3.3.1 Patch Notes


My game version says 3.3.3
I don’t understand…
Edit: I also can’t connect to anyone online


got it. i’ll try this out.


Oops, I meant to quote this reply for my response above. Maybe it applies to both of you though, lol.


Man I hate when this happens. But I totally feel you there.


I’m glad to see this game continually evolving. Its come a long way. I understand your many frustrations with trying to create something balanced yet fun. I have a personal question regarding your opinion of the gameplay in its current state. Do you wish there was something you could remove thats been in since you’ve started working on the game but kept in only because people wouldn’t necessarily be fond of your decision? If so, what? @TheKeits


There’s no way for him to reply to that without walking into an enormous dumpster fire.


Why? Are people that silly? We should be able to understand and accepts someone’s opinion like adults.

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I’ll bite.

Double + Ultras.

I want to play the next match, not watch you do a 30+ second triple ultra. But this, along with all the combat/balance decisions, come from a team of people, not just me. :slight_smile:

Why are people so sensitive about Ultras?

Marry me.


Thanks, your response is pure. I’m sure many of us share the same sentiment. I too wish to play the next match. Maybe an ability to enable a “tournament mode” at the character select screen can disable double or full ultras… Im sure you guys have discussed this many times. Well, thanks for your time and reply.


Get ready to see a new forum high for “likes on a single post”.


So glad to hear one of the devs share this sentiment. It is one of the most frustrating things with playing online and having only limited time to play. I just want more matches.

I would love to see some sort of option that both players must have on in order for multiple ultras to be doable. Otherwise it ends like doing an Ultra on TJ with full instinct or it lets the person in it end it.

That or put in an “End 1000 Ultras early” achievement :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve gotta ask, because I’ve seen this pop up and seems to be a casual vs hardcore issue, but has it been considered or would it even be possible to limit Ultras in one mode and not in another? Like for example, when playing vs gold or Killer in Ranked limit them to 1 ultra, but in exhibition or local vs allow triples, and maybe make it customizable in lobbies? It might be a good way to give new players their flash & wow while letting veterans just get on with their next fight.

Why a Shadow Lord shouldn't do a quad ultra?

in online play, I handle double+ ultras by taking off the headphones, dropping the controller, and swiping through my phone. As in, figuratively ‘leaving the room’ completely disengaged and not looking at or hearing what’s going on, just letting them play with themselves for a bit (haahaa). I never had someone do that in offline match though so I’m not sure how I’d react


For, I’ve always loved short stylish ultras like some of the ones Sadira can do, versus Quintuplet Ultras just for the sake of it, so I completely agree. :smiley:


There’s a neat incentive :slight_smile:. As of now the game encourages long ultras because of the experience gain and so forth you get from it so something like this may help alleviate the issue.


Actually, the only thing the game rewards is triggering an ultra, period. Doesn’t matter how many you do or how long you let them play out.


Ok we’re seeing the Shadow Lords issues resolving. Also, you might want to check the Emporium Packs :slight_smile:


Actually I’ve received fight challenges for moves done in an ultra, its a good way to get your combo hits, air attacks, etc. up for “free”. :stuck_out_tongue:

So there kind of is some XP on the line and a reason to go big with ultras.


If I got the mode from whatever glitch was occurring (all I did was turn on my X1 and it was there) and played it, and Rukari just sent my official code, do I actually need to use the code, or can I keep playing on the version of SL I’ve got now? I also bought a guardian pack with my KI gold - I assume whatever I purchased should transfer over without issue?