3.3.1 Patch Notes

Check out the various character balance and bug fixes here:



Thank you!

I thought many characters will get nerf. But few characters get nerf… This is not bad! :slight_smile:


Huh. These are pretty small besides Gargos and Eyedol.

That last part, though…


Glad to see Gargos fixed


Prepped Earth defenses and charged up Ultratech defense batteries. Gargos Alert: DEFCON 4 ETA: IMMINENT".

Smells like shadow lords early access. FeelsGoodMan

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Yeap, :slight_smile:

Minus the hard knockdown I’m okay with everything else.

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Except that Stoneskin nerf. That’s some ol’ bullshoddy. Sucks to be Gargos.


Defcon 4 is the lowest Defcon. Defcon 1 is the most serious.



When I read that I was hoping for a General RAAM buff and was quite confused from what I read.


I’m still waiting for Gargos to not get an HKD off of his damage ender, but the explosion nerf is good. He is just about guaranteed to get the explosion to hit in every match, and getting a minion is too big of a reward for that.


Nerfs were much needed. Where’s SL? :frowning:

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Getting a safe opportunity to summon a minion at the cost of half of his instinct off of a zero damage, insanely negative-on-block attack was too good? I’ll have to agree to disagree on that, but to each his own, I guess.

I agree that HKD should go from the damage ender… but now I wish I was in a hostage-negotiation situation, where I could ransom the damage ender HKD for the return of Burst HKD. That sounds like a fair trade off, considering the relatively limited ways we can actually set up a minion.

I think a lot of this “safe minion” issue may come from players failing to punish unsafe summoning, and not taking responsibility for those mistakes. Calling a minion takes almost a full second.

I’m not saying that’s EVERYONE’S issue, and I’m not accusing you personally @LeoFerreis of this mentality, I’m just talking generally.

@TypodNano The future. SL is currently in the future.



Does that mean Early Access? Oh please…

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None of my mains except Gargos got changed. Minions don’t build meter anymore, that’s big…

@Crainiak24 @DulXboxOne @lewisthewizard

#I told you guys that Eyedol would get destroyed.


The first round, probably. AKA: EVO peeps!

I can’t wait any longer :sob:

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That Kim Buff :wink:

Eyedol nerfs are significant, but IMO he is still very strong, at least on paper.

Of all the nerfs for Gargos, no meter from minions its the most significant for me. This includes minions special attack? This basically means that Gargos has a harder way to walk for fueling his minion summoning

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This is just a very small list of changes we wanted to get out to you guys as quickly as possible. The next update (3.4) has a much longer balance update list. Look forward to it.