3.3.1 Patch Notes


you can continue believing that.


Just telling you the facts. Take it or leave it as you will.


Now i’m curious about when 3.4 comes out lol

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I’m not sure why he is asking for a fix, but there is a bug on CB (at least seems as one to me) that even you hearing the sound of the CB getting active, the combo breaker will bypass it.


the only thing im taking in as facts are people who say counter breakers are fine this season. when they arent


That’s been around since S1. It doesn’t affect gameplay as far as I can tell so it should be ok.


How it doesn’t affect gameplay if it makes the movement not works as intended too and fail? Of course it’s not that as if it happens all the time, but a bypassed counter breacker can turn the tides of a battle. I’ve started at S3 so i didn’t knew that this “problem” is in game since launch, but if that’s true, i cannot understand why such a thing is not fixed yet.


That’s a rollback thing, not a game mechanics one. KI has great netcode, but there’s always going to be some smattering of latency issues in an online environment.


It happens even playing against the cpu, shall i assume that in this case is a rollback problem also? If yes, I’m fine with it.


They are certainly worse than last season. The timing on certain juggles is excruciating, it’s almost like a few frames difference that I have to be to get the counter. That’s not even taking into account rollback.


They’re harder to execute, not disagreeing there.


You shouldn’t be encountering rollback issues when playing against the CPU I wouldn’t think.

What exactly is the issue? That you attempt to counter break, hear the sound of the counter, but still get broken? I haven’t personally run across anything like that outside of an online environment. :slight_frown:

Yes @oTigerSpirit, counter breaking juggles is generally more difficult in S3 than in S2, due to the fact that your opponent is much more likely to get himself timing locked out, and the requirement that your counter attempt occur before his break attempt. In S2 he couldn’t get timing locked out, and due to the way the game processed break attempts during manual hit stop, you could counter break late and still get the counter.

In S3 your counter must occur at the same time or before the break attempt (which is how counter breakers behave everywhere else), and you also have to hope your fool opponent doesn’t miss the window entirely and get himself timing locked out ahead of time. You do have a (5 frame?) buffer window to enter your counter before your manual/juggle makes contact though, so the functionality is there to ensure that you’re always able to catch a first frame break, without having to have frame-perfect timing.

TL:DR: yes, counter breaking juggles and manuals is harder than in S2. No, counter breakers are not broken.

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Looking forward to seeing how Tusk, Kim and Jago fair in the next patch.


Yes, you nailed it. Yesterday it happened once to me playing survival mode trying to learn how to play with tusk. Unfortunately i made to many matches in a row to find it in a replay to share. But if get some luck in simulate it ill share in another occasion.


I don’t think they are broken, but with rollback being a thing, it almost seems like CBs happens exactly within the first few frames. They work great on local sure, but online it is always a risk and I hardly use them now. I much rather get broken than even risk the possibility of missing the lock-out window.

For the most part they serve their purpose but in instances like juggles or strict manuals, they often fail… which hurts.

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*shrug * I guess I’m just not seeing the difference there to be honest. Counter breaking on doubles and linkers work the same as they ever did, and with the 5 frame buffer, I don’t have any issues hitting juggle or manual counter breaks either. So long as the guy doesn’t lock out early, he’s getting caught.

I don’t go for a ton of counter breakers in general, mind you, but it doesn’t have anything to do with them being “harder” to hit with. I’d just rather chance locking you out for guessing on the manual.


Glad the didn’t do anything drastic to Eyedol.


I just realized, does all these patches s.crew up pre-patch replays trying to be seen post-patch?


So pretty much nothing changed except Eyedol jumping HP and shadow meteor DP


YES…all new patches erase your replays and favorites… dont DL patch if you havent DVrd them

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