Do you think we've spoilt as a community?

I have a bit of a question on this if it were to come to fruition. I made this gamertag just for the purpose of having the username, so technically I don’t own it? I can still play the game and seasons on it if I wanted to cause it’s on the same xbox as the account that was used to buy it though. So would there be any way for me to be able to access them? I get this may not be able to answer since it isn’t actually implemented, but I figured I’d ask anyway.

I think there’s some users who get too scathing, overbearing, and even petty and unreasonable with their critiques and concerns, but that’s inevitable in any active community like this. I hate to say it it, but welcome to the Internet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I for one very much appreciate the openness of the developers, as well as the admirable effort they put into the game, and I wouldn’t want them to change that just because some fans can get rowdy and rude.

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Some of these functions would be very handy especially after this week lol.

It’s nice to see the forums will evolve aswell as the game

WE MADE IT!!! :persevere:/

This is an interesting one, because for the most part, it can happen on the character sub-forums, but whether it happens depends largely on whether or not the other fans of that character actually care to discuss things. The Hisako forum is probably the most tech and MU focused that I’ve seen, but that’s largely because @Marbledecker posted the first MU thread and all the other Sako’s were like “:open_mouth: - this is awesome!” and decided to respond. And even then it’s usually just 2 or 3 of us providing most of the actual knowledge.

I’ve seen Hagen over in the Kan-Ra forums really try and get tech and MU threads started, but all he gets is crickets most of the time. Probably because Kan-Ra is the devil and everyone hates him (only half joking here :neutral_face:), but also because whatever fans he has here either don’t know or don’t care to discuss tech. I’ve seen a similar phenomenon in the Jago sub-forum - HeroofTime used to try and make tech-focused threads, but he was the only one who contributed to them. Absent other members willing to discuss things, he decided to spend his time elsewhere.

I’d love to see the community focus more on gameplay stuff, but the community has to want that too. Being able to mute certain topics will probably help some of the “cream” rise, but I don’t think it’s that a bunch of non-KI owners are flooding our boards with nonsense. Most of our most stubborn and insistent members do own KI - they just don’t care about the gameplay stuff as much. So I’m not sure how much that will help tbh, so I’m not really sure how much the “members-only” delineation will help things.

But anyways, be the change you want to see @GazR_J - if you want to learn about resets and tech for a character, go to that character’s sub-forum and post a thread about it. Tag people who you know play that character and see where it takes you. The Hisako players really glommed onto the MU threads idea for instance, but it never would’ve happened if Marble hadn’t made that first post about one of Hisako’s bad fights. :slightly_smiling:


You are not the only one. I have no idea what those terms mean.

Neither do I, but maybe we should ask. @STORM179 gave a few suggestions of who and where to post

I can try and give a quick primer @DyingAlloy66626

Meaty - an attack that is out (active) as an opponent is getting up. Basically, they stand up into an attack, and unless they try an invincible reversal (like a DP) whatever they do will get hit before it can come out.

Safe jump - a jumping attack that will hit an opponent on their wakeup (is meaty), but lands before any invincible reversal they try can come out to hit. So I can do a jump+HP on you as you’re getting up, and if you don’t block on wakeup you’ll get tagged by the jump HP, but if you try to DP me, I’ll have landed already and be able to block it.

Positive on Block - an attack that, after an opponent blocks, leaves you coming out of recovery before he comes out of block stun. Simple example: In a Jago v Jago mirror, if one player does a double roundhouse and mashes jab, and the other player blocks and then mashes jab, Player 1 (the one who did the double roundhouse) will win the trade. His jab will start up 3 frames faster than the other Jago, because double roundhouse is “plus on block” by 3 frames. Basically, you get to act before they do.

Frame trap - generally, just some string of attacks where a defender can push a button, but will be counter hit for doing so. It’s pressure with gaps in it, and because trying to poke through will get you hit instead, it is a “trap”. Good example is Hisako’s HP rekka string - there’s space for you to try to mash jab or jump out in between the hits, but if you do, you’re going to be eating a combo. Can also be done with certain buttons that have favorable frame data - moves that are plus on block are generally very good for this reason.

Reset - to intentionally drop a combo to start a new one. Due to scaling, attacks tend to do less damage the further you get in the combo, and if you started the combo with a low damage button (like a LK), you’re only going to be able to get so much damage out of it. So instead of finishing the combo, you drop it and try to start a new combo. It’s a way to very quickly build up damage on an unsuspecting opponent. A good example of this is Wulf dropping a combo, dashing through, and then tagging you with a low to start a new one, or Jago dropping a combo and then immediately hitting you with an overhead.

Hope those quick definitions help! :smile:


Wow @STORM179 I was not expecting this write up. Thank you for taking the time to do so. Very insightful post. Some I have to see to understand better but I have some idea now. :slight_smile:

Thanks that helpsme understand some of that stuff as well.

When I saw some SFV tech vids the jargon was heavy with similar terms

I’d have to think about the more infrastructural stuff, but one thing that I think would be great is a full glossary containing every fighting game term specific to KI, similar to what @STORM179 just posted. Infil’s guide is great, but it doesn’t allow for two-way dialogue and there’s a lot of text to go through if you want to know what a specific term is.

