definitive Edition so I said forget it, I’ll just buy a bundle specifically from the PC version itself, maybe that’ll work. Nope. That failed too. When I tried to buy a bundle it wouldn’t even let me do that, none of them work. Even trying to buy individual characters came up with an error pop up message. When I go to the KI page on the windows store it shows a check mark next to the packages I own (which I guess it shows the content from the Definitive Edition that I already bought) yet nothing shows up in game, it’s just as if I have the free version with nothing bought at all. Can’t download or buy anything. The Xbox version is working normal again now (after having DLC loading problems all day) but the PC version is just not cooperating haha. It kind of sucks too because I wouldn’t even have thought about the PC version at all if it wasn’t another small problem with the Xbox One itself. I use an arcade stick. My stick just happens to be an Xbox 360 stick, which we all know is not compatible with the Xbox One. The Xbox pad just doesn’t feel comfortable for fighting games, it’s difficult to use for me personally. I figured if I buy the Definitive Edition, which stated cross play, that I’d be able to use my stick to play it. Well, that’s not working out too well as we can see… This a lot of hoops to jump through as a newcomer to KI haha. I really enjoy the game though and will suck it up and use my pad on the Xbox one until either the Definitive Edition is released on PC or the problems are sorted out. Or, as a third option, find a deal on a Xbox One stick! Lol. Thanks for the info!

Yeah. The Definitive Edition app was finally made available on Windows 10, but it still does not transfer the characters over in any way. It’s a good sign that they’re working on it, though…

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