Do you think we've spoilt as a community?

I would like to get some feedback on what you think we’ve gotten/seen so far from the devs as a community.
Do you think they’ve been too open and transparent with us over the seasons and developers?
Do you think they’ve taken our feedback and used it?
Have they shut down over unwarranted comments? (As in showing early wip builds)
Sometimes I think we take their openness for granted and as a free reign to ram our opinions into them. If you look at capcom, nintendo, netherrelam Devs who basically March to the beat of their own drum and give us their vision.
As a fan, community member and a buyer I appreciate their openness but I think it can be taken for granted.
Do you think we’ve been spoilt by them and as such take them for granted?


Maybe a few of us, but that can’t be helped. For the most part, I see a lot of users who are appreciative of the process and how interactive the devs are.


Heck yeah! @developers love you guys. Seriously, I love the community interaction and your willingness to put forth unfinished work. I hope nothing that has been said has been taken as offense, and instead shown how much we care how well KI and, in turn, IG does.


I too love the fact they’ve integrated with the community on such a personal level.
I like that they bring people into their streams to play development builds, I like they way they allow some of the community to stream using their channel.
I just feel that the current backlash couldve been tempered slightly if some of the ordinary are folk who’ve seen the lvl 4 ender build had said to them quietly before they shown it on stream what they’re feeling and thoughts were.
The devs thought they were showing something cool for the community, something that was currently a wip and they’ve been dumped on from a height.
Same as tj, same with Kim.
Don’t get me wrong the final product could be God awful or it could be marvelous

I don’t know, would I express my opinions like I always have even if the devs weren’t listening? Hell yea!

I think the same could be said about many of those members you think are spoiled.

Where did I state members were spoilt? I said as a community? I’d appreciate you read what I wrote.
It’s your right to express yourself as you see fit. It’s their right not to show much until release or not take anything we’ve said into consideration

Ever since the days of Double Helix, the devs of this game have been amazingly open to showing the game, listening to feedback, and applying constructive criticism. Iron Galaxy has been no exception, and I think we’re all very fortunate to have such a transparent dev team that not only sees the value in listening to the fans, but also takes a level-headed approach to this constructive criticism.


wayyyyy too spoilt all people ever do is moan on these boards. people should be grateful they get to play KI.

Majority of developers have little contact with the community they put the game out people play and they keep it moving


Unquestionably this is true to some degree. But we have to keep some perspective on the community too. There’s a pretty large group of people who play KI. Of that group, only a small subset haunts the forums. Of that group, only a small subset ever posts anything. And of that group only a small subset posts regularly. So, what you read on here is from a vanishingly small group of people (which is why we all know eachother and most of us know what the person is likely to say before we even start reading the post).

So, while I admit that I am often upset to see people slamming the developers as though everything they do that the poster doesn’t like is a personal insult, that represents a small group of people. It’s impossible to know what the overall community thinks when the huge majority doesn’t post here.


I whole heartedly agree Andy. The forums are a niche part of the players and that makes it greater that they interact with us so much to me.

Before this age of Internet, we all relied on monthly magazines with shots of development to get excited about games, and it was solely chosen by dev teams who had vision of advancement and pruning of new details of forthcoming game titles…

No one saw Turok the dinosaur hunter in development, only by 2/3 shots in a publication on newsstands.

This generation of ‘gimme gimme’ ‘no I want it MY way’ seems a regression in respect and loyalty and the last couple of days show how A decision that may have been made in an office and presented at launch, can be tainted by allowing the public to be the art school class of critiques and poison the overall excitement of the community.

A week before launch.

Maybe the new mode will be a selectable option, such as combo assist.
No, I didn’t like it when I tried it. So I just don’t enable it. Hopefully, the ones so worried about ’ being taken out of the game’ and ‘losing a sense of where I am’ when they play mkx 2 minute X-ray moves and SFV critical arts (look at Rashid tornado CA length) realize a huge epiphany.

We all are so lucky KI even came BACK. mighty appalled at so-called supporters.

If I were a dev, I’d retract from info in the future, and maybe even just take greater action


See I grew up with that too. Couldn’t wait to get my hands on a magazine to dissect every bit of info on a game coming out.
We had no way of conveying our thoughts to a dev bar not buying a game.
The dawn of the net has changed many a thing, but more so in getting your point across directly and immediately through to someone. That in itself is a double edged sword

Probably the best line in the post.

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People complaining about the new level 4 enders when the stream quality clearly isn’t good. What’s hilarious is everyone who’s been to this community since even season1 should know what we see on stream isn’t always complete and can actually make some adjustments and improve it.

Sadly this is really not that unusual. In season1 we had a guy who REFUSED to support the game because Orchid’s bust size wasn’t big enough. If that isn’t spoiled I don’t know what is.

Now we have people who instead of negotiating and finding a way to work out the situation for level 4 enders, one to supposedly boycott the game to influence the game THEIR way? without considering the fact some folks LIKE the new enders?..and also will only want to argue without being worried about being argued against?

A ton of people have already done suggestions and sadly it doesn’t work out that way.

On the case at hand. I do sometimes feel that IG/MS openess is being taken for granted quite alot. But that again has happend since season 1, where people who can’t tell the difference between an opinion and fact claiming they are the Jesus of the Forums, and believe the devs should listen to them and only them.

The general attitude some people carry about “my word over yours” is just frustrating to no end, and I admit, some people here come to conclusions that just out right infuriate me: How can you assume everyone gets an “annilation” move just because Shago had it? it’s not that black and white.

However, at the end of the day I see folks on here who are quite the majority and are capable of making reasonable arguments and suggestions without arguing and attempting to shut other people down. But these folks are not posting quite as much so it only seems our community is a broken mess.