Maybe a “Gameplay Questions/Strategy” forum section? Have it placed somewhere prominent where users can ask questions like “what can I Shadow Counter?”, “what can I combo break?”, “what does flipout do?” etc. Infil’s guide is buried somewhere in ‘General Discussion’ and hasn’t seen action in a month, but it deserves to be the first post in a section like this.

I feel if there was a centralized, long-running thing like that (and people actually participated instead of creating a new thread in a random section every time they have a thought) then it could encourage new players to ask questions, potentially opening up their competitive spirit and opening up a lot more strategy-based dialogue.

Still, a lot of it comes down to the community itself. The glossary thing could be made right now by somebody with more initiative than me.


I’m on board with this might help me improve my gaming overall.

A long time ago, as Street Fighter 4 was becoming a big thing, VesperArcade did a series on a lot of those fighting game glossary terms on his youtube channel and giving some nice examples of each, and showing how you can use this information to up your gameplay. I would highly recommend that series, as even though it pertains to a lot of SF4 stuff, it has a lot of general information and more that is applicable across the fighting game genre.

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I just did a youtube search for his videos lots of informative stuff including the dreaded quarter circle commands.

I’m very interested in knowing how all this started. I mean, when did these concepts first appear? SFII? who was the first to start counting frames? when were option selects discovered for the first time? I find it incredible that people has deciphered fighting games to this fundamental level. Did developers make these things public?

He has a LOT of informative stuff.

He helped me 100% SSF4’s trial mode, MvC3 vanilla’s trials mode, and helped me discover a lot of fundamental stuff. Call me an 09er if you want, I can’t deny it, but it’s not a bad thing. But his Super Street Fighter 4 Tutorial series, which is like his second oldest playlist is a supremely useful one.

He also holds a lot of records involving maximizing the number of hits on Ultra Combos. I think he has an Aganos hex-Ultra combo video somewhere. Yes, he activates Aganos’ Ultra Combo SIX TIMES in one ultra finisher. He also sets his meter gain and instinct to normal so every one of his ultras are done under realistic conditions, and can be done in a match, albeit, THEY’RE FREAKING HARD MAN!!!

So if you’d like to foster more of a playing environment, can I suggest something similar to TrueAchievements’ Boosting Sessions? Players can set up lobby times and dates before hand, leave them open for people who want to join for that date and time.

This is definitely a weakness of my guide. If the concept you’re looking for isn’t listed in the top navigation bar, it can be pretty tough to find something out.

I’ve thought for a long time about doing a glossary on my site, and each term would have a short video example (less than 10 seconds).

As you might guess, this is a monumental amount of work, and with S3 around the corner I probably can’t get started on it right now, but if there are people (who I trust understand fighting games) to help me shoot these videos, I could look into setting up the infrastructure for this.

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Yeah it’d definitely be good to have a shared strategy section on the forum. Not sure how that would need to be organized, though Infil’s guide should definitely be pinned at the top.

It’d also be nice to maybe divide the feedback section in to current content and future content. It might be hard to pick which place someone should post in at times though, but it could work, I think.

As to OPs thread subject, I don’t think everyone’s spoiled. I think that there is a group of people that have nothing but negativity to contribute and use their love for their perfect vision of a KI game that doesn’t exist and never existed to justify their unending frustration with a product that could never hope to live up to their unreasonable expectations, even if they’re completely unaware of how unreasonable they are.

They either don’t see the cumulative effect of their posts as far as their contribution to the forum or their reputation here or they simply don’t care, as they think it’s their nationalistic duty to inform the devs what the nation-state of KI wants out of a game, so that trumps being constructive, positive, willing to compromise or respecting that the devs themselves might have a vision that differs from their own.

You know, the people that always have to use “we” when talking about something they don’t like, as if speaking for others who really get the “true soul” of KI adds both the illusion of majority opinion and experience (and thus a more valid / important) opinion, that the devs will be more inclined to listen to due to this increased weight behind their words.

Yes, there are those people and some shout loudly and consistently, but really, they’re a small group. Most of us see their names and know what they’ll say before we’ve read the first word.

Maybe I’m just an optimist, but I think that most people in here think it’s amazing that the devs are so accessible and so willing to not only listen, but to react when feedback is strong or semi-united in a certain way of thinking.

I think it’s awesome that these guys just pop in to answer a question or clarify a point or correct misinformation. Could anyone take that for granted or be spoiled by it? Sure. But is this community as a whole? I sincerely doubt it. Most of us here respect and appreciate what these guys do for the game we love, even if we don’t always agree on every single choice they make.

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Our behaviour as a community is really disgraceful now. Not all of us of course, but it’s really beginning to show. I was on the Twitch chat today for the Killer Instinct Pro League and all I saw was people constantly complaining to @TheKeits about Season 3, about their characters, about how he ‘only care about his opinion’, even from top players. Keits is even taking a break from speaking to the community now:

What are we doing?! We are gifted by having a company that talks to us, keep close to the community yet we are pushing our own devs away due to our negativity! This game won’t die because ‘oh, the devs are not balancing the game right’, or ‘oh, the devs don’t listen to us’. It’s our own views as a community that will destroy this game if we don’t behave more positively.


I wish people had screen caps of the twitch chat. I would’ve have like to see what has been said.