I Quit KI!

“I Quit KI” is an official parody of you leaving KI and the community for a comedic and illogical reason.

The purpose of this thread is just to add light to the subject matter. In the past few months we have seen a few people leave with questionable reasoning. However, this thread isn’t a shunning but instead a creative way of you leaving KI and its community based on complaints that only you can justify.

Be wacky, weird, illogical, unreasonable and so on. Make your impression as to why you left KI, meeeeeeh!

I’ll start,
I’m sick of Jago not having a parry option. I mean, come on! He is basically a Ryu Ripoff with MK9 Smoke inspired hair. But nooooo! Let’s give the parry to Arby, a guy based on a shooting game! I’m livid, done, with this game. Oh and the community, don’t get me started! Stages this and stages that. ■■■■■ that! I want Bob Parker as a announcer and whenever a new character is revealed all you’ll hear is, “Eyedol, come on down!”. The character will then proceed to walk casually with the Price is Right theme playing. But nope, not going to happen, know why? Because the developers are racist against old people. Done with community, I quit KI.


Let me just pass by to say this is one of the dumbest threads I have yet to see posted.


That’s the point :grin:


Guyz, I have had enough of this game.

I am upset cuz I wunt Thunder’s super awesome old costume from KI1 back, and don’t even get me started on Orchid’s old costume!!! Oh and Kim too!!! I mean, fake women’s buttfloss not being in this game is the last straw. If I can’t see every single female characters entire butt cheeks its censorship and promotes modern feminazism. MS/IG are soooooooooo SJW like…ugh the censorship and sensitivity is so stoopid. Until they give Orchid and Kim Wu butt floss back and make Thunder look sooper awesome again I quit this game I just can’t stand it and it’s SJW promoting agenda


OMG General RAAM is in this game when “no one” asked for him anyways. Oh look a monitor from the Halo series is in Shadow Lords. What’s next, pay to win req packs too?! I’m tired of these guest character ruining the stunning and serious lore in the Killer Instinct universe but noooooooooo let’s ruin the vision even more with a fourth wall breaking toad next to my cybernetic dinosaur and dude on fire. what is this, a series from THE 90’s? Forget this game, I’m going to play playstation all-star because that’s the superior game in general.


Lmao “promotes modern feminazism”

Butt floss :joy:

LOL I forgot that game existed! You could’ve easily said MK vs DC felt smoother too :laughing:


Nah even as a joke, that game does not deserve a complement :laughing:


When skulls break, happiness fades.

Because of Rash’s full potential being used by other players to completely outclass Shadow Jago and Spinal’s laughable back dash, it’s time I quit KI…forever. I’ll just play Street Fighter and go into LowTierGod mode and bash this game completely, complain on twitch, then defend myself from the backlash via Twitter.


Oh and Kim Wu is for weaaboo rejects!


I quit KI! The devs never pay attention to how I want the game to be balanced! Forget that they are the first western devs that actually shares updates and the thought process behind each change, they need to change it to what I say is best. They should also stop changing the game every year! I don’t care that League of Legends the worlds biggest esport does the complete opposite of what I want with their community, the game should play exactly like it did day one.


I quit ki because retro Tusk’s ponytail is in the wrong spot! Retro is garbage because of it!


I quit! I’m done guys…this game is dead to me. How exactly is a MS all stars game supposed to attract people when the cast is 90% some old has-been series that was dead and buried for 16 years??? Where’s Master Chief? Where’s that dude from Grabbed by the Ghoulies? Where’s the Kinect robot? And where are guest characters like DOA’s jiggle physics? And the COD guy?

And where’s the gore? This is supposed to be a M-rated game…why isn’t anyone pulling their opponent’s lungs out of their butthole?

Anyway, until these things get fixed I’m going to go play Wii U…at least Nintendo knows how to always make the right decisions when it comes to being successful…


At least Shadow Lords has a parry option. Well my turn.

I quit Killer Instinct. Why? The developers don’t listen. People complained that Fulgore was overpowered. Then he got nerfed and now his heavy laser isn’t the anti air it used to be. His medium laser is now useless. They don’t listen. I am not having fun at all. Tell me that I should be playing something else. I am. I am waiting for Injustice 2. At least NRS listen’s to their fanbase. Pfft. Killer Instinct is dead. Face it. I quit. The game should revolve around me. I will go back to the game that really cares about their players. Marvel Contest of Champions.


Sorry guys, but after the Season 3 changes, I don’t think I’ll be playing anymore. Cinder’s DP being more punishable on block is ridiculous when you all could punish it already. Really?! Did you all not watch my video on how to punish it?!

It’s not just that either. Third Degree not being cancellable into Shadow Fission on block is absolutely unforgivable. How else am I supposed to get damage now besides using burnout to save me?! Doing actual combos? His combos are so weak. They’re weaker than Omen’s combos for crying out loud!

I just don’t get it. Why can’t they make Cinder the best character in the game instead of Fulgore? Not to mention all the guest characters. They’ll probably make them even stronger than the rest of the cast for all the noobs that want to play just for them. They already gave Arbiter a gun. Who’s next? Scorpion doing a fatality?

I feel bad for everybody who is going to play this character. Actually, I feel bad for anyone who’s going to keep playing now that Fulgore’s gonna be top even more now. A fullscreen laser that staggers?! That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! I give up. Good luck with the rest of your guys’ lives.

Oh yeah. One more thing. Why did you make Cinder’s Trailblazer so easy to break now? Everyone just has to look at the first one to know what to break after that now. A Kindergartener can figure it out now. It was so easy to break it before. All you had to do was see how fast he was going for a split second before he touched you. IT WAS THAT EASY! You make it impossible for anyone to enjoy playing Cinder IG.


Lol that got me laughing


I quit KI! 'cause I just found out DH hasn’t been developing KI since S2 started?! Why U no tell me?! No wonder KI feels like UMvC3!!


Killer Instinct isn’t exactly like this unrelated game. Change it or I swear I’m going to quit!


Street Fighter got better. I’m out…

drops mic and walks away



This Topic is stupid. i can’t see the point of it.
this whole thread sucks.

…wait are you serious???

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