The people who are taking IG for granted are more or less the minority and we are not the only ones who IG looks to for feedback. We even have folks on twitter and things like that who can do quite a bit for this game.

Even more so we have folks who are even able to argue their dislike without going around claimin they are Jesus and speak the truth.

I think KI’s growth is going well and I think season 3 has potential even if it lacks some things I had desired since season 1, while I may be salty about that for awhile I still think KI is one of the best fighting games this year.

So yeah we have folks who are indeed spoiled and claim everything they say is the truth but at the end of it all we also have folks who appreciate the openness.

However if the next time they do not include feedback from the community save MAYBE for re-balancing and bug issues, I won’t blame them.


That sis true, KI has been gone for years, and it was only in 2013 that KI finally mad ea come back. Besides the typical graphics complaints and the lack of retros looking like the original designs (though one of those is understandable) Regardless, it isn’t fair to the developers either.

Now with that being said, does this mean that the community should not complain? not really, their are some (including myself) who want Elites to be playable in Halo 5 and I was among those who skipped it because of that. But at the same time, it can get out of hand if these things go too far, the community will be looked at as negative nancy’s who cannot appreciate anything (the Halo community is already like that) and as a result taints the whole community.

Regardless, I do wish we had Ultimates but that isn’t going to happen for sometime. BUT!!! I enjoy the series, I love KI and its among my top fighting games.

If only they knew, this game wasn’t a place to make their fantasies come true.


I should question this bro: what the heck does Halo5 have to do with Killer Instinct exactly? isn’t that reaching a bit?..

Anywho of course we all have our ideal design ideas and gameplays on how a character comes out. However if you ask me, IG and MS thankfully already know what to do with the characters concept wise. If IG had listend to us when design Riptor and considering the general opinions being shot out at the time: Riptor could of ended up looking like a giant chicken!!

Thankfully they did not and followed what they felt would be a good concept for the characters. How other people felt about the situation I can’t answer but to me I liked it.

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This community is such an amazingly fulfilling outlet and support tool for the game, I am one of those who graciously thank the devs for all they do and will continue to do, I also do get annoyed with the few who only speak when they feel like ranting about some miniscule element that is previewed or introduced, but in the end i’ll just continue to participate in the constructive conversations and platforms that this forum provides…

Proud member

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V[quote=“justathereptile, post:15, topic:6323, full:true”]

[quote=“BblackorchidD, post:11, topic:6323”]
We all are so lucky KI even came BACK. mighty appalled at so-called supporters.

If I were a dev, I’d retract from info in the future, and maybe even just take greater action

Now with that being said, does this mean that the community should not complain? not really, their are some (including myself) who want Elites to be playable in Halo 5 and I was among those who skipped it because of that. But at the same time, it can get out of hand if these things go too far, the community will be looked at as negative nancy’s who cannot appreciate anything (the Halo community is already like that) and as a result taints the whole community. [/quote]

No, you are ok, it’s the level of reposts from 4-5 posters before the game is even launched that literally have no clue as to how far these new things in game are developed creating a dull slant in all of our hype that has been rising for this game since World Cup into threats of boycotting and leaving the game and removing what they have no idea of final build

Is so much different as a request for a character or suggestion to a threat and hating on something THAT HASNT BEEN RELEASED. It’s getting out of hand when there is no proof.

You are on train, the hysterical anxiety posters are having delusions.

‘Oh’ I was on a stream, I’m a pro player, so I’m better, and I’m gonna boycott if you guys don’t remove this’ :no_mouth:

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In a word, yes. I absolutely think this community (as determined by following the game and/or forums closely) is spoiled. A lot of times some of us will jokingly comment “this is why we can’t have nice things” at whatever the last GAME-KILLING CATASTROPHE is. The forums explode into a clusterfuck of wailing and moaning about trivial things with annoying regularity.

If I were IG, there’s no way in heck that I’d make another bonus character for S3 with the way they’ve been treated over Omen - I’d just do like DH did and wait months and months until the next full character was ready to go. You don’t like it, tough. They show us an early S3 build and let us play Kim Wu, and all the community does is generate a 250-post bitching thread about how “terrible” her face looks. Every other random poster on here swears they have an art degree and that the devs are a pack of incompetent and lazy hacks. We beg for info about the game, and then every time they show us something in development, there’s a dedicated thread (or 3) wailing that the game looks “unfinished” and “low budget”. Honestly, this part of our community really, really ticks me off. :unamused:

On the flip side, I do think IG/MS’s openness has worked extremely well for both sides. Most of the community recognizes the great opportunity we have here, and critiques and comments are shared constructively and respectfully. The game really is better than it would have been absent the community’s feedback I think, and that interaction has created a very loyal and passionate fanbase around the game. So it isn’t all bad, and on the whole I think the periodic uproars over nothing tend to be from a very small subset of the community. I do think a lot of people take the devs’ interaction/openness here for granted, but a lot of people also really appreciate and value it.


I was onestly grateful that while yes Omen is a free character and sure he may need a few tweeks, I was just happy about the fact they even BOTHERED making a free character as a thank you. Just mere fact alone they were happy to have us as a community was wonderful enough.

Though I can understand reasonable complaints on Omen is one thing, but to say IG has no talent because of Omen?..well that’s like saying someone is bad for giving you a gift and you didn’t have to usually pay for it.

Now I’m not saying that I’m excusing poor quality work I expect good work obviously but it doesn’t mean you have to take the attitude about it either.

One more thing that I get a BIG grip over: “I GIVE U MONIES SO MAKE THIS HOW I WANT IT” even though those people forgot that we are also paying for that same content. That doesn’t mean people have to shout out loud and try to drown out people’s opinions with their “truths”

I’ll give you this: At least it’s not the Halo Community, they are the absolute worst compared to this place.

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