3.3.1 Patch Notes


Love the changes to eyedol. Both moves needed serious tuning, and it seems they got it =D

Also like the changes to gargos. He needed to have meter gain reduced when he has minions out. Regarding stone skin explosion, I feel that this change will maybe hurt his instinct too much… In neutral I feel like he’s worse off after activating instinct. The armor doesn’t make up for the severely reduced mobility and no blocking. What actually made his instinct good was the explosion netting him a free CB and a minion/setup. Without the HKD I feel like he now has the worst instinct in the game, by a fair margin probably =/

Maybe if he got some kind of trade off… A dmg buff, for example, would make sense IMO, as it would give his instinct a bit more of an offensive use, actually making it a good idea to activate after confirming a hit.


Can’t wait for the next patch.


I’m sure it’s WAY too early to be thinking along these lines, but will the 3.4 patch be along the lines of a character rebalance? I know we’ve only had those prior to a new season, but I wasn’t sure if maybe Shadow Lords single and multiplayer being what they are, that maybe they wanted to retool characters a bit to either take advantage of, or prevent the taking advantage of certain aspects of the items you can unlock.

I’d love to see some of the earlier characters get a little more flash in their movesets. Not saying everyone has to have as much going on as Cinder, Gargos, Eyedol, etc. But it’d be awesome if characters like Sabrewulf, Glacius, Sadira and Thunder had some more fun toys to play with. Especially Sabrewulf and his instinct mode.

I’m sure I’m in the minority here, so I’m not looking to derail the thread with any arguments about this, but personally, and only speaking for myself (of course), I’d love to see some new moves doled out in the Shadow Lords patch, though I’d be shocked if it actually happened. Guessing that’s more of a pre-season 4 kind of a deal like always.

Anyways, love the adjustments in this patch, especially where it pertains to Eyedol and Gargos. Love those two characters, but these changes make sense.

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Good adjustments this patch, but it seems like it’s just a “quick fix” patch to get Eyedol’s j.HP out of the way as fast as they can before the “real” balance patch in 3.4. But that’s fine with me, Eyedol j.HP was extreme enough of an issue to necessitate this type of thing.

Gargos instinct burst no longer being a HKD makes a ton of sense. It is a 100% risk free way to get at least 1 minion (and probably 2 or more) every match. With smart play it is not baitable, because you simply wait until you get hit and then activate while your opponent is in recovery. And then, yeah, you get a minion for free. Reminds me a bit of the old Spinal thing, where you would smother him all match and then he would pop instinct and immediately have all 5 skulls and ready to rock. Minions are so strong that Gargos should need to bring them out “legit”. He still has lots and lots of good ways to do this, including after throws, combos, and during ranged block strings.

The Eyedol j.HP change is good, of course… I haven’t experimented to see the hitbox reduction, but I still think this normal will be very strong. I made a whole post showing how hard it is for people to avoid DP + meteor, so seeing that effectively removed from the game (on block only) is a change I like a lot. The lower damage is also 100% necessary, considering counter breaker combos for Eyedol were in the high 70% to low 80% if he had instinct. The shadow cashout was responsible for like 40% of that.

Anyway, all this makes sense and I’m glad IG saw it necessary to release a quick fix patch for Eyedol j.HP, but it seems like the real meat is coming next patch.


Come on where is early SL. This patch is trolling but i still love u


Here, take in some facts.

The situation is even better now than it was when I wrote that post. The lockout X now appears frame 1, so there is no animation delay anymore, and there is no variable hitstun when canceling into counter breakers anymore, guaranteeing that all attempts within about 20 frames after your break attempt get caught every time.

Feel free to read it and educate yourself on the science of counter breakers, or not read it and continue to be upset for no reason, it’s up to you.


Oh Infil. You beautiful, noble fool…


Overall, this looks like a nice little update- Thanks for that!

I have to chime in on the “Stoneskin Explosion no longer causes a hard knockdown and the launch velocities have changed to make this closer to even on hit. You won’t get a safe minion summon after landing this anymore.” note:

I understand why the hard knockdown was taken away to prevent a new way to unleash a minion, but it definitely wasn’t a “free” minion, as you’d sacrifice a good chunk of Instinct to do it. I liked using Explosion to knockdown my opponent to reposition myself if things got out of hand, but if Explosion doesn’t cause a hard knockdown, I’m curious to see how it works now. Is it a screen-wide shove, like a Glacius throw? As long as Explosion still allows Gargos to get a moment of a breather, I’m ok with the change. (Then again, this might benefit us when Shadow Lords launches… :wink:)




Sniff… sniff… the good old days…


Probably because Shadow Lords release is still a month away, apart from the Early Access crowd :smirk: Of course it’s not serious yet.
Wonder of they’ll do a little “Defcon” post every week leading up to release…

On topic: These all seem like good changes. The minion adjustments for Gargos and the Jump HP/Shadow Dp-Meteor nerfs for Eyedol are very welcome. A few bug fixes for some characters, too, which is always welcome.
Hoping the next wave of changes has some nice Quality of Life improvements. Some help for Kim and maybe Sadira seem like popular requests, maybe a tweak to the Sammamish>Skyfall hitbox so it lines up better with the character model.

Looking forward to Shadow Lords. Fingers crossed for early access! The future of this game is looking bright.


where is my shago buff! D’:


Ew, nope…


[quote=“Fwufikins, post:69, topic:13758, full:true”]Probably because Shadow Lords release is still a month away, apart from the Early Access crowd :smirk: Of course it’s not serious yet.
Wonder of they’ll do a little “Defcon” post every week leading up to release… [/quote]

Well played, sir. :sunglasses:


I tried out the updated Explosion, and while I wouldn’t mind if the player who gets hit by the move was thrown back a little farther, the current version looks good to me! :slight_smile:


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lol just wait keits said this one is just a little part of the upcomming 3.4 patch . i think we are goin to be surprise. im awaiting a good rebalance now . i dont know why but i feel it good :sunglasses: the 3.4 next patch


I think it speaks volumes as to how strong Eyedol was prior to these nerfs that not a single person is complaining about them.


A couple of nerfs to Gargos and Eyedol. Good. About 80 more to go on each :slight_smile:


A bit off topic, but as a Gargos main and a super fan of pretty much everything you do, would you mind sharing an example or two of those ranged block strings you mentioned earlier? I wasn’t aware Gargos had ranged block strings… Or maybe I’ve been using them and weren’t aware they were true block strings.


I feel that because gargos doesn’t have an honest play style he can never get minions out in a “legit” way; he needs the opponent to either willingly back away (almost never happens unless he’s in stoneskin) or score a hard knockdown, which he can get from a throw (difficult) or the command grab.


Yeah! Gargos nerfs! That means he gets bodied by the rest of the cast now right?



What I meant by that was I’m pretty sure you can cancel blocked portal punches into minion summon from a distance and be safe. You don’t have to land a hit to summon one.

I can’t test in the game right now so I’m not 100% sure on that, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t work.

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