3.3.1 Patch Notes

I like the little oddity there at the end, lol.

Good stuff here. I’m glad they are able to push these kind of things out. Every day with broken Eyedol running amok in ranked leagues was a crime against humanity…


Cool beans. Any kind of ETA for the 3.4 patch? Is that just the big September Shadow Lords patch, or something potentially sooner?

Liking the Eyedol and Gargos changes as well - should make both characters’ gameplans a bit more thoughtful. :thumbsup:

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Crossing my fingers that the Jago complaints don’t warrant a nerf later on. For now, good patches.



Its easy to anticipate more Eyedol changes, but can you give us a hint of other characters who are in your radar for possible changes?

Thank you in advance!

Who’s ready to beat EYEDOL!!!

@Kevbones we’re coming for you! :joy:


Lol. But I will find another way to use him… :wink:


I’m glad they did something with Eyedol’s Jumping HP. I saw how well that got abused.

thank u. so can we know when the 3.4 are comming out?

While it’s sad to see 0 RAAM adjustments, removing the tendency of minion hits to generate meter for Gargos and reducing the amount of meter gained by M and H portal punch will help RAAM a bit in that matchup.


Thank you <3

They make him play more honestly. Spamming jHP will now get him wrecked, but executed as a normal jumping move (i.e. on the way down) should still lead to some dirty block strings. Right?

Also, no more yolo instinct trigger + shadow meteor/DP. If that DP gets blocked, Eyedol’s gonna hurt, and the sky will remain right where it is.

I think Eyedol’s changes are great :slight_smile:


Nice to see you back on the forums man.


that eyedol shadow meteor damage nerf is probably justified. i felt bad casually killing off a couple of players who were working their ■■■ off in a match

I hope 3.4 drops before the end of the month. I get the feeling that it’s possible but I don’t work at IG so I dunno.

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You mean another way to abuse him. :smiley:

You mean another way to defeat my opponents? :slight_smile:

Ha. Golds, maybe.

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We’ll see…

no fix for ki pc where searching for matches causes the game to crash
ki sometimes not allowing people to join lobbies not fixed
no fix to counter breakers


If you’re expecting a fix, you’re only going to be disappointed. Why?

Because they are functional properly as intended.