Do you think we've spoilt as a community?

See that’s the thing I thought end was a nice bonus gift. Yes he was made to give the team to progress and could do with a few tweaks but they didn’t have to.
A free bonus character received the wrath and I was thinking you know they didn’t have to do it

That’s right, a game doesn’t sell all that well if it caters to only one part of the community. That’s why SFV (Correct me on this) has a lot of disappointment by a lot of people have played it.


Some are more than others, but overall it’s a natural effect of the Devs being as communicative as they have been.

In the end though I think it makes for a better end product, so things aren’t so bad.

Yes. Overall, it’s a great thing… but people abuse this far too often and it results in the community being spoiled. By simply typing ‘@’, you know you can get the attention of the LEAD DESIGNERS of the game. Soooo many threads at some point have someone tag the name of every single developer they can remember, no matter how dumb their question or comment is.

For example, I can ask “Hey, @TempusChaoti, @TheKeits and @rukizzel , which Care Bear do you like more, Share Bear or Funshine Bear?” I just made a creative director at Microsoft think about Care Bears. Sometimes it’s harmless, but other times people can gain a sense of self-importance or dare I say entitlement for whatever opinion they have because they have such easy access to the developers, and they have seen that they respond to certain feedback.

One of the reasons why I don’t get more involved here is the fact that this group that posts regularly annoys the hell out of me with a bunch of repeated dialogue about some trivial nonsense that doesn’t really matter. Tangible discussions about actual strategy and gameplay are drowned out by the 5th ‘Keits please make retros better’ thread. I feel like this forum would be happier with a Killer Instinct coloring book instead of a fighting game.

Color Instinct… Get on that, Microsoft.


I don’t see how seeing the process is being spoiled. Other fighting games, specifically in Japan have betas of the game at Arcades a year before release. MK had tons of trailers showing off all the characters and features before release. We have had to wait until the very last second to see these things this time around.

Not only that but most of our feedback doesn’t change the game in a drastic way unless it comes to bugs or balances.

You haven’t seen the Halo forum. Basically they screamed their lungs out from every little nitpick until they’ve annoyed the developers. Not that the developers aren’t guilty, no they don’t give any direct response to the forum, leaving more distrust from the community.

Despite me not knowing any other forums, this one I feel is the most trusted when it comes to the community and the developers. Despite the negative reaction to the new lvl 4 enders, at least we gave reasonable explanation on why they’re flawed in their current state. We don’t bark at the developers without a good reason. [quote=“GazR_J, post:1, topic:6323, full:true”]
Do you think they’ve taken our feedback and used it?
Absolutely, almost all bugs and feedback on characters are from us. They don’t just look at the bug reporting thread and take note on it, they look on other threads as well. From responding to users, keeping the thread out of line, and can basically join the conversation if they choose to (which doesn’t happen too often if I remembered).

It’s examples likes these that can keep a video game like KI going, especially on it’s third season. From players giving thoughtful and important feedback to developers actually paying attention to us and will acknowledge our feedbacks. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything like this because we end up making a difference anyways.

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These are the first forums I’ve ever joined and it can be quite hectic.
Just other devs from games don’t seems as open sometimes

Right but there are those who unfortunately are so entitle they practically bark at the devs for EVERYTHING, they are a very loud but thankfully small group.

They still have not launched season 3, so there is still time to be surprised :wink:.

This guy doesn’t know about the app. :smirk:


Had to download it to check it out, lol.

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So IG has now given the option to turn on r off the new ender system.
So I think the community might be a tad spoilt lol. Tho I’m concerned that since the pros got involved it’ll be their opinion and no one elses taken into account.
I want the game IG envisioned not what some tournament players demand

I am guilty of this

The hardcore fans of the old KI’s became addicted for the graphics and music. That’s why we wanted a new KI. The gameplay and balance was nothing notable, as seen by the lack of a competitive scene in the old games. Thus most 30-40 year old fans here don’t know a thing about strategy.

When KI 2013 came out I started reading things like “safe jump” “positive on block” “frame trap”… I knew nothing about those. I knew nothing about balance. I didn’t even know that people actually earns money by competing in SF.
Most of the gameplay discussion is lost on me. I don’t have the skill, the speed or the commitment to actually use any coherent strategy when playing, apart of “throw many fireballs because this guy is a zoner” “ambiguous crossup on wake up” or “fireball + backteleport mixup with Spinal” Option selects? Not a chance. Guess breaking? all day long.
Manuals? sometimes with Jago…

What I mean is that the first iteration of a new KI is not the best place to find a core group of pros. Of course there’s several (because the game is oriented to them) but they choose to go to the lab alone, understandably.

It’s also true that MS/IG has never created a section of the forum for people with pro badges to discuss the technicalities in a safe space, but that’s up to them.

So yes, in my case I mostly talk about aesthetics, lore and graphics because it’s what I like, what I care about, and what I understand. Sorry, I guess. When I see a thread of “Sadira’s safe jumps and option selects on Wakeup against Kan-ra discussion” I won’t be there because I have nothing to say.

Whoa whoa whoa ki colouring book?! Sign me up lol. Tho the retros would still be off :grin:


Re: thread title: yes.

This is a beautiful post which ought to pass through one’s viewport more than once, so I am quoting it in an attempt to make it appear a second time.

I doubt the frustration @LeoFerreis is trying to articulate is solely about people not caring about competition or gameplay.

Yes I thin we’re very spoiled because they show us soooo much and they even ask our opinion on certain things. The thing that I hate is they will tell everyone that the build they’re showing is still unfinished and guess what soon as they show it the forums are packed with I don’t think they know what they’re doing this is off the retros don’t match she’s missing her thong he’s missing a wrist strap and it’s always the same people


I care about aesthetics to a certain extent too, and this is also an okay place for that, but it seems to take up about 90% of the forums. Of course, it’s higher now that a bunch of content is being released, but it’s still true in the middle of the season. The problem I have with that is it doesn’t need to be because most of this stuff has been talked to death 10 times over, and there’s only so much fruitless discussion to be had about Ultimates and Eyedol.

This morning I took a screenshot of the front page of Test Your Might (MKX forum):

Discussions on tournament results, gameplay, and tech i.e. education. Of course, TYM is an unfiltered cesspool of people arguing with each other, but about frame advantage and matchups… not on the topic that Kim Wu’s retro loin cloth needs to be 3 inches longer. I’d say it’s no coincidence that it’s a reason why you see a much higher concentration of pro players on that site. Not everybody has to care about competition, but this place is so inundated with stubborn opinions on trivial things that there’s almost no room for learning.

Not at all become a member of most other modern games communities and you will experience similar treatment although I do think the devs here are more down to Earth than with other games.

I’d like to get to a point in the threads that we could talk about resets, juggling and tech. Set up tournaments and what not. Now I know we have that to a certain aspects. But I’d appreciate a more close community that helps each other out.
Lord knows I need help with the above

slight hijack.

We’d obviously like to foster more of this on our forums. We’re looking into implementing a few things in this regard, although I don’t have any time estimates on when they’re going in right now (launch is crazy!).

Here’s a few:

  • Owner badges next to name - (i.e. verified purchase) shows if a poster actually owns the game or not and which season(s).
  • Owner-only sub-forum. Non owners can read, but can’t post or create topics. Could divide this by seasons or even characters, but want to keep it as un-sharded as possible.
  • Mute / ignore functions

What other features would you like to see